Comparing 5 Main Types Of Flooring For HDB & Which Is The Best For Your Resale Or BTO

Best types of flooring for your HDB flat

You’ve gotten the keys to your swanky new HDB flat, and now it’s time for the fun part: decking out your pad. Aside from the furnishings and walls, you must also pay attention to the types of flooring and ensure they are built to stand the test of time. 

But with so many different materials available, which one should you deck out your floor with? We look at 5 popular types of flooring and why you should consider top grade vinyl flooring from the likes of Evorich for your home.

1. Vinyl – Durable with plenty of design options

Durable, waterproof, easy to install and maintain, and most of all, stylish — what’s not to love about vinyl? It has become one of the most popular go-to’s for today’s homeowners. Vinyl also takes the cake with a wide array of colours and designs to suit any aesthetic, ranging from basic wood and concrete to complex decorative tiles and marble.

Getting started with vinyl flooring for your home is easy too. Look no further than Evorich, whose unique brand of Evo HERF vinyl flooring is 100% tested and certified to be low TVOC for good air quality, slip-resistant, and safe for children and the elderly. 

And if you’re thinking of doing a Japanese Zen theme with wooden flooring, Evo HERF is the perfect fit with its range of simulated wood designs. The best part of these designs? No trees are harmed in their construction, meaning you get to build your dream ryokan without harming the environment.

2. Laminate – Affordable option

Laminate flooring can also replicate the look of wooden floors.
Image for illustrative purposes only.

Laminate flooring is created by compressing multiple layers of fibre before topping it off with a photographed image of wood. As it’s not real wood per se, laminate flooring is thus light on your wallet and easy to install.

However, laminate flooring isn’t the most waterproof. Leave spills alone for too long and you could find the joints swelling and distorting — definitely not an ideal option for your kitchen and bathrooms.

3. Marble – Unique & luxurious look

Image credit: Uchify

Marble flooring gives your home an atas touch with its smooth and glassy texture. As marble is a natural stone, you can also expect your flooring to feature a one-of-a-kind design that’s unique to you

The downside to marble? It tends to be expensive, with prices ranging between $40-$70 per square foot. Marble is also a pretty fragile material, which means scratches and stains are pretty noticeable. Expect to be especially rigorous with your maintenance if you pick marble for your floors.

4. Ceramic – Easy maintenance & durable

Image credit: Uchify

A classic favourite, ceramic is well loved as it requires low maintenance, on top of being highly durable. Impermeable by nature, ceramic resists water and moisture, preventing the growth of germs and mould.

Despite its advantages, ceramic can be tricky to install. As ceramic is heavier and harder compared to regular tiles, it can be difficult to cut and fit your home’s configuration. 

5. Parquet – Classic old-world charm

Image credit: Uchify

Parquet is one of the most beautiful flooring options you can find, its signature blend of wooden blocks arranged in a mosaic pattern adding a cozy vibe to your abode. Depending on the style of your interior decor, you can opt for dark or light parquet, or even a classy mix of shades.

The beauty of parquet comes at a pretty penny, and it also requires regular polishing and sanding to retain its shine. You’ll also want to protect your parquet flooring from direct sunlight, as its colour will fade when exposed for too long.

Zhng your HDB with top-grade vinyl flooring from Evorich

Whether you’re old or new to the interior design game, Evorich is your best choice for all your flooring needs. After all, they carry vinyl in all sorts of designs, from classic wood to simulated marble and stone.

As with every other facet of the interior design process, flooring is classified as a big-ticket purchase — you’d want to ensure you get your money’s worth with adequate protection. Fret not, as Evorich is 100% CASETRUST-accredited, meaning all your purchases are protected under the Case Trust fair-trading policy 

Evorich also boasts Singapore’s largest installation team for certified Eco Green Floors & Deckings, along with an entire fleet of self-owned warehouses and bonded warehouses with ready stock. This means swift and efficient flooring installation when you confirm your order with Evorich.

That’s not all, as Evorich wants you to personally experience its services before you commit. Jio bae and some of your friends, and make a date for Evorich’s new Curated Studios showroom at Bukit Merah, where you’ll find Evorich’s arsenal of flooring on full display.

Over here, you can get acquainted with some of their top offerings, such as the sustainable Evo HERF. On top of coming in various simulated wood designs, this range is resistant to termites and water.

Aside from Evorich’s signature indoor vinyl flooring, you can also explore its outdoor decking and wall offerings. There’s even a sound insulation room built with Evorich’s products on-site, perfect for gaming, livestreaming, and appreciating music.

If you’re ready to upgrade your flooring game with Evorich, make a date to visit their Curated Studios located at Bukit Merah now.

Find out more about Evorich’s vinyl flooring here

Address: 10 Jalan Kilang, Level 2 Bukit Merah Enterprise Centre (entire stretch of Level 2 facing the main road), Singapore 159410
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm | Sat-Sun & PH 10am-8pm
Contact: 8795 2118

This post was brought to you by Evorich.
Photography by Ian Sim.


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