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5 Life Saving Inventions Every Savvy Singaporean Traveler Needs

Travelling Must-Haves


If you’re an avid traveller, you’re probably a firm believer in the adage “Don’t acquire things. Acquire experiences.” #wanderlustwisdom. But even as you travellers go about acquiring sights, sounds, and even funky smells from all corners of the world, we all know that travelling is never complete without preparation. After all, being far away from the modern conveniences of home can take its toll. 

Which is why every traveller has to at least acquire these 5 travelling essentials – things you’ll need to dodge pickpockets, keep your clothes smelling fresh without having to do laundry and even brush your teeth mess-free! 

1. Vacuum Seal Storage Bags


Vacuum bags are probably the best invention to ever befall chronic over-packers and shopaholics. You’ll be saving up to 60% space, compressing your bulky down jackets or squeezing your shopping loot into one compact bag.  

Vacuum bags going for $2 at Daiso Source

Get these vacuum bags, along with these 16 Daiso Travel Essentials – carry-on friendly bottles, inflatable pillows to body sheets for days you don’t feel like bathing – you name it this Japanese budget store has got it. 

Ps. If you’re travelling to the Land of the Rising Sun, you might want to wait to get your Daiso on there, because everything in Daiso Japan is 100 Yen ($1.30)

Price: $2 

2. 20000 mAh Mega Power Bank


For travelling, the more “mAhs” you take with you, the better. And since you can’t take good old ah-mAh on the trip, take her advice instead, and stay well prepared and get this 20,000 mAh portable charger for trips. 


With Xiaomi power banks that can charge your phone 8-9 times over* and even power your Macbook 1.2 times! Low battery will never again be an excuse not to Skype grandma to tell her how much you miss her.   

*2,200 mAh is required to fully charge an iPhone 6S  

Check these out: Shopee | Lazada 
Price: $35.90 and up

3. Anti-theft Backpack


You hear horror stories of fellow travelers getting mugged by conniving pickpockets, but this backpack will baffle even the most expert criminals out there. Made with cut-proof materials that are impervious to the sharpest of pen knifes and a zip that’s well hidden at the back of the bag, this “Bobby” Backpack is essentially theft-proof.  


One of the coolest functions is the Bobby’s external charging port. Simply connect your powerbank on the inside and your hands are freed up to handle other things. Not just that, never again gabra at checkout counters or gantries, with a card slot built into the strap of the “Bobby”, you’ll be whipping out your transport and credit cards with ease. 

Check these out: Fancy | XD Design | GroupHunt
Price: $134

4. Toothpaste Tablets

Differences in bathroom hygiene standards is the leading cause of tension within travelling groups – based on personal experience, at least. Some of us lay out our toiletries in the precise order of use, while others leave unsightly blobs of toothpaste all over the sink. 

LUSH toothpaste tablets and powders Source

Salvage your on-trip friendships by keeping the messy toothpaste situations to the minimum, with toothpaste tablets from LUSH. Just nibble on a tab and it’ll start fizzing to give a foamy consistency quite like regular toothpaste and you can brush those pearly whites as per normal. No tubes, no toothpaste traces. 

LUSH Limelight Lemon Oil Toothy Tabs Source

Don’t forget to spit and rinse! But it won’t hurt even if you swallow some of the foam by accident, because these tablets are vegan-friendly and made with natural ingredients. And if you add them to water, theses tabs dissolve and double-up as mouth-wash too!

Come your next trip, bring along this toiletry that’s not only mess-free but also carry-on friendly and spare your travel buds your deadly morning breath. 

Check this out: LUSH Toothy Tabs and Powders
Price: $13 and up

5. Fabric Fresheners

Doing laundry is exhausting, especially if you’re backpacking across Europe and moving quickly from place to place even before your freshly washed clothes can even begin to dry.

Skip the laundromats or tedious hand-washing, because with Magiclean Fabric Fresheners, odors aren’t masked, but completely eliminated from the source. The best part is the funky smells are kept at bay for up to 24 hours! And especially for those of you who love floral fresh scents, Magiclean’s Pure Blossom Fabric Freshener will surely tug at your heartstrings.

Take the handy 370ml bottle with you and never again justify your decline in personal hygiene in a foreign land with “it’s okay, I’m never seeing anyone again”, because this fabric freshener busts up to 99.9% bacteria and keeps you smelling great. With strong penetrative power, you can use it on your thickest winter jackets and sweaters and save money on dry cleaning. 

Check this out: Magiclean Fabric Freshener
Price: $4.95

Your best travelling companion – Magiclean

When you’re out travelling the world, scaling mountains to stuffing yourself at a Korean Barbecue joint, the last thing you want is to be bogged down by a wave of self-consciousness on your adventures, as you get whiffs of your musty winter jackets or bulgogi-scented jeans. 

Time to try Magiclean’s newest fragrance: ‘Pure Blossom’.  

To the rescue are the Powerpuff Girls of fabric fresheners, fighting up to 99.9% of bacteria, busting bad odors from their source, musty scents and post-barbecue aromas will now lose their “mojo” because these babies will be saving you from questionable odors all trip long. See even the color scheme is uncanny.

Get them at hypermarkets, supermarkets, departmental stores and mini-marts and be the beacon of fragrance on your trip, spritzing Magiclean’s advanced Japanese formulated Fabric Freshener from these petite 370 ml bottles. They’re small enough to fit snugly in your check-in luggage but big enough to last you and your travel kakis throughout the entire trip!  

Click Here To Find Out More About Magiclean’s Fabric Fresheners

This post was brought to you by Magiclean.

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