First-aid students encounter hilarious bandage-related challenges

Dressing a wound is one of the most basic first-aid techniques that everyone should be familiar with. Be it a minor or a deep cut, a wound should be dressed promptly and properly.

You never know when an emergency may occur, and you might be needed to take care of your own wound or deliver wound care to someone in need one day.

Therefore, all Vietnamese students have to take wound care classes in school so they graduate with essential first-aid skills. However, just knowing first aid is half the battle, as the other half comes through practice. Many students were recently captured on photos struggling to put their wound care knowledge into practice, resulting in hilarious bandaging fails.

It’s not easy to learn just by observing the teachers

In a post on Facebook group Trường Người Ta that has garnered over 36,000 likes at the time of writing, some Vietnamese students were photographed practicing their wound care skills.

wound care demo
A teacher demonstrating bandage wrapping in a wound care class
Image credit: Trường Người Ta

What makes the students’ photos go viral is how they struggled with bandaging, the most basic first-aid technique.

In a wound care class, a teacher usually performs wound care steps on a student first, then the students will follow and practice on their fellow classmates.

However, it seems like the students in these photos are not very good at putting observation into practice.

wound care fail
Overenthusiastic students demonstrating their wound dressing skills on a helpless classmate
Image credit: Trường Người Ta

Some students made their classmates look like fully wrapped mummies when practicing bandaging on them for the first time.

wound care fail
A boy with an almost completely bandaged head and face, with only one eye left showing
Image adapted from: Trường Người Ta

Other first-time first-aider students forgot to leave proper holes for breathing as they wrapped bandages around a classmate’s face – including his entire nose and mouth.

Netizens had a field day

These photos have invited thousands of likes and comments from netizens since they were posted 4 days ago. Many find it hard to not crack up at these hilarious classroom moments.

Facebook user Quỳnh Lê commented, “Looking just like a mummy.”

comment 1
Image credit: Trường Người Ta

“He’s lucky that his nose is not covered so he can still breathe,” Facebook user Nguyen Anh commented on a photo.

comment 2
Image credit: Trường Người Ta

Meanwhile, some netizens were inspired to share wound care bandage practice moments from their own classes in the comments section of the post.

wound care fail
A student shared a photo of his entire head sans eyes bandaged
Image credit: Nam Phạm

Nam Phạm, a Vietnamese student, shared a photo capturing his face wrapped in layers of bandages with only his eyes uncovered.

Funny first-aid photos and laughter-filled moments before the school year ends

2020 has not been an easy year for Vietnamese students. After a period of home-based learning due to the COVID-19 lockdown earlier this year, they now have to make up for the lost time in school with increased school work.

While an important life skill, first-aid classes are probably also a welcome break from the grind of written assignments, so we’re glad to see that these students are having a blast being back in school with their funny first-aid photos, enjoying their classes, and creating laughter-filled memories.

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Cover image adapted from: Trường Người Ta

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