COVID-19 in Vietnam, update on 27th May 2020

Yesterday evening, one new COVID-19 case was reported among Vietnamese returning from overseas, bringing the total patient tally in the country to 327.

Given that the patient was quarantined immediately upon landing, there was no risk of him infecting others in the community. As such, Vietnam continues its streak of remaining free of new COVID-19 community transmissions for 41 days in a row.

Meanwhile, 6 previous patients have been discharged this morning, putting the recovery count at 278.

1 new imported case

A new COVID-19 case was spotted amongst Vietnamese repatriated from Russia
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Image credit: SanhChau Pham

The latest COVID-19 case reported in Vietnam, Patient 327, is a 31-year-old man hailing from Nam Định Province. He returned to the country from Russia on 13th May on a government-facilitated flight as part of Vietnam’s effort to bring back citizens from COVID-stricken countries and was quarantined immediately upon arrival. At the time, the man tested negative for the coronavirus.

His fourth and latest test on Monday, however, came back positive, and the man has since been moved to the Thái Bình General Hospital for treatment.

Aside from Patient 327, 32 others on the same flight have been confirmed positive for COVID-19, including 30 passengers and 2 flight attendants.

6 new recoveries

The National Hospital of Tropical Diseases in Hanoi has declared 6 more patients free of the coronavirus and discharged them this morning. This means Vietnam has now cured 278 out of 327 patients, representing a recovery rate of 85%.

The patients discharged from the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases this morning
Image credit: Sức khỏe & Đời sống

Among the 6 discharged this morning is Patient 19, a 64-year-old woman who was one of the most critically ill COVID-19 patients in Vietnam. She was first hospitalized on 6th March, making her treatment the longest one recorded in Vietnam to date. It was reported that at one point, her heart stopped beating for 40 minutes, and doctors feared she wasn’t going to make it.

Thankfully, with the dedicated effort of the emergency team, the patient eventually pulled through and was then in stable condition. She has since tested negative and is now discharged from hospital.

Patient 19, who was in critical condition, has been discharged this morning
Image credit: Thời sự VTV

Another notable case is Patient 52, a 24-year-old woman who returned from the UK on 9th March and was confirmed positive on 14th March. Considered the most complicated COVID-19 case in Vietnam, she had been tested 13 times with different results prior to her initial discharge on 16th April, but then relapsed several days later and was hospitalized again, where she continued to have mixed test results. Her most recent 2 tests have been negative, so doctors have seen fit to discharge her again.

The remaining 4 discharged patients are all Vietnamese repatriated from countries affected by COVID-19 in May. All patients will be further monitored for another 14 days in isolation.

Vietnam’s COVID-19 update on 27th May

Patient 19’s amazing recovery is a testament to the dedication of Vietnam in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

For now, the government is taking steps to reboot the economy, protect overseas Vietnamese citizens, and help neighboring countries contain the disease. We can also contribute to the national effort by being responsible and keep practicing necessary preventive measures.

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Cover image adapted from: SanhChau Pham, Sức khỏe & Đời sống

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