Honest delivery man returns mistakenly transferred money

Online shopping is a huge trend in Vietnam, and delivery drivers play no small part in allowing us the comfort of having whatever we need delivered to our doorsteps.

Many of these delivery men and women come from humble origins, yet they are known to be honest and hardworking. Stories of them going the extra mile to provide the best service to customers are not uncommon on the Internet, and lately, another one has just joined the collection.

The customer mistakenly transferred VND400 million instead of VND 400,000

Mr. Trịnh Hữu Thái, the main character of this story

Image credit: Hoàng Kim Quân

On Monday evening, Facebook user Hoàng Kim Quân took to his personal Facebook wall to share a story of an honest delivery man who he claims works with him at a Viettel post office in District 7, Saigon.

According to Quân, the delivery man, Mr. Trịnh Hữu Thái, had delivered a package worth VND400,000 (~USD17.43) to a customer earlier that day. Somehow, though, as the customer transferred money to his bank account as payment, they mistakenly gave him VND400,000,000 (~USD17,426) instead.

The customer mistakenly transferred VND400,000,000 instead of VND400,000
Image adapted from Hoàng Kim Quân

Mr. Thái didn’t realize the mistake until late that afternoon, at which point he set aside all work and hurried to the bank before it closed to have the money transferred back. From what Quân said, the fortune was too large for Mr. Thái’s bank account to make an online transaction in order to return it to the payer.

At the end of the day, the massive sum of money was given back to the customer, and they paid Mr. Thái VND400,000 in the end as intended.

The receipt from the bank

Image adapted from Hoàng Kim Quân

Quân’s story was then reshared by the popular Vietnamese Facebook page Không Sợ Chó the following day and garnered a fair amount of public interest.

Commenting on the post, most netizens appreciate Mr. Thái’s display of integrity and responsibility, though many also criticize the customer for being tight-fisted for not giving the delivery man a tip to cover his petrol costs and effort. After all, he had gone through plenty of trouble to give the buyer their money back on that very same day.

Delivery man receives VND400 million instead of VND400,000, hurries to give it back

As it was late in the afternoon when the mistake was realized, Mr. Thái could easily have waited until the next day to go to the bank and no one would have blamed him. Still, he insisted on going the extra mile to give the money back on the same day so as not to cause any inconvenience to his customer.

We have to give massive props to the man for his professionalism even in such a humble job.

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Cover image adapted from Hoàng Kim Quân

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