Snake invades man’s privacy

Going to the bathroom is the perfect “me time” for everyone, but a Thai man in Phitsanulok was in for a slithery surprise while on a toilet break.

On 13th December 2020, Facebook user Joe Nopparat posted a video clip of a python coming out from the ceiling above him as he was minding his own “business” in the bathroom. 

Snake invasions around Thailand

After the shocking sight, he quickly phoned the Rescue Department to come and take the snake away.

However, when one of the rescue team members arrived, the snake had already slithered back into the ceiling as if it knew help was on the way!

According to Joe, the incident took place in his mum’s bathroom downstairs.

Netizens commented on his videos and were concerned about his safety.


Netizen: How did it come through?
Joe: Most likely through the sewage.


Netizen: Scary! Take care!
Joe: I’ve already locked the bathroom door to see it’ll appear again in the morning.


Netizen: That’s huge!
Joe: Yeah, the rescue team couldn’t catch it on time.

There have been other cases of snakes entering homes around Thailand – including venomous cobras. These often slither in murky sewers before popping up in toilets. 

Image credit: Chiang Rai Times

Don’t think you’re safe even in apartments; these incidents have also happened in Bangkok condos. One recent incident involved a 4-year old Thai girl getting bit by a python. Thankfully she was saved and made a recovery.

Reach out to rescue teams for help

27bangkok-snakes-1sub-superJumboThai firefighters catch a python in Bangkok
Image credit: The New York Times

Even though we may see posts of giant animals and pests in countries like the Land Down Under, Thailand’s still got a lot of snakes crashing through roofs, and popping up in toilets in its own backyard.

If your home has any unwelcome guests like snakes or other creepy crawlies, don’t hesitate to ring the national emergency hotline at 1669, who will attend to the situation and even get you medical care if required. 

Featured images adapted from: Joe Nopparat

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