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6 Places You Can Now Visit With Tuas West’s 4 New Stations

Tuas is no longer an enigma

Let’s face it, all of us see Tuas as a synonym for ulu. It’s inaccessible, insanely far from civilization and packed with only industrial buildings… right? Well, that’s actually too much of a sweeping statement. In reality, there’s so much more to this area than we’re aware of.

With the introduction of 4 new Tuas stations on the East-West Line, we can now confidently double confirm that Tuas is part of Singapore. It’s time to ditch your typical beer towers for some free-flow beer, ride the waves on a wakeboard, and savour steak that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Here are 6 underrated spots in the far West that are now accessible to us all: 

1. Wakeboard to your heart’s content at Maxout Hydrosports

This is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Source

If a little bit of you died when the resident wakeboarding spot over at East Coast shut its doors in late 2014, Maxout Hydrosports is a godsend. Everything is bigger and better with the sole watersports centre in the West. They have 4 stunning water sites all to themselves so patrons don’t have to worry about fighting for space. Plus, being miles away from civilisation helps – you won’t have to worry about being paiseh if you’re a first-timer either.



Alternatively, skip the wakeboarding and make a beeline for the yacht chartering service. You can rent the Carpe Diem – a Trengganu wooden hull motor yacht – for either 6 or 9 hours. Live your 90210 dreams and organise your very own yacht party. 

Address: Raffles Marina 10 Tuas West Drive Singapore 638404
Opening hours: 9AM – 7PM daily. Closed on Tuesday.
Telephone: 6869 2291
Nearest MRT Station: Tuas Link station
Take Exit B and take a 5 minute walk along Tuas West Drive

2. Indulge in free flow beer at the Tiger Brewery Tour

At the lobby of the Tiger factory before the tour begins! 

If nothing comes between you and your beer, here’s a chance for you to go behind-the-scenes to see just how our local Tiger Beer is made. Pick a suitable timing and sign up for the Tiger Brewery Tour

It all begins at the Visitor Centre, where an experienced tour guide will run you through the heritage and history of the brand. Thereafter, you’ll proceed to the Ingredients Display Kiosk, Brew House and Packaging Gallery – where you can learn more about the rigorous process that goes into churning out every bottle of beer.

This place is home to Archipelago Brewery too! 

A huge selection of drinks will be up for grabs – so don’t hold back! Source

The tour also entitles you to a 45-minute tasting session for the second half. Drink to your heart’s content as you indulge in their wide selection of alcoholic beverages – including Baron’s, Guinness and other options from Archipelago Brewery. You even get to try your hand at dispensing beer and feel like a legit bartender. Choose your happy hour and have an enjoyable afternoon for just $18 / pax

Address: 459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, 639934 
Opening hours: Tours are at 1PM / 2PM / 3PM / 4PM / 5PM on Mon – Sat. Closed on Sun. 
Telephone: 6860 3005
Nearest MRT Station: Tuas West Road Station
Take Exit B and walk down Pioneer Road towards Tuas Crescent. Turn left onto Tuas Avenue 12 and take a 10 minute walk until you see the brewery. Walk along the perimeter to get to the entrance. 

3. Stroll along the scenic boardwalk at Raffles Marina

The imposing figures at the marina are bound to leave jaws hanging. Feel like a VIP as you strut down the long lanes flanked by fancy yachts. 

But the main attraction is the Raffles Marina Lighthouse. Take a walk along the pier and find the lonely lighthouse perched at the tip of the jetty. This iconic structure has been the ideal #OOTD place for the longest time, and it’s a treasure that no one will mind jumping on the bandwagon for.

Address: 10 Tuas West Drive, Singapore 638404
Nearest MRT Station: Tuas Link Station
Take Exit B and take a 4 minute walk along Tuas West Drive. Cut through Raffles Marina and walk along the pier until you see the lighthouse. 

4. Enjoy an alfresco dining experience by the sea at Marina Bistro

Ditch your usual town dates and visit this breezy country club where you can hold uninterrupted conversations which don’t require you to scream over a noisy crowd. Pick a seat close to the waves and snag a gorgeous view overlooking the marina.

Source: @kelliexie

Plus point: affordable prices. They’re comparable to regular cafes in town, so don’t worry too much about the impending damage on your wallet. Choose your grub from a huge variety of Western and Asian dishes including Chicken Wings served with spicy chicken rice chilli ($8 / $15) as well as the Kashmiri Naan ($4.50) – both of which are crowd faves. 

Address: 10 Tuas West Dr, Singapore 638404
Opening hours: 8AM to 10PM daily (last order at 9.30PM)
Telephone: 6869 2299
Nearest MRT Station: Tuas Link Station
Take Exit B and take a 4-minute walk along Tuas West Drive.  

5. Nom on Chicken Rice with free-flow soup at Tuas Eating Village

Unbeknownst to many, Tuas used to be a full-fledged fishing village. Today, a rustic Tuas Village Eating House still stands amongst the abundance of high-rise industrial buildings in the area.

If you get hungry during your Tuas expedition, drop by this unassuming place for some grub. Being typical Singaporeans, we were quickly drawn to the stall with a snaking queue once we arrived.

Turns out, W & W Roasted Duck, Chicken Rice and Noodle had attracted the crowd. Receiving heaps of praise for their pocket-friendly prices, tender meat and sweet chilli, it is no wonder that they have been expanding quickly – this is the 4th branch under the W & W wing. The chicken and duck meat is doused in generous dollops of sauce, and there’s an entire container of free-flow soup up for grabs as well.

Address: 10 Tuas Avenue 3 
Opening hours: 5:30AM – 4PM, Daily 
Telephone: 9655 1626
Nearest MRT Station: Tuas Crescent Station
Take Exit B and walk along Pioneer Road towards Tuas Cres. Turn left onto Tuas West Avenue 2 and take a 9 minute walk. Take a right turn onto Tuas West Avenue 3 and walk until you see Tuas Village on your left. 

6. Dye your hair for just $10

If somehow or rather you find yourself stranded in Tuas with nothing but time to kill, consider heading down to Tuas Amenity Centre. On the second floor, you will find a Singapore Pools outlet where you can buy 4D or TOTO – sans the usual off-putting queues at more popular areas. 

Right next to it would be Style Cutz. At first, it looks like a typical retro barber shop, but we did a second take and realised that $7 could get you a haircut here. For $10, you could even get your hair dyed. Although we haven’t been able to get reviews on this little establishment, you could give it a shot if you’re in the area.

Tuas Amenity Centre is a quiet two-storey building catering to those who work or live in the area.

For those who are still recovering from the shock that a shopping centre actually exists in this area – well, Tuas Amenity Centre is no lavish shopping mall for sure, but it’s the only semblance of a shopping facility in Tuas. You could get your necessities at a hardware store or grab a bite at one of the eateries located within the quaint building. 

Address: 71 Pioneer Rd, Singapore 639591
Opening hours: 6AM – 7PM, Daily
Nearest MRT Station: Gul Circle Station
Take a 15 minute walk from Gul Circle MRT.

The side of Tuas that we don’t see

Joo Koon will no longer be the terminal on the East-West line. Source

If you’re looking for a new area to explore right here in our little red dot, this would be it. Get here much easier with the 4 new Tuas stations on the East-West MRT Line, due to commence operations on 18 June 2017. Being so much more accessible, it’ll become a lot more convenient for us to simply take a trip down and uncover new places that you’ve never came across before.

These places can potentially become hotspots for those seeking a fresh area to hang out, so visit quick before the whole country flocks to these hidden gems. 

Find out more about the new East-West Line extension here!

This post was brought to you by LTA. 

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