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A May 17, 2012
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Just your typical mall theater
Overall Rating 
To me, Golden Village is just your average shopping mall theatre and there is nothing special about it. Ticket prices are usually a dollar or two higher than other theatres and there are very little promotions offered. Food and beverage prices are also a little pricey but that is expected of all movie theatres.

The viewing experience is also just mediocre. The audio system is not fantastic at all and could really do better in my opinion. As for the movie screens, the image tends to get distorted from time to time and this really bugs me. I was watching Transformers in GV Tampines 2 years ago and 30 minutes into the movie the entire show stopped running and froze for 10 minutes. After which, the movie restarted and that really ruined my experience for a movie I was eagerly waiting for months.
There was no update from the staff when the screen froze and no apology was given at all. From then on my perception of GV has been ruined.
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1 results - showing 1 - 1