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“Happy Supermarkets” Open In Vietnam For The Underprivileged To Pick Up Groceries For Free

Supermarkets offering free food and clothes in Vietnam

Tough times often bring out the best in people. Since the COVID-19 pandemic first hit Vietnam, many companies and individuals have stepped up to help lower-income workers whose finances suffered greatly due to businesses shutting down.

Apec Group, a corporation in Vietnam, is the latest to join the efforts, opening supermarkets in several Vietnamese provinces and cities for those in need to come and get essential groceries all free of charge.

Free groceries

The products do have price tags, but they are just symbolic
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Since Monday, free grocery stores named Happy Supermarkets have been popping up in 8 cities and provinces across Vietnam. Operating during weekdays from 8AM to 5PM, these are packed with rice, cooking oil, eggs, and other essential items.

The products do come with symbolic price tags, but they are much cheaper than market prices and are there simply to measure how much each customer can take. As long as the total value of a customer’s purchase doesn’t exceed VND100,000 (~USD4.27), no payment is required.

Moreover, to leave more for the others, each person is limited to a maximum of 2 visits a week. The staff will record customers’ names and ID numbers to keep track of this.

Mr. Vũ Văn Chính, a representative from Apec Group, told Dân Trí that these Happy Supermarkets will be expanded to other provinces in the near future. They are intended to operate for the next 3 months to lend a helping hand to the underprivileged. Mr. Chính also calls for other businesses to contribute items, with the ultimate goal being to help everyone make it through the pandemic.

Social distancing is still maintained

Realizing that the supermarkets would attract many people, Apec has taken measures to ensure social distancing and minimizing the risk of COVID-19 infection.

All of the supermarkets have marks on the ground 2M apart for customers to queue along while waiting for their turn.

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The customers are also required to wear masks, and they will have their temperature measured and hands sanitized upon entry.

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Every little bit helps

For the thousands of common workers who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic, charity stores like these are a lifesaver. Such acts of kindness can go a long way in changing someone’s life for the better. Let’s hope that we’ll see more of these, and that the pandemic will be over soon.

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