Giant pork noodles with tender crispy pork

Bha Mhee Prab Sean is a pork noodle shop known for their Sean Khod Sean XXL (Master of the masters) pork noodles. The dish brings many people’s food fantasies to life by serving up gigantic pork noodles to their heart’s content. 

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What to order at Bha Mhee Prab Sean

Bha Mhee Prab Sean

When the Sean Khod Sean (฿250,  ~ USD7.23) dish was served, the rich aroma of deep-fried garlic and coriander was the first thing we noticed. The noodles also come with slices of tender, charcoal-grilled pork neck that have been marinated overnight. Bha Mee Prab Sean also makes their own egg noodles fresh every day, which makes them more chewy than their store-bought counterparts.

Bha Mee Prab Sean

The mammoth serving sparked our curiosity about the weight of the entire dish, so we tried to pick it up. It seemed like the bowl was around 2-3KG – it felt like we were holding a kettlebell!

We started with the deep fried crispy pork – it was tender in the middle and crispy, but not oily, on the outside. The way this stall cooks its crispy pork is unique – while most eateries use pork belly, Bha Mee Prab Sean chooses to use pork neck.  The chef marinates the pork neck overnight to ensure the meat is fully coated by the rich flavours before  throwing it into hot oil the next day. 

Bha Mhee Prab Sean

The roasted pork was quite juicy. It had a tad of fat on it, even though they sliced lean parts of the meat. The slices were bundled together, which made them very “meaty”. The layer of BBQ sauce gave an extra sweetness to the smoky pork slices too.

Stuffing your bellies for some cash

Bha Mee Prab Sean
The Sean Khod Sean  is a dish you could feast on with around 7-8 buddies.

 However, if you’re a solo eater and can finish this monster bowl within 15 minutes, you’ll get to walk away with ฿700 (~USD21) in cash. If you love a crazy challenge like this, mark your calendars as they only serve these bowls from 1pm, onwards. 

The shop is only a short distance from the MRT and has very limited parking space, so it’s probably better to walk and get your steps in for the day. 

Bha Mee Prab Sean

Bha Mhee Prab Sean
Address: 81/24 Soi Tiwannon 3, Tiwannon Rd, Talad Kwan,  Mueang Nonthaburi District, Nonthaburi 11000
Opening Hours:  Wed – Mon: 8AM – 8PM (Closed on Tuesdays)
Nearest Train Station: MRT Ministry of Public Health
Telephone: +66 9 8349 4119
Bha Mhee Prab Sean Facebook page | Google Maps

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