Mee OK In BKK Sells Giant Rainbow Sukhothai Noodles And Colourful Dumplings

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Giant noodles in Bangkok

mee ok

Located in the Samyan area near Chulalongkorn University is Mee OK, a noodle store famous for its jumbo Sukhothai-style noodles. 

Sukhothai is a city in Northern Thailand, and if you’re curious to try some delicious dishes from here, Mee OK is your go-to spot. Here’s what we had.

What to try at Mee OK

We went straight for the Khun-Pon Tom Yum Sukhothai (฿299), a giant bowl of Sukhothai noodles with a crazy array of colourful toppings piled on top. The set is served with a hotpot of soup, which you can choose to sip on the side or dunk your noodles in. It’s slightly sour and tangy, which gives it a unique taste.

The star is clearly the bowl of noodles, which comes with balls of colourful noodles, BBQ pork, eggs, minced meat, meatballs, and rainbow dumplings. The noodles and dumplings are made from natural ingredients with no added colour, like tumeric, roselle, pandan, and egg. 

mee ok colourful noodles
Each type has a different taste

It’s tough to find a store that sells noodles made with so many varieties of ingredients, and Mee OK nails the flavours well. We especially liked having the noodles with the soup, as it made it slightly less dry and added a good peppery and sour flavour to each bite. 

Plus, it stays nice and warm and can help clear your throat. 

mee ok dumplings

The dumplings are also generously filled with pork and shrimp – we liked the pink one the most as it looked the most visually unique.

Try a new style of noodles at Mee OK

mee ok noodles

If you’d like to try a different noodle dish besides the usual pad thai and tom yum MAMA in Bangkok, Mee OK is a good and convenient eatery to visit. 

The atmosphere is welcoming and spacious too – no need to worry about waiting in the heat to get a street-side table here!

mee ok restaurant bangkok

Mee OK
Address: Chulalongkorn Soi 11, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330
Nearest Train Station: MRT Samyan, BTS Siam
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 10:30AM-9PM, Sat-Sun: 7AM-9PM
Telephone: +66 2 215 4076

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