Vietnamese Netizens Share “I Am…” Personal Slogans To Encourage Others To Stay Strong During COVID-19

Vietnamese COVID-19 slogan challenge

As COVID-19 continues to spread across Vietnam, netizens have kicked off a slogan-writing movement on social media to encourage people to stay home, have faith, and not to share misinformation during COVID-19.

What’s more, they gave this movement a uniquely Vietnamese twist by making their slogans rhyme based on their first names.

Their slogans say “I am…, and I will…”

Netizens taking part in this challenge shared photos of themselves on Facebook holding a sign with their names and their personal slogans to stay strong against the pandemic.

All slogans were created based on the phrase “I am…, and I will…” which participants could fill in based on their names and what they wished to do during the pandemic.

Image credit: Truyền May Mắn in the Facebook group Ký Sự Đường Phố- BEATVN

Among them is Huyen, who posted a photo of her wearing a mask and holding a sign that says “I am Huyen – I will proactively spread awareness about virus prevention protocols.” (Tôi là Huyền – Tôi sẽ tích cực tuyên truyền phòng bệnh). Her slogan ends with a footer that reads “Against COVID”.

Those who understand Vietnamese will find this slogan witty, as the second part of the sentence rhymes with her first name with the syllable “uyên”.

Image credit: Truyền May Mắn‎  in the Facebook group Ký Sự Đường Phố- BEATVN

A male participant shared his slogan, “I am Quan – I will abide by the Law.” (Tôi là Quân – Tôi sẽ tuân hành pháp luật).

Like other participants, the second part of his slogan also rhymes with the syllable “uân” in his first name.

Image credit: Truyền May Mắn‎ in the Facebook group Ký Sự Đường Phố- BEATVN

Then there is Trâm, whose slogan says that she will quietly stay put (Tôi là Trâm – Tôi sẽ âm thầm NGỒI YÊN MỘT CHỖ). She also deftly incorporates the syllable âm” in her slogan.

Reactions to these personal slogans

Image credit: Hoang Hai Quan‎ in the Facebook group Ký Sự Đường Phố- BEATVN

These photos have been earning rave reviews from other netizens, who also hilariously took on the same slogan-writing challenge in the comment section.

“I am Trang. I will not end up in the cemetery.” (Tôi là Trang. Tôi sẽ không phải ra nghĩa trang.), Facebook user Hoang Hai Quan commented on the photo of a participant named Trang.

Image credit: Ny Ny‎ in the Facebook group Ký Sự Đường Phố- BEATVN

Facebook user Ny Ny commented on the photo of a participant named Hương: “I am Hương, I’m willing to work without pay.” (Tôi là Hương. Tôi tình nguyện làm không lương).

Meanwhile, many other commenters praised the participants for their good looks even though their faces are half covered with face masks.

Spreading awareness about coronavirus

Model Ashley Graham and her #Istayhomefor challenge photo shared on her Instagram
Image credit:

Perhaps this “I am…” slogan challenge is the Vietnamese answer to Western celebrities’ and influencers’ “I stay home for…” slogan challenge that promotes social distancing by asking people to stay safely at home.

Even though the Vietnamese government has not yet imposed drastic measures such compulsory social distancing in public spaces or strict curfews, it’s everyone’s duty to help spread the importance of social distancing and self-isolation, and keeping up with the Ministry of Health’s updates.

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Cover image adapted from: Truyền May Mắn‎ in the Facebook group Ký Sự Đường Phố- BEATVN

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