Cobras in Thailand

Thailand and Australia have many similarities: beaches, warm weather and funny critters slithering around peoples’ homes. 

This is especially true for those living on fruit farms and other woody areas: such is the case for Mr. Gumrai, who walked in on two cobras mating at his family home in Chantaburi. 

Funny animal stories in Thailand:

Cobras found in Thai home 

It was just a regular evening: Mr. Gumrai walked into his storage to grab some cables, only to find two cobras mating right in his home.  

His family quickly alerted the local animal rescue team, reported TNA.MCOT

Thai Man Finds Two ~3M-Long Cobras Mating In His Storage Room, Calls Animal ControlCobra and animal rescue team member
Image credit: Matichon (Both Images)

The team measured both cobras at four metres and approximately 3M long. They also observed that crawling into small spaces with lots of boxes, crates and cases – ala a storage room – is part of their reptilian instincts

Apparently, snakes seek shelter and security in confined areas. 

Snakes around Thailand

If you happen to stumble upon snakes or any dangerous animals in your home, you can contact the national emergency hotline at 1669. They will send you a rescue team for your safety – it’s highly discouraged to try to handle these potentially dangerous animals yourself. 

Animals getting rescued:

Cover images adapted from: Matichon 

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