Giant boat noodles near Don Mueang

Have you ever experienced that moment when you got off the plane all cranky and hungry, but just don’t know where to eat? We have the solution for the next time you get off a plane in Bangkok. 

If you happen to land at Don Mueang Airport, just 15 minutes away is a waterfront restaurant that serves a giant bowl of Kuai Tiao Ruea or Thai boat noodles, which traditionally comes in small bowls.

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All things giant at Cham Berrue

Hiding in a village across Don Mueang Airport, Cham Berrue, which means ‘giant bowl’ in English, started out as a restaurant specifically targeting locals in the area. However, word travels fast; before they knew it, people were coming in one after another to see and savor the gigantic dishes for themselves.

girl eating noodles

At the center of their menu is Extra Large Thai Boat Noodles at ฿199 (~USD6.5), but if that isn’t grand enough, they have Giant Thai Boat Noodles at ฿399 (~USD13), all with pork and beef options; the latter enough to fill up to four stomachs.

thai boat noodles set

Brewing in the rich, fragrant broth – with bursting flavours of Thai herbs and cooked blood – are regular and giant sizes of bouncy meatballs, tender meat, liver, pork cracklings, boiled morning glory, bean sprouts, as well as gooey, soft-boiled eggs that add a dash of colour to the entire dish.

While the dish is usually flavoured spicy, Cham Berrue serves theirs mild, as they take different diner palates into consideration. However, if you like it hot, you can spice it up with the condiments provided at each table.

close up thai boat noodles

On the side, there’s a selection of noodles from sen lek (thin rice noodles), sen mhee (thinner rice noodles), bah mhee (egg noodles), and mama (instant noodles) all cooked to al dente.


Asking the owners what they are proud of, the first thing coming out of their mouths is their extra crispy pork cracklings, which had gone through three rounds of deep frying – one time the night before and two in the morning. They were soaking in the bowl for more than ten or twenty minutes, but were still crunchy and tasty when it was time to dig in; a feat well-deserving of a thumbs up.

pork cracklings

Another highlight of the restaurant is that its chopsticks also come in a giant size – the length of one’s arm. You can either use them as a prop for your mini photoshoot or challenge yourself to eating with some mammoth chopsticks.

giant chopsticks
FYI I failed at the challenge.

The restaurant also offers other gigantic dishes like Som Tum Tad or papaya salad on a tray and Hot Pot Set with a choice of pork, beef or both.

Arriving at Cham Berrue

The venue is a bit of an adventure. To get there, you can take the train and get off at BTS Wat Phra Sri Mahathat, then take a taxi or a grab ride to reach Cham Berrue.

As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you’ll feel like entering a secret garden with potted plants lining the way to the seating areas floating just atop the water.

restaurant sign

You can either sit at a table, on the floor with cushions, or at the sala – traditional Thai pavilion – that has a hammock attached to it. The restaurant’s busiest during lunchtime, so choose your visiting time wisely to secure the best seats.

waterfront restaurant
Let the tranquil view of the water take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

With crafty decors and Thai pop songs jamming in the background, it certainly takes you back to when malls weren’t the first place you think of when you’re deciding to eat out.

Final words from Cham Berrue

Among the many giant foods here in Thailand, Cham Berrue is definitely one to try.

So, let us wrap it up with a catchy phrase given by the owner of Cham Berrue herself: “Rarn lhab, rod chard mai lhab”, which translates to “hidden place, but not hidden flavours”.

Cham Berrue
Opening Hours: 9AM – 6PM
Address: Si Kan, Don Mueang, Bangkok 10210
Telephone: +66-9-8438-6612
Nearest Train Station: BTS Wat Phra Sri Mahathat
Website | Google Maps

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