Plastic carton stuck on pup’s head

Dogs are one of the sweetest animal companions and us humans can’t help but have a dying love for them – regardless of the type of antics they get into. 

Like in the case of Mr. Taweep Na Suwan – on 3rd February 2021 the dog owner sought help from a rescue team to help his doggo, Chao Khao (white pup), who managed to get his head stuck in a plastic container. 

Pup was hungry

Mr. Suwan noticed his pup happily playing with an empty container he had found, shortly after, Chao Khao managed to fit his head through the carton’s opening. The owner tried to help Chao Khao throughout the morning, but was unsuccessful. So, the dog took matters into his own paws: he ran towards the village crying and screaming for help

Chao Khao was eventually found lying in fatigue in a grove, with the jar still over his head next to the Bangkok of Agriculture  as shared by Naewna. Perhaps the pup wanted to propose his new art concept to the authorities.

Hungry ‘Jarred’ Pup Got His Head Stuck In A Plastic CartonAdapted Images: Naewna, Daily Motion via Khom Chad Luek

In order to help the pup, the rescue team had to put a lasso around the pup’s head, which Chao Khao refused until his owner assured him it was okay.  Soon after, the rescue team members were able to safely remove the carton with a box cutter and Chao Khao was finally a free puppy. 

Hungry ‘Jarred’ Pup Got His Head Stuck In A Plastic CartonImage credit: Naewna 

Upon further investigation, the authorities figured out why the dog decided to stick his head in the jar – there were scraps of food inside the carton – truly a testament to the saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. 

If your doggo needs rescuing 

It’s always best to reach out for help if you need your animal family members to be rescued. Animal companions have pure hearts and they’ll love you forever once they’re showered with lots of love.

Never hesitate to give the national emergency hotline a ring at 1669 for your animal companion to get rescued.

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Featured images adapted from:  Naewna, Daily Motion via Khom Chad Luek

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