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Vietnamese Designer Makes Fashionable Protective Gear That Brings Assassin’s Creed To Real Life

Fashionable protective gear by Vietnamese designer

A major reason behind Vietnam’s outstanding performance in containing the COVID-19 pandemic is the social unity of its people. Since the beginning of the outbreak, Vietnamese from all walks of life have stepped up to make their own contributions to the nationwide effort, from war veterans volunteering at security posts to artists selling their works to raise money to fight the pandemic.

Now, a designer is the latest to join the fray in his own way. Making use of his skills in fashion design, he has created a collection of fashionable protective gear to raise awareness about the importance of taking preventive measures.

A collection to reheat the Vietnamese fashion industry

Chung Thanh Phong, a famous Vietnamese costume designer whose works are favored by many domestic celebrities, has introduced a fashion collection named “Save Yourself” to encourage people to, well, keep themselves safe by wearing protective gear in public. The best part is, they can also look chic while doing so.

Image credit: Chung Thanh Phong

Said to feature 10 different designs, the collection is divided into 3 categories: Full-body suits with hoods, masks, and, uniquely enough, sanitizers. Images released by the designer feature outfits that look just like what you’d expect to see from an Assassin’s Creed game if it were set in modern times – which is to say, they look incredibly slick.

Image credit: Chung Thanh Phong

The contrasting colors of black-white and red-blue promise plenty of room for mix-and-match outfit ideas. The pieces look like they also come with belt pouches for the wearer to carry a bottle of sanitizer with them wherever they go.

Image credit: Chung Thanh Phong

Speaking of sanitizer, Chung Thanh Phong claims that his product is certified by the Ministry of Health and can be used on both the user’s body and their clothes and masks.

Phong even made his own antibacterial spray, which he has said is approved by the Ministry of Health.
Video credit: Chung Thanh Phong

Phong has shared that he intends to sell the collection at a reasonable price so that anybody interested can afford them. According to the designer, the purpose of this campaign is not to make profits, but to promote public health and restart the fashion industry, which has been put in a lull state since the pandemic first hit Vietnam.

He also hopes it’ll provide more jobs for workers in the textile industry, many who have been unemployed.

Image credit: Chung Thanh Phong

The Save Yourself collection will be introduced at 8PM tonight, 18th May 2020. Adhering to the government’s warning to avoid unnecessary public gatherings, Phong is not going to hold a catwalk at a physical venue, but instead will unveil his works via a livestream session. The link is not available at the time of publication yet, but you can check out his Facebook page here for updates.

Vietnamese designer makes fashionable protective gear

With Vietnam going for over a month without a new case of COVID-19 community transmission, it may be tempting to let your hair down and forgo face masks in favor of comfort. Hopefully, the Save Yourself collection will help raise awareness for wearing protective gear, as you’ll not only be able to protect yourself and the community, but look stylish doing it too.

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Cover image adapted from Chung Thanh Phong

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