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Dabao Concept – Heritage: A Quaint District 1 Café Where You Can Read Books Under A Tree

Dabao Concept – Heritage café

When it comes to finding a quiet café to work or unwind, most people will think of quieter areas that are further from the bustling city center, such as District 2 or District 7. As District 1 is the epicenter of business and entertainment activities, it’s the last place you’d imagine yourself kicking back and relaxing, reading a book under a tree. 

But in the very heart of the vibrant District 1, there is still a little-known café with a garden where you can do exactly that.  

Boasting an elegant space with timeless interiors, Dabao Concept – Heritage is the perfect spot to while away a better half of your day amidst its charming setting.

Quaint café with traditional Vietnamese architecture

Image adapted from: Dabao Concept – Heritage

Nestled in a garden with a pebble ground and decorated with wooden benches, Dabao Concept – Heritage exudes a nostalgic vibe influenced by traditional Vietnamese architecture. 

Double panel wooden doors with columns mark the entrance of the café, allowing breezes to pass through while promising visitors a sense of privacy. 

Image adapted from: Dabao Concept – Heritage

With plenty of natural light, wooden roof tiles, and a colour scheme of only browns and whites both indoors and out, Dabao Concept – Heritage’s design exudes a calming vibe and sense of airiness that makes guests feel comfortable.

Image adapted from: Dabao Concept – Heritage

The café uses only wood furniture, and each of its tables is matched with a beautiful flower vase for a warm and inviting look. It also provides ample seating arrangements both indoors and outdoors, and there is a long and wide desk indoors suitable for larger groups who want to work or study there.

Image adapted from: Dabao Concept – Heritage

Photogenic food and drinks on the menu

Image credit: Dabao Concept – Heritage

Besides its charming interior decór, Dabao Concept – Heritage also offers aesthetically pleasing menu items that will satisfy both your tummies and eyes. There is a wide variety of smoothies, juices, and desserts, with prices starting from VND45,000 (~USD1.95).

Image adapted from: Dabao Concept – Heritage

Visitors will find tasty midday pick-me-ups such as fudgy and decadent brownies (VND65,000, ~USD2.81 each) and creamy lemon cheesecakes (VND55,000, ~USD2.38/slice).

Image adapted from: Dabao Concept – Heritage

For refreshing drinks to quench the thirst, sip on the sweet and nutritious pomegranate soda (VND62,000, ~USD2.68), which is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium.

Image adapted from: Dabao Concept – Heritage

Bittersweet with a buttery note of cookies, cookie coffee (VND95,000,~USD4.11) is a great treat for those looking for a bit crunch on the side and a layered flavor.

Why you should visit Dabao Concept – Heritage

Image adapted from: Dabao Concept – Heritage

Dabao Concept – Heritage can accommodate up to 50 guests at any one time, and you’ll find freelancers sitting here, working amidst its tranquil surroundings, and young people dropping by for its nostalgic yet photogenic aesthetics.

Image adapted from: Dabao Concept – Heritage

Plus, its tastefully designed garden with nature-inspired beauty also makes visitors feel relaxed and lets them detach their thoughts from the hustle and bustle of city life.

A unique nature-inspired coffee corner in Saigon

Saigon does not lack well-decorated coffee shops and innovative treats, but one will find it hard to come across a café with a peaceful garden that has a tall tree as its centerpiece. 

Aside from plenty of photogenic corners that let you get beautiful snapshots, Dabao Concept – Heritage is also a great place to recharge while indulging in aesthetic and savory treats.  

Reserve a table on Dabao Concept – Heritage’s Facebook page here.

Address: 37 Dinh Cong Trang, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Opening hours: 9AM-9PM, Daily
Telephone: 028 6270 6716


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Cover image adapted from: Dabao Concept – Heritage and Dabao Concept – Heritage

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