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10 Vacation Ideas In Ho Chi Minh City To Have A Great Break Without Leaving The Country

Staycations in Saigon, from highest to lowest price

For those living in Saigon, a whole host of exciting holidays lies just a short plane or bus ride away. However, if you don’t have enough leave days, even a short trip out of town can make you feel rushed and tired, having to plan transport and hotels.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to opt out of a well-deserved break entirely. Luckily, there are some fantastic places for vacations in Saigon for you to recharge your energy and re-discover some local gems you seldom have the chance to — think afternoons sipping wine by the river, fine dining, relaxing spa treatments, or an invigorating dip into the pool — all just a short taxi ride from home. 

1. Chloe Gallery Hotel – fancy vacations in a castle-like retreat in Saigon

Image adapted from: Chloe Gallery Living – Dining – Event

The closest thing to staying in a castle in District 7 is the Chloe Gallery Hotel, which has a luxury dining area, lounge & bar, and a spa. 

Image adapted from: Chloe Gallery Hotel

The rooms are decked out with intricately detailed interiors. Meanwhile, rich hues and soft pastels lend a soothing feeling to the space, giving off a royal vibe

Image credit: @dan.glambert 

Within the hotel, you can spot an impressive entrance lined with date palm trees, a generously large pool by which you can have breakfast, and plenty of open-air couches by the lawn where you can dine al fresco.

Image credit: Chloe Gallery Living – Dining – Event

While you could spend all day in the hotel, we recommend taking advantage of its Crescent Lake location. You can exercise at the lake in the morning, and walk to Crescent Mall for a hearty dim sum lunch at San Fu Lou by day.

In the evening, dine at Hoang Yen Buffet’s Hanoi grilled pork rice noodles (VND85,000,~USD3.66) and Hong Kong steamed grouper fish with soya sauce (VND785,000,~USD33.84) next door, enjoy a quiet spa session in a resort setting, and take an evening stroll on the Stars Bridge.

Price: VND2,995,000-VND3,200,000 (~USD129.09-USD137.93) per night
Address: 06 Phan Văn Chương, Tân Phú, Crescent Lake, Phú Mỹ Hưng Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: 028 5411 6789


2. Thao Dien Village – a waterfront vacation home in District 2

Image adapted from: Thao Dien Village

The incredibly private Thao Dien Village is surrounded by lush gardens along the Saigon River, where you can dine with a sunset view and simply relax in the shade with a book.

Image credit: Thao Dien Village

Guests can check out Authentic Spa, which is located on the premises, for a wide variety of relaxing body treatments. 

Image credit: Authentic Spa at Thao Dien Village

If you worry about missing a gym workout while on your break, the hotel has a small gym and a yoga studio where you can unwind and keep fit. 

Image credit: Thao Dien Village

The rooms here are decked out in an unembellished modern setting. Color combinations are kept to a minimum for a serene and balanced environment.

Price: VND2,400,000-VND3,000,000 (~USD103.45-USD129.31) per night
Address: 197/1 Nguyễn Văn Hưởng Street, Thảo Điền Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: 0283 7442 222


3. La Maison De Campagne B&B – enjoy a Hoi An-inspired retreat in Saigon


If you have to put off your travels to Hoi An, famous for its nostalgic and serene vibe of traditional architecture, lush scenery, yellow-painted houses, and patio lanterns, you can come to La Maison De Campagne B&B Cu Chi, only 26km from the Saigon city center or a 45-minute drive. 

There’s a swimming pool, a beautiful garden with plenty of IG-worthy spots, and an Indochinese-style restaurant inside serving authentic Vietnamese food. 


You can spend time reading your book on the terrace, or diving into the swimming pool amid a lush tropical garden for some back-to-nature moments. 


Price: VND1,622,000-VND2,100,000 (~USD69.91-USD90.52) per night
Address: 12 Đổng Thị Thiệm Road, Provincial Road 8, Bình Mỹ, Củ Chi
Telephone: 0901 343 414


4. Bay Hotel – a stone’s throw away from all things Japanese in Saigon

Image credit: Bay Hotel Ho Chi Minh 

While we can’t visit Japan these days, Saigon’s Bay Hotel is an ideal destination for Japanese-styled vacations in Saigon. It’s not a Japanese-themed hotel, but only a 5-minute-walk away from the Japanese streets of Lê Thánh Tôn and Thái Văn Lung.

Le Thanh Ton – Thai Van Lung Street
Image credit: Khachsan24gio

You can explore labyrinths of Japanese-themed
lanes on these streets, eat Japanese food and supper to your heart’s content, and sample cocktails in as many Japanese bars as you can find nearby. 

Image credit: Bay Hotel Ho Chi Minh 

However, if you’re not keen on going out, there’s a stylish restaurant, rooftop pool, and bar inside the hotel that overlook the magnificent Saigon River and District 1. The rooms are well-fitted and fashionable without overdoing the ornamentation.

Price: VND1,400,000-VND1,900,000 (~USD60.34-USD81.90) per night
Address: 7 Ngô Văn Năm Street, Bến Nghé Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: 028 3829 6666


5. Làng Art – Bohemian-styled getaway

Image credit: Làng Art

Làng Art is a lush, soothing oasis boasting modern bohemian décor, with warm and earthy tones and a relaxed spirit.

Pool party in the garden
Image credit: Làng Art

Not only are there hotel rooms here, but this is also a lifestyle, working, and dining space with a cafe, pool, garden, and kitchen area. From its stylish co-working space to a poolside dining area where you can watch live music performances over the weekends, Làng Art lets you work and have fun in one setting. 

Image credit: Làng Art

Làng Art offers 2 types of rooms, including single and double rooms. Tastefully designed according to Bohemian style for an inviting and lived-in feel, these rooms are ornamented with various textures such as artworks, wood furniture, patterned bed covers, and colorful planters.

Price: VND1,000,000-VND1,853,000 (~USD43.10-USD79.87) per night
Address: 22 Road 10, Thảo Điền Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: 090 675 92 93


6. Viễn Đông Hotel 7 – 5 minutes’ walk away from Saigon’s Koreatown

The Korean neighborhood in Phu My Hung, District 7

For a Korean experience in Saigon, you can opt to stay in the Phu My Hung area. The Viễn Đông Hotel is in the heart of Phu My Hung and minutes’ walk away from countless Korean restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and spas nearby. 

Image credit: Google/Viễn Đông Hotel

This area is also studded with Vietnamese-style seafood restaurants frequented by locals such as Ốc Linh and Biển Nhớ where you can feast on a variety of fresh snails, crabs, and clams.

You can either walk or rent a bike at a shop nearby to ride around the area or to Crescent Lake. Bike rental is typically around VND200,000 (~USD8.62) per day and you’ll be able to explore the tree-lined streets of Saigon’s Korean neighborhood, plenty of parks, and the Crescent Lake in about 2 hours. 

Image credit: Google/Viễn Đông Hotel 7

The rooms are painted with bright colors and equipped with basic necessities such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and TVs.

Image credit: Google/Viễn Đông Hotel 7

The hotel’s VIP double room comes with a small kitchen and basic appliances such as a rice cooker, a microwave, and a stove, giving the room a homelike touch. Bed covers are matched to the color of the walls, giving a sense of airiness. 

Price: VND580,040-VND1,300,000 (~USD25-USD56.03) per night
Address: 1 Hưng Phước 3, Phú Mỹ Hưng, Tân Phong Ward, District 7
Telephone: 028 5410 7869

Check out Vien Dong Hotel’s website to choose from 3 more buildings with accommodation.

7. AYA Homestay – a chic homestay in the heart of District 1

Image credit: AYA Homestay

Play tourist again by staying in AYA Homestay, which is located right in the heart of District 1 and a few minutes’ walk away from popular tourist attractions such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Saigon Zoo & Botanical Gardens, the Saigon book street, and Japanese-style streets.

Image credit: AYA Homestay

The living room is decked out with mosaic floors and sophisticated shades, which work as a chic contrast to the simplicity of the space. 

Image credit: AYA Homestay

The bedrooms are decorated with soft colors and clean decor, looking modern and inviting. 

Image credit: AYA Homestay

There’s a kitchen and dining area where guests can cook and feel right at home, perfect for couples or a family gathering.

Price: VND730,000 – VND1,300,000 (~USD31.47-USD56.03) per night
Address: 25/33 Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm Street, Bến Nghé Ward, District 1
Telephone: 0909 698 230


8. Le Jardin Secret Saigon – photo opps aplenty

Image credit: Le Jardin Secret Saigon

‘Quiet’ and ‘tranquil’ are not words that come to mind when it comes to Saigon, but Le Jardin Secret Saigon provides a serene space to relax, with a chic swimming pool and poolside dining service. 

You can have a floating tray of breakfast delivered to the pool
Image credit: Le Jardin Secret Saigon

What makes vacations here Insta-worthy are the playful and distinctive combination of vibrant colors and patterns in every room, creating a joyful space with a hint of luxury. 

Image adapted from: Le Jardin Secret Saigon

Located in District 4, Le Jardin Secret Saigon is only 5 minutes’ drive away from District 1 and popular tourist attractions.

Image adapted from: Le Jardin Secret Saigon

From this hotel, you can drive 3 minutes to the famous Bến Thành Market in the evening for a night market shopping experience and to immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Saigon at night. 

Image adapted from: Le Jardin Secret Saigon

Price: VND600,000-VND1,500,000 (~USD31.47-USD56.03) per night
Address: 228 Bến Vân Đồn, Ward 5, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: 028 3825 3968


9. Saigon 1979 Hotel – 24/7 fun and budget-friendly

Image credit: Sài Gòn 1979 Hotel

Situated in Bùi Viện, a hodgepodge of bars and pubs, the Saigon 1979 Hotel makes for an ideal spot for the young and the young at heart. 

Expect Western bars, Asian pubs, Indian eateries, Italian street foods, Japanese spas, countless nhậu stalls spilling out on the streets, and 24/7 street music. 

Image adapted from: Sài Gòn 1979 Hotel

The hotel is quite small but cosy and well-equipped, boasting rustic and simple decor.

Image adapted from: Sài Gòn 1979 Hotel

There’s a small sauna and rooftop bar that overlooks the streets of Bui Vien. 

Image adapted from: Sài Gòn 1979 Hotel

In the evening, you can have a glass of beer there while watching the crowds having a blast over beer and night snacks on the streets.

Image adapted from: Sài Gòn 1979 Hotel

If you want more space in your room, book the 70 square-meter Deluxe Suite (VND700,000,~USD30.17), which includes a kitchen bar and is suitable for group travelers.

Price: VND670,000 – VND900,000 (~USD31.47-USD56.03) per night
Address: 190 Cống quỳnh, Phạm Ngũ Lão Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: 028 3836 7979


10. Happy Chubby Homestay – fun-filled vacations in Saigon for food lovers

Image credit: Happy Chubby Homestay

If you’re a fan of food or Chinese culture and have always been keen to explore what life is like in Saigon’s Chinatown, you should spend a few nights here.

Image credit: Happy Chubby Homestay

Happy Chubby Homestay is in District 5 and a stone’s throw away from the photogenic places of worship of District 5, as well as countless Chinese restaurants and street food.

Image credit: Happy Chubby Homestay

The homestay is small and without an elevator, but cosy and well-decorated. Besides an in-room fridge and balcony, you get plenty of lovely ornaments to create snapshots with. 

An Duyên Chợ Lớn, a Hong Kong-themed restaurant, is only 5 minutes’ drive away
Image credit: Tiệm cơm nước – An Duyên Chợ Lớn

Price: VND350,000 – VND650,000 (~USD15.09-USD28.02) per night
Address: 143 Triệu Quang Phục, Ward 11, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: 0933 086 296


Rejuvenating vacations in Saigon

Life in Saigon can be tiring at times, and a temporary vacation out of town can mean a lot of planning. For those who’re really stretched for time, holidaying in town can be a great cure for your vacation bug. 

From an energetic weekend in Bùi Viện to a refreshing dip in a pool in Thảo Điền, these staycations in Saigon will help you take your mind off work and have a time of your life. 

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Cover image credit: AYA Homestay, Saigon Riverside Retreat, Thao Dien Village, Bay Hotel Ho Chi Minh 

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