Giant pizzas near Khaosan Road

Besides bars and partying, Khaosan Road has plenty of delicious food to try. Casa Picasso is an Italian restaurant hidden near this nightlife spot that serves a giant pizza that’s over 60cm long for all pizza lovers to try.

Supersized pizzas with loaded toppings

Giant pizzas at Casa Picasso

Casa Picasso offers all big eaters giant pizzas that are over 60cm long, compared to a regular 15-inch pizza that’s almost half that size. 

There are 11 selections to choose from, with prices starting from ฿299 like their signature pizza Picasso, Margarita, and Seafood, along with some Thai fusion flavours like Tom Yum Kung. We decided to go for Pepperoni (฿379) which is the best seller here. 

Giant pizzas at Casa Picasso

When we finally got our XXL pizza, the size had us shocked – we weren’t prepared for how big it was. There was also a generous portion of cheese and pepperoni, which gave this giant slice some weight.

Giant pizzas at Casa Picasso

This Italian-style pizza had a thin chewy crust and was rich from all the cheese. The was also a good distribution of pepperoni, which wasn’t too dry. 

Aside from the giant slices, ordinary sized pizzas and other Italian dishes are on offer too. 

Fill up your tummy after a party with giant pizzas

Giant pizzas at Casa Picasso

The shop is located in Chanasongkram Alley, which is only a 10-minute walk from Khaosan Road. 

Giant pizzas at Casa Picasso

If you are around the area or are visiting Khaosan Road for a night out, Casa Picasso is worth checking out to challenge your tummy with their giant pizzas. 

Giant pizzas at Casa Picasso

We were 2 people and still had leftovers to bring back home, so invite your food buddies to join! 

Casa Picasso Pizza at Khaosan Art Hotel
Address: 76 Chana Songkhram alley, Phra Athit Rd, Chana Songkhram, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200.
Opening hour: 7AM-9.30PM, Daily
Nearest train station: Sanamchai MRT
Telephone: ‭+66 6-2438-7373‬

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