Vietnamese Grandpa-To-Be Teaches Son How To Bathe A Baby With A Cooperative Cat

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Grandpa teaches son to bathe baby

For any first-time parent, expecting a baby is both an exciting and scary experience. On the one hand, they can’t wait to meet their child, but on the other, the prospect of having to learn so many things about taking care of a baby is intimidating.

During those confusing moments, it is understandable that we’d turn to the wisest people we know – our own parents – for advice. One Vietnamese man, though, not only got such valuable advice, but also a detailed live demonstration of how to bathe a baby from his father, who used the family’s cat as a model. A video of this special lesson shared online has melted netizens’ hearts thanks to its cuteness.

Man uses family cat to show his son how to bathe a baby

Use one hand to support the “baby”‘s head as you clean him or her with the other
Video credit: Vinh Quang Phạm

The video was shared by Facebook user Vinh Quang Phạm last Saturday and has since raked in 36,000 likes and 16,000 shares. In it, Quang’s father is seen cradling the family’s cat in his hands, explaining to his son that he must support the baby’s head as he washes his or her body.

To clean the baby’s head, first, put the baby on your lap and wrap him or her in a towel

Video credit: Vinh Quang Phạm

The grandpa-to-be then moved on to show his son how to clean the baby’s head. According to him, you must wrap the baby in a towel so that he or she doesn’t get cold. Then, you put him or her on your lap, and use your hands to splash water up to wash the baby’s head and face. All the while, you must be careful not to let water get into the baby’s ears. Take note, parents!

Use your hand to splash water up to wash the baby’s head

Video credit: Vinh Quang Phạm

The final step is to dry the baby and put him or her to sleep.

Video credit: Vinh Quang Phạm

Netizens are melted by the cuteness

The cuteness of the video has understandably moved netizens’ hearts left and right. Many are impressed by how well-behaved and cooperative the cat was, seeing that it remained perfectly still the whole time.

“This cat has got to be an alien impostor. No cat on Earth could be this well-behaved. I’ve had my share of [cat] scratches, so I know,” netizen Chu Xuân Thủy whimsically commented.

Image credit: Chu Xuân Thủy

Meanwhile, the gentleness with which the man handles the cat also has people drawing connections to popular memes about the relationship between parents and pets – namely, how many moms and dads generally don’t want to have pets at first, but quickly warm up to these furry blessings.

“Dad: If you bring it home, then you’re both out of this house.

Also Dad, later:   ”
Image credit: Trúy Nguyễn

Vietnamese man learns to bathe baby from his father and cat

Yes, taking care of a baby is a lot of work, especially if you are a first-time parent. But surely, with such an experienced and supportive father, Quang will have an easier time with his baby.

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Cover image adapted from Vinh Quang Phạm

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