This Atas Bus Service From SG To KL Has “First Class” Seats With Massage Functions For Just $60

Transtar Travel’s first class coach to KL

With airline fares soaring and traffic crawling on the causeway, many of us might prefer making the journey to KL on a comfortable bus over flying or driving. But not everyone might be keen on being squashed in a coach for 5 hours – so what if we told you there’s a “first class” option available?

Enter Transtar Travel’s First Class Solitaire Suite – an express coach that gets you to the city from just $60 with – you guessed it – first class amenities. We’re talking hot meals served by stewards, personal entertainment systems, and chairs that can give you a massage.

Seats with more legroom, a footrest & massage function

No one enjoys being stuck in a cramped car seat for hours. And you don’t have to when coaches like the First Class Solitaire Suite offer lots of legroom to sit comfortably during the long journey.

Image credit: Transtar Travel via Facebook

The double-decker coach has seats on the upper and lower decks for a total of 19 people. With a single-seat-per-row arrangement, there’s lots of room to walk around in the middle aisle during the ~5 hours it takes to get from Singapore to KL.

Image credit: Transtar Travel via Facebook

We did tell you the seats look like they came from a business class cabin of a plane. You’ll get a cushion-y head pillow and a footrest, plus the ability to recline a fair bit so you can literally sit back and relax.

The best bit is the massage function that allows you to enjoy a nice little back rub when your muscles get sore from sitting too long.

Enjoy on-demand entertainment & a hot meal

Image credit: Transtar Travel via Facebook

No need to worry about iPad juice running out or getting bored on the bus without any devices either since you’ve got plenty of shows to watch aboard the First Class Solitaire Suite.

Every seat comes with a personal entertainment system equipped with on-demand videos and a set of headphones. There’s also a charging port should you need to increase your phone’s battery life.

Image adapted from: @javier.eats via Instagram

The first class vibe doesn’t just stop at the amenities. The service includes personnel who will bring you a cooked meal, usually a bento set including rice and 2 sides. You’ll also get munchies like packeted biscuits and a drink – either coffee, tea or bottled water.

If you’re feeling cold, simply ask for a blanket and you’ll be offered one too.

Convenient pick-up & drop-off locations in both cities

The bus route from Singapore has various pickup points including Golden Mile Complex, Grantral Complex at MacPherson, Jurong East, and Lavender. Upon reaching KL, you’ve got multiple drop-off locations to choose from such as Berjaya Times Square or The Nest at Imbi in the Bukit Bintang area.

Image credit: Transtar Travel via Facebook

FYI, the bus will make 2-3 pit stops for toilet breaks along the way. At least one of the stops will be near a petrol station with a convenience store so you can stock up on more snacks if required.

Make a trip to KL on the Transtar Travel First Class Solitaire Suite

Image credit: Transtar Travel via Facebook

Whether you’re making a day trip or a quick weekend getaway, pimp your ride with Transtar Travel’s atas bus service from just $60/pax from SG to KL. You’re allowed to bring along a bag of up to 15kg per person that will go into the luggage compartment and an additional hand carry.

And guess what – the return fare is even cheaper from only $45/pax from KL to SG.

Book the First Class Solitaire Suite coach to KL

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Image adapted from: Transtar Travel via Facebook, Transtar Travel via Facebook, @javier.eats via Instagram

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