12 Áo Dài Brands In Saigon That Are Modern, Chic & Mom-Approved For Tet

Shopping for áo dài

Tet, or the lunar new year in Vietnam, is something you’ll want to prepare for at least a few weeks in advance. That’s because the most important task is to find the perfect áo dài, so you look your best when you visit your relatives.

While some people prefer a traditional áo dài – where there’s a figure-hugging silhouette, calf-length panels of fabric on the front and back, and ankle-length pants worn underneath the tunic – others like a modern interpretation with tweaks to these features. 

No matter which camp you’re in, we’ve rounded the best áo dài brands in Saigon here to save you some time and energy in your search for the perfect Lunar New Year outfit.

1. KINZU – formal, sensual and flattering

Image credit: Áo dài KINZU by Phạm Sĩ Toàn

KINZU’s áo dài is reminiscent of the 1960s look, with a waspy waist that highlights a woman’s curves. KINZU is also the favorite brand of many Vietnamese celebrities, including Trác Thúy Miêu, Liêu Hà Trinh, and other beauty queens. 

The tailors are renowned for their superior workmanship and they source their tailoring materials mainly from Korea. Everything is made-to-measure here – you can customise everything from the collar to how long you want the panels to be –  so be sure to visit the shop at least 2 to 3 weeks before Tet to get your measurements done.

Image credit: Áo dài KINZU by Phạm Sĩ Toàn

Price range: VND3,700,000-VND20,000,000 (~USD159.11-USD860.08)
Address: 460 Lê Văn Sỹ, Ward 14, District 3
Opening hours: 9AM – 8PM, Daily
Telephone: 0933 848 943

2. BACIAMI – trendy yet elegant

Image credit: BACIAMI

With a looser fit and crew neck, BACIAMI’s áo dài are modern, elegant, and comfortable for everyday wear – an ideal choice for ladies who want to find a happy medium between formal and casual wear.

Áo dài by BACIAMI are ready-made with different sizes. The brand does not provide alteration services, so if you prefer to have a more fitting waistline for the piece you bought here, you’ll have to get it done elsewhere. If you are not living in Saigon and want to order an áo dài from BACIAMI online, make sure you take your own measurements carefully before ordering. 

Image credit: BACIAMI

Price range: VND1,100,000-VND2,000,000 (~USD47.30-USD86.01)
Address: Level 1,19 Trần Quang Diệu, Ward 14, District 3
Opening hours: 8AM – 10PM, Daily
Telephone: 0939 419 268

3. MINT Closet – traditional yet à la mode

Image credit: MINT Closet

MINT Closet’s tailor-made áo dài is made from brocade and silk. You can pick from a range of fabrics that come in all types of colors and patterns for your áo dài – the tailors only use materials available in the shop, so don’t bring your own fabric.

If you are not in town, you can order an áo dài online through the shop’s Facebook page. Provide details of your measurements and the team will tailor your order and ship it for you.

Image credit: MINT Closet

Price range: VND1,100,000 – VND2,000,000 (~USD47.30-USD86.01)
Address: 177 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, Ward 8, District 3
Opening hours: 10AM – 8.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 0938 542 355

4. SY Store – avant-garde design of the year

Image credit: SY Store

This is definitely the most theatrical version of áo dài – puffed sleeves add a touch of drama while the full-length tunic and flared pants create the illusion of height. SY Store’s latest ready-made áo dài collection is made from silk in 4 colors – green, red, gold, and pink – to bring a festive kick to the look. Put on a charming headband to complete the ensemble.

Image credit: SY Store

Price range: From VND1,989,000 (~USD85.54)
Address: 196 Nguyễn Trãi, Phạm Ngũ Lão Ward, District 1
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 0917 899 773

5. Pantio – sensual yet not skin-baring

Image credit: Pantio

Pantio’s collection of sophisticated áo dài features a fitted bodice and a stunning V-neckline. The curve-flattering design takes inspiration from the Áo dài Le Mur style of 1940s Hanoi. There is also a trace of the short-lived Áo dài Raglan trend of the 1970s, featuring flower-power print commonly worn by trendsetters – it was even dubbed as the “áo dài for hippies” then.

The áo dài here are ready-made, so you can visit the shop for fittings or message the shop on its Facebook page for an online consultation on sizing.

Image credit: Pantio

Price range: VND1,100,000 – VND2,000,000 (~USD47.30-USD86.01)
Addresses: 256 A-B Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, Ward 8, District 3
35A Level 3, Crescent Mall, 101 Tôn Dật Tiên, Tân Phú Ward, District 7
L1-05-6B Vincom Mall, 12 Phan Văn Trị, Ward 7, Gò Vấp District
579 Nguyễn Thị Thập, Tân Phong Ward, District 7
45 Lê Văn Hiệp, Hiệp Phú Ward, District 9
Opening hours: 10AM – 8.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 02435 725 999 | 0285 413 6556 | 0283 588 1155 | 0283 620 8696 | 0287 308 3638

6. Sumire Store – imperial-style áo dài

Image credit:

Those who have been to the Imperial Palace of Huế may recognize the similarities between Sunmire Store’s ready-made collection of áo dài and the ones worn by the court ladies of Nguyễn dynasty, as featured in the palace museum. This style is known as Áo dài Nhật Bình.

Image credit:

What gives this dress a strikingly imperial vibe are the colored stripes on the sleeves – green, yellow, blue, white, and red – symbolizing the five elements. The panels are embroidered with five-hued cloud patterns and auspicious birds. The Mấn (VND120,000), a type of padded headband that’s commonly worn with this type of áo dài, adds a finishing touch.

Image credit:

If the weight of the “royal robe” is too much for you to bear, Sunmire Store also has a choice selection of other áo dài with more contemporary, but no less elegant designs.

Price range: VND550,000-VND1,500,000 (~USD23.65-USD64.51)
Address: 21/2 Hậu Giang, Ward 4, Tân Bình District
Opening hours: 9.30AM-8.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 0773 389 574

7. Magonn Design – old is gold

Image credit: Magonn Design

If you are a big fan of retro fashion, you’ll love Magonn Design, which sells ready-made Áo dài that have been popularized through the ages, from the 19th to the 21st centuries. You can also see a subtle blend of European elements in the outfits, which is symbolic of the Áo dài Lemur style in 1940s Hanoi. The designs here tend to be understated and minimalist, so don’t expect to see any ethnic prints or dragon embroidery.

Image credit:  @magonndesign

Image credit: Magonn Design

Price range: VND2,800,000 – VND3,500,000 (~USD120.41-USD150.51)
Address: 105 Nguyễn Trãi, Phường Phạm Ngũ Lão, District 1
41 Hai Bà Trưng District 1
#2-21B Vincom Mega Mall Thảo Điền District 2
#02-03, Crescent Mall, District 7
Opening hours: 9AM – 10PM, Daily
Telephone: 02838 220 649 | 02839 259 230 | 02836 204 465 | 0888 482 886

8. OZ Design House – sophisticated basics

Image credit: @ozdesignhouse

OZ Design House offers áo dài in a variety of fabrics, including silk, cotton, and linen. On top of that, you can choose just about any pattern you want – from floral embroidery to paisley patterns, the sky’s the limit. Since these are ready-made garments, you can visit the shop to try on the pieces. Alternatively, you can order it online, but be sure to check your measurements beforehand.

Image credit: @ozdesignhouse

Price range: VND600,000 – VND1,500,000 (~USD25.80-USD64.51)
Address: 1120 Võ Thị Sáu, Tân Định, District 1
Level 2, Robin, Crescent Mall, 101 Tôn Dật Tiên, Tân Phú Ward, District 7
Opening hours: 8AM-9PM, Daily
Telephone: 0283 820 2212 | 0981 612 848

9. Kit&Dream Vintage – vintage and easy to wear

Image credit: Kit&Dream Vintage

Kit&Dream Vintage’s áo dài features simple, understated patterns and a neat round-neck collar, making it a safe but flattering choice for almost all occasions. The fabric headband that comes with each outfit adds a lovely twist to this vintage look.

These are ready-made pieces with different sizes and silhouettes, available in silk and brocade. Pants and tunic can be sold separately, so you are free to mix and match however you want.

Image credit: Kit&Dream Vintage

Price range: VND870,000 – VND970,000 (~USD37.41-USD41.71)
Address: 49 Trần Quang Khải,  Tân Định, District 1
Opening hours: 10AM-9.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 0906 477 320

10. MINX – classic yet convenient

Image credit: MINX

MINX’s áo dài are cut and sewn by highly skilled artisans from Vietnam’s traditional artisan village, using centuries-old techniques. These garments are made primarily from silk, brocade, and linen, with exquisitely embroidered patterns. The collars are loose and comfortable without being sloppy, while palazzo pants worn under the tunic add a modern kick to the look.

The áo dài here are all ready-made, so you can visit the shop to try the outfits on. Alternatively, you can message the shop on Facebook and get the staff to advise you on sizing before ordering online.

Image credit: MINX

Price range: VND689,000-VND1,680,000 (~USD29.63-USD72.25)
Address: 280 Huỳnh Văn Bánh, Ward 11, Phú Nhuận District
Opening hours: 9AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 0898 988 280

11. An Nghiêm Fashion – proper and versatile

Image credit:An Nghiêm Fashion

An Nghiêm Fashion was founded by a devout Buddhist, with the aim of promoting áo dài as a proper and elegant attire for Vietnamese Buddhists to wear to pagodas or temples. An Nghiêm Fashion has two types of áo dài: a traditional form with ankle-length panels for formal occasions, and a more functional one with knee-length tunics and baby flaps for more convenience.

Lotus is the primary pattern embroidered or painted on most of the áo dài, since the flower is a sacred symbol in Buddhist belief. There is a wide selection of fabrics to choose from, from lightweight viscose to soft lyocell that feels supple against the skin. The designs are also versatile enough to be worn in everyday life.

Image credit: An Nghiêm Fashion

Price range: VND689,000 – VND1,880,000 (~USD29.63-USD80.85)
Address:  380/4 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, Ward 8, District 3
No. 72 Nguyễn Chí Thanh, Ward 2, District 10
No. 36 Trần Quý Cáp, Ward 11, Bình Thạnh District
No. 60/2 Vân Côi, Ward 7, Tân Bình District
Opening hours: 9AM-9PM, Daily
Telephone:0286 285 1122

12. De-Madame  – the “look at me” style

Image credit: Áo Dài De-Madame

De-Madame’s designs make creative use of vibrant colors, striking patterns and flared pants to reinvent a traditional silhouette. If you’re looking to get a stand-out áo dài to shine amongst others during your Tet photoshoots on the street, invest in these ready-made outfits with a wide selection of designs and fabrics to choose from.

Image credit: Áo Dài De-Madame

Price range: VND825,000-VND2,100,000 (~USD35.48-USD90.31)
Address: Level 11, No.18 Bùi Thị Xuân, Bến Thành Ward, District 1
Opening hours: 9AM-9PM, Daily
Telephone: 0866 009 996

Áo dài in Saigon for Vietnamese Tet holidays

For centuries, áo dài have been a fixture in any Vietnamese woman’s wardrobe. The timeless beauty of Vietnamese áo dài has never ceased to inspire fashion designers.

Vietnamese New Year, or Tet, is the most important holiday of the year, and wearing áo dài is an indispensable part of celebrating Tet – or any other special life occasions. No matter how busy you are preparing for it, it’s worth picking out a glamorous outfit to soak up the festive vibe, and to take lots of snapshots in.

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Cover image adapted from, BACIAMI, and @ozdesignhouse

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