Romantic Thai love songs

Thai love songs
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Is there any better way to express your feelings for someone you’ve fallen for than to send them a love song? No, there’s not. We’ve compiled the 10 most romantic Thai songs complete with translated lyrics to give your crush a clue. Extra points if you’ve already heard some of them!

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1. Mai Kwam Wa Arai (What Does It Mean?) – MEAN

MEAN - หมายความว่าอะไร | So Mean [Official MV]
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MEAN - หมายความว่าอะไร | So Mean [Official MV]

You might be having feelings for someone at school or work, which can make your relationship status pretty complicated. If you have a big crush on a friend at the moment and want them to know how you feel – or want to know how
they’re feeling – then this song was made for you.

Lyrics: อยากรู้สายตาที่เธอมีให้กัน มันหมายความว่าอะไร

Pronunciation: Yak Roo Sai-Ta Tee Ter Mee Hai Gun, Mun Mhai Kwam Wa A-Rai

Translation: The way you look at me, what does it mean?

2. Rak Perd Poey (Open Love) – La Ong Fong

ละอองฟอง La Ong Fong - รักเปิดเผย Openly Love
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ละอองฟอง La Ong Fong - รักเปิดเผย Openly Love

Nothing sucks more than seeing your crush talking to other girls or guys while your heart only beats for them. If you want him or her to know that you’re completely transparent about your feelings and make them known to the world, then turn this song on. 

Lyrics: รักเธอไม่มีปิดบัง ก็ใจของฉันไม่มีปิดใคร

Pronunciation: Rak Ter Mai Me Pidbang Kor Jai Kong Chan Mai Me Pid Krai

Translation: I openly love you, and everyone knows how I feel.

3. Kae Tee Rak (My Boo) – 3.2.1

แค่ที่รัก My Boo l 3.2.1 [Official MV]
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แค่ที่รัก My Boo l 3.2.1 [Official MV]

Sometimes, it’s sad when it seems like it’s nearly impossible for you to be in a relationship with someone you’ve set your eyes – and heart – on. But all you need to do is look at it in a more optimistic way – just let your feelings be known without having any expectations of them liking you back.

You just want to call them your boo, that’s it.

Lyrics: แค่อยากเรียกเธอที่รัก แต่เธอไม่ต้องมารัก

Pronunciation: Kae Yak Riak Ter T-Rak Tae Ter Mai Tong Ma Rak

Translation: I just want to call you my boo, you don’t need to love me if you don’t want to.

4. Chon Kwa Fah Cha Me Welaa (Until The Sky Has Time) – PEACEMAKER

จนกว่าฟ้าจะมีเวลา - PEACEMAKER【OFFICIAL MV】
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จนกว่าฟ้าจะมีเวลา - PEACEMAKER【OFFICIAL MV】

Let’s say you’ve already confessed to your crush…but things didn’t really go the way you planned. But there’s no point being angry or sad – the only thing we can do is to wait for a miracle to happen. If you’re waiting for a long lost love or for someone to tell you how they feel, send them this sweet tune. 

Lyrics: จะเก็บใจไว้ เก็บเพื่อรอ ขอรอ รอจนกว่า จนกว่าที่ฟ้า จะมีเวลาให้เรารักกัน

Pronunciation: Ja Keb Jai Wai, Keb Pue Ror, Kor Ror, Ror Jon Kwa, Jon Kwa Tee Fah Ja Me Welaa Hai Rao Rak Kan

Translation: I will keep my love for you until the day we can be together.

5. Cha Rak Hai Dee Tee Sood (I Will Do My Best To Love You) – Tong

จะรักให้ดีที่สุด - ตอง ภัครมัย【OFFICIAL MV】
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จะรักให้ดีที่สุด - ตอง ภัครมัย【OFFICIAL MV】

You might have been through difficult times from your last relationship, causing you to have trouble knowing if you can make a new relationship work out well. But if you’re looking for a chance to start over with somebody new and want them to trust you, let them know that you’re trying your best to make everything work.

Lyrics: ฉันแค่รักเธอ และฉันจะรักให้ดี ที่สุด

Pronunciation: Chan Kae Rak Ter Lae Chan Ja Rak Hai Dee Tee Sood

Translation: I just know that I love you, and I will give it my best.

6. Pa-ti-sed Yang Rai (How Can I Refuse?) – Lipta

MV ปฏิเสธอย่างไร Lipta
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MV ปฏิเสธอย่างไร Lipta

One of the biggest fears when it comes to expressing our feelings for someone is that we’re afraid that they might change how they act after he or she knows how we feel. So, the only thing you can do is to keep it a secret. 

But, when your love for someone hits its peak, you will need to tell the one you love that you can no longer refuse – you really love him or her!

Lyrics: ปฏิเสธอย่างไร เมื่อรักเธอจนไม่อาจจะถอนตัว

Pronunciation: Pa-ti-sed Yang Rai Mue Rak Ter Chon Mai Ard Ja Thon Tua

Translation: How can I pretend that I don’t love you when I really do?

7. Pae Tang (Head Over Heels) – Labanoon

แพ้ทาง - LABANOON「Official MV」
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แพ้ทาง - LABANOON「Official MV」

We’ve all dreamt of the “perfect” boyfriend or girlfriend. The title, “
Pae Tang”, is a special phrase in Thai. In this context, it refers to that lovesick condition when you completely fall for someone. 

This song expresses just that – a burst of feelings when you fall for someone who is exactly your type. Everything the person does will impress you, gradually making you fall in love with them more and more.

Lyrics: ให้ทำยังไงใจมันถึงปลง หลงรักเธอจนหมดใจ

Pronunciation: Hai Tam Yang Ngai Jai Man Tung Plong Lhong Rak Ter Chon Mhod Jai

Translation: What should I do to get you out of my head? Because I love you with all my heart.

8. Ya Kid Mak (Don’t Think Too Much) – Kajornsak

อย่าคิดมาก - ขจรศักดิ์ รัตนนิสสัย 【OFFICIAL MV】
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อย่าคิดมาก - ขจรศักดิ์ รัตนนิสสัย 【OFFICIAL MV】

When you’re in a new relationship with someone, it’s totally normal for feelings of jealousy to arise now and then. But this is something you probably need to reconcile before things get bad. This isn’t your typical cheesy love song, but if you’ve got a heavy feeling in your heart that you want to make known to your partner, then this tune might help you a lot.

Lyrics: ถ้าไม่รักเธอแล้ว จะให้ไปรักแมวที่ไหน

Pronunciation: Tar Mai Rak Ter Laew Ja Hai Pai Rak Maew Tee Nhai

Translation: If I don’t love you, who else should I love?

9. Dok Mai Kab Hua Jai (Flowers And Heart) – I-ZAX

ดอกไม้กับหัวใจ - I-ZAX 【OFFICIAL MV】
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ดอกไม้กับหัวใจ - I-ZAX 【OFFICIAL MV】


Flowers are a classic symbol of love which partners exchange with each other. In this Thai song, the guy prepares some flowers to give to his girl. And though the flowers start to dry out because of how long he takes to express his feelings for her, his love only gets stronger.

Moral of the story? True love might take some time, but it’ll never die.

Lyrics: ต่อให้ตะวันลบเลือน ดาวและเดือนลับลา คําที่ว่าฉันรักเธอ ไม่มีวันลดลง

Pronunciation: Tor Hai Tawan Lob Luan, Dao Lae Duan Lab La, Kam Tee Wa Chan Rak Ter Mai Me Wan Lod Long

Translation: Even though everything changes through time, my love for you will never change.

10. Trab Tulee Din (Until We Die) – Poo Jan Long Mai

If you’re familiar with Thai language and culture, you might understand that some words and expressions are used specifically for intense feelings of the heart. Besides new-gen love songs, old-school Thai songwriters have a knack for using these words to express their feelings in love songs. 

Trab Tulee Din is one of those songs that Thais know and love. Save this one for that soulmate in your life you know you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with.

Lyrics: อยู่กับฉันได้ไหม ให้แก่เฒ่าเป็นตายาย ในบั้นปลายสุดท้ายของดวงชีวัน

Pronunciation: Yu Kab Chan Dai Mai Hai Kae Tao Pen Ta Yai Nai Bun Plai Sood Tai Kong Duang Chee Wan

Translation: Would you please grow old with me?

Express your love through Thai songs

If you’ve fallen in love with your crush or want to tell your partner that you love them just the same, try sending them one of the tunes on our list. Maybe, you might get a chance to change that status on your Facebook to “In a Relationship” soon!

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