8 Video-Editing Apps For Creating High-Level Travel Vlogs Even If You’re A Noob At Premiere Pro

Video-editing apps for beginners

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a moving picture should be worth thousands more. But let’s be real: when vlogging travel experiences, it’s pretty challenging to lug around a bulky camera bag all over the world. 

It’s much more convenient to channel our inner Steven Spielberg right from our phones. From easy-to-use AI-powered editing features to adding pro quality transitions in one swipe, here are some video-editing apps that will do the trick: 

1. Magisto – AI-assisted editing

If you need a second opinion on what’s good and what’s not in your video, Magisto might be able to help you with AI-powered software. The app is able to pinpoint the best parts of your footage, stabilise it, auto-crop it into an ideal frame, and apply effects and filters. 

Everything’s automated, so if you want quick, fuss-free editing while on-the-go, this app’s for you. Of course, you can still opt for more detailed manual editing through the app, but you can shave off lots of time simply by selecting templates from the menu.

You’ll need a good processor on your phone to handle speedy video editing, so the latest phones in the market will excel here. 

Available on iOS and Android.

2. Unfold – artistic templates for IG Stories

The templates look like simplistic scrapbooks that’ll resonate with any artistic wanderluster

When all you want to share is a quick 15-second update of where you are in the world, Unfold will meet your aesthetic needs with slick designs for frames, filters, and fonts to add that profesh touch to your Insta Stories. 

What’s good here is that you can create a seamless storyline of short videos with their ready-made themes before sharing it online. 

We tried this app out on the Huawei nova 5t, and preparing an artsy Instagram Story was a relatively speedy process

Available on iOS and Android.

3. VideoShop – create stop motion animations

Playing with the speed of your video to add that dramatic effect is a skill to be honed, but VideoShop has simplified the process. You can speed up or slow down your videos, play it in reverse or even create stop-motion animations for that artsy touch. 

Add an overlay of Instagram-inspired filters, some sound effects and captions, and your vlog will be ready for uploading.

Available on iOS and Android.

4. KineMaster – frame-by-frame edits

If you’re a perfectionist looking to leave your legacy in every frame, KineMaster is the app for you to be extra precise with your edits. This app allows you to trim videos, and add transitions and effects frame-by-frame. So that means you’ve got supreme control over your edits.

Image credit: KineMaster

You’ve also got the option to combine different layers of videos, texts, audios, and overlays as if you’re using an actual desktop editor. Best part is, you won’t get laggy edits with their pre-render instant preview. 

Available on iOS and Android.

5. Inshot – upload directly to social media

Made for easy sharing to different platforms, Inshot has canvases prepared for quick uploads that don’t compromise on quality. 

Just swipe to choose framing that’s suitable for your social media uploads

You can trim your clips, add funky filters like glitch effects, add depth of field by blurring your background, and even make collages out of your videos. Top it off with emojis and animated stickers for that added impact.

Easy-to-use templates will let you get creative with your videos

To make full use of the app’s instantaneous functions, make sure your phone comes equipped with a camera system that can handle all types of shots on your trip. You won’t have to spend additional time refining it – just pop it into the right ready-made canvas, and your video will be social-media ready. 

Available on iOS and Android.

6. WeVideo – trim music clips along with your videos

For vloggers who prefer to get more comprehensive with their edits, WeVideo allows you to trim and preview both video and music clips to set the perfect mood of your clip. You can access their royalty-free soundtrack library and add voiceover recordings as well. 

Another plus point is its cloud storage feature on Google Drive, and the option to publish your videos directly to YouTube. So no matter the device you’re using, you’ll always have access to edit your videos on-the-go.

Available on iOS and Android.

7. Quik – ready-to-use themes

Image credit: Android Community 

No pun intended here, but Quik is most probably the quickest way for you to produce a video complete with intros, outros, transitions and even a soundtrack with their ready-to-use themes. All you have to do is to import your videos into the app and choose a theme to suit the mood.

We tested out the app on the Huawei nova 5t, and managed to make a quick montage in just a few clicks.

Other special features include a flashback feature where the app studies the videos already in your gallery and auto-creates a story out of it. It’s even compatible with GoPro, so you can easily process your adventurous footage!

Available on iOS and Android.

8. Splice – wide range of royalty-free music

The next time you’re editing your action-packed footage from your GoPro, try their Splice app, an all-in-one app that makes editing easy when you’re always on the move.

Choose from a range of readily available tunes and sound effects

You’ll have access to staple editing features like trimming and adding effects, and you can even control the video speed right from your phone. And for that touch of drama, it also has an extensive free-to-use audio library for you to add tunes that range from electronica to acoustic strums into your masterpiece.

Available on iOS.

Editing vlogs on your phone

Editing your vlogs on-the-go is a whole lot more convenient with these free apps available. From basic features to high-level filters and animated graphics, these apps have all the features you need packed in your phone. Best of all, they come with user-friendly interfaces for even the noobest of us to share trendy videos. 

Vlogging on the Huawei nova 5t

But of course, you’ll want to have a camera that’ll supply you with those winning shots. Instead of lugging around a bag of heavy camera lenses, opt for a camera phone that’ll do your videos justice like the new Huawei nova 5t. The phone’s built-in cameras are suitable for all sorts of shooting styles to produce crisp HD shots. 

The phone’s AI quad-camera comprises 4 setups: 

  • a main 48MP camera for point-and-snap shots;
  • a 16MP super wide angle option for killer panoramic shots;
  • a 2MP depth-assist camera for pro-level focused effects;
  • and a 2MP macro option for crisp close-ups.

All that plus a front-facing 32MP camera for fail-proof selfies and you’re all set for your vlogging journey. 

The phone’s quick processor speeds could also handle the demands of these editing software

Huawei has also included intelligent light sensors and an image de-noising feature your night shots will be able to get the right about of exposure without being too grainy. And while you’re out and about on an overseas adventure, turn on the phone’s stabilisation feature to combat shaky footage, so you’ll be sure your future uploads are always pro-level. 

Find out more about Huawei nova 5t

This post was brought to you by Huawei.
Photography by Gabriel Seow.

Syuhada Suri

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