You Can Now Book A Car From $0.50 An Hour For Your Errands & Outings To Ulu Parts Of SG

Tribecar – car sharing in Singapore

Owning a car in Singapore is considered a luxury for the average Singaporean – considering the sometimes astronomical COE, plus other costs such as petrol and maintenance. 

On occasion, though, the “want” for a car transits more into a “need”. Like when you wanna ship home bulky items from IKEA, or are trying to rally the entire family for an outing in an ulu corner of Singapore. Rather than waiting ages for a taxi or having to borrow a car from a friend, take matters into your own hands by renting a car from car-sharing provider Tribecar

Affordable booking fees from $0.50

If you need wheels for a one-off occasion, it’s best if car sharing fees don’t put too much of a dent in your wallet.

Thus, get revved up for Tribecar’s new Super Economy class these fleet of vehicles have fees for as low as $0.50 per hour – the lowest price in the market! Of course, these vary based on how long you’re using the car for, the category of vehicle and other promo codes.

For example, a friend told us that he took a Toyota Altis out for a whirl for 2 hours* during super off-peak hours (Mon-Fri, 12AM-6AM) for just over a dollar. Just the thing if you want to drive out for insatiable supper cravings. 

*Recommended to factor in time for petrol refuel. Note: Tribecar fees are not inclusive of petrol.Check out full vehicle rates and timings.

Even if you’re not a night owl and prefer more regular timings, getting a car from Tribecar could turn out to be more affordable than taking a taxi to-and-fro, especially considering peak hour surcharge that could easily surpass the $20 mark. For example, on a Monday evening, these are the costs for various forms of transport:

For 5pm-7pm on 1 March 2021 (Mon)**

  • Motorcycle: $3.60
  • 5-seater sedan: From $5
  • Economy van: $15
  • 7-seater MPV: From $13

**Prices for a 1 March booking are accurate as of 1st Feb 2021.

Pro tip: Comparing many car sharing brands, we’ve found that Tribecar provides most value for money especially during off-peak hours!

Large fleet with diverse car models and types

Tribecar has a massive fleet of over 600 vehicles with different classes: economy, standard and premium. That means you can opt for a affordable, functional build or go full baller by choosing luxe cars like a BMW or Audi.

So. Many. Choices.

For instance, if you need to run errands like furniture or grocery shopping, simply book an affordable SUV such as the Opel Mokka – this time, you can load as many items as you like in the boot without the glares of taxi drivers. 

Those with families and kids can opt for an MPV like a BMW for a family excursion. Or, if you’re the more outdoorsy sort, pack up your bikes in a van for a hassle-free day out. 

Even relatively newer or younger drivers who are aged below 23 or with less than two years of driving experience* can pick up a ride, and head out for fun outings and even road trips to the ulu corners of Singapore! 

Time to grab your friends and go for a road trip adventure without ever leaving our shores. 

We also love that Tribecar lets you live your dream of driving luxury cars without having to go into debt. For instance, those with a wedding or photoshoot on the horizon can consider booking up Tribecar’s more premium range. 

Treat yourself to a ride in a luxury model like a Mercedes for occasions like weddings or photoshoots.
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*Do note that other T&Cs might apply when booking a car, such as your age (18-65 years old) and if you’ve demerit points or disputes with other car sharing companies.

Over 450 locations for pick up and drop off

As anyone who has rented a car can attest to, having a wealth of pick-up locations make it easy for you to just grab a car and go. Tribecar has over 450 pick-up locations, which makes it likely you can find a spot nearby for ultimate convenience. 

With the homegrown brand’s large fleet numbers, you’ll be able to find a ride within a 3-minutes walk in your neighbourhood, whether you’re a true blue Eastie in Bedok or a Westsider in the Jurong region. You can hop from public transport to car seamlessly, too, as many cars are situated just a few minutes away from MRT stations.

Note: When we could still travel across the Causeway, Tribecars could even be driven to enter Malaysia. Something to look forward to if the travel situation improves!

Picking up a car is also an easy-peasy process. Simply log onto the Tribecar webpage to make a booking and head down to the pick-up point. There, your smartphone is the key to unlocking your ride.

Earn extra income with Tribecar

With the current economy in recovery mode, it’s more important than ever to have multiple income streams to save up for a rainy day. And if you’re considering driving folks around to earn spare cash, you can get your vehicle sorted at Tribecar. 

One of the few companies that allow you to earn cash through commercial driving, Tribecar even lets P-plate drivers (probationary drivers) book their vehicles.

The best part is, you can book a Tribecar vehicle from $2/hour – with zero commitment or contracts so you can stop anytime you want. 

Tribecar works with a variety of providers, so it’s easy to sign up without extensive administrative work. Before you know it, you’ll be hustling up some income according to your preferred schedule. 

Car sharing with Tribecar for any occasion

If you’re toying with the idea of car sharing for a one-time occasion or to earn some spare cash, you can delve further by signing up on Tribecar’s website. 

With no membership, subscription or sign up fees*, rest assured there’re no nasty hidden fees that slap you in the face post-ride. You can easily check out the fleet and prices for yourself to see if it’s worth your while. 

If you’re still lost, tap on the extensive Tribecar community on Facebook, with even Facebook groups created to support fellow drivers – this goes to show just how this homegrown brand has swerved into the hearts of Singaporeans. 

*Note: Will require a $100 deposit, a common practice across all car rental companies.

No matter your goals, whether you’re in it for the short-term or long haul, for leisure or for income, Tribecar has got you covered. Now, just suss out your dream vehicle and enjoy the convenience of hitting the roads!

Find out more about Tribecar or sign up here


This post was brought to you by Tribecar. Photography by Nadia Loewito.

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