10 Best Things To Buy From Typo Singapore To Gift Your BFFs Something Useful But Not Boring

Best things to buy from Typo Singapore

‘Tis the season to start scrambling for Secret Santa gift exchanges. Make sure to brush up on some Secret Santa gift tips so your choice of present doesn’t get you roasted by the squad. For further inspo, we’ve rounded up the best things to buy from Typo Singapore so you can settle the gift hunt for your boo thang, bestie, family, colleagues, and everyone else in between.

There are 6 Typo outlets in Singapore at the time of writing, and you can also purchase the following items through the handy dandy Typo website. We’ve included links to each product, because we know how hectic festive shopping can get. Now go forth and delight your Secret Santees.

1. Watercolour pen set – For those who could benefit from art therapy

Image credit: Typo Singapore

Art therapy is a versatile and relatively affordable way to make sure your mental health is getting some TLC. Remember how jolly we felt as kids when we did our colouring sheets? I’ve been chasing that high ever since. If art jamming studios aren’t your thing, you can craft high-level artwork right at home, or organise a wholesome picnic and painting sesh with your friends.

Cop Typo’s watercolour pens ($29.99) to achieve a nice watercolour effect on your doodles without having to mess around with actual paint pots and brushes. You can control the ink flow depending on how opaque you want the colours to be, and play around with blending and smudging with droplets of water.

Get the Typo watercolour pen set.

2. Mini vending machine – For those who thrive on treats

Snacks can be one heckuva motivator. If you need that extrinsic push to keep you on the ball for tasks, get one of these cute mini vending machines ($34.99).

You can fill them up with whatever treat you’d like, as long as it’s not too large that it’d get trapped in the dispenser chute, or too tiny that it’ll slide right out without turning the knob. A good gauge is anything between Skittles to Gobstopper-sized.

Image credit: Typo Singapore

For those who’d like to work for their treat, opt for the mini arcade claw machines ($69.99). Keep in mind that the mechanism might take a while to finesse. But hey, at least you’re the owner of the machine, right? And you won’t have to insert a token for each try. Take this chance to practise before you head to claw machine arcades and try out unique claw machines.

Get Typo mini vending machines and Typo mini arcade claw machines.

3. Foldable wireless keyboard – For busy girl & guy bosses on the go

Image credit: Typo Singapore

We love the occasional work-from-cafe sitch to get a change in scenery. Something about sipping on a latte in a nature cafe helps to get you in the zone to be extra productive. But if you’re confined to just a touchscreen, your typing may not be able to keep up with the rapid flow of ideas.

While it’s not realistic to lug along a whole mechanical keyboard, you can pop one of these foldable wireless keyboards ($19.99) right into your bag. In fact, they’re so compact that they can even slide in your pocket. Whip it out whenever you’re ready to clock some major WPM. That’s Words Per Minute, FYI.

Get the Typo foldable wireless keyboard.

4. Practical Blackpink merch – For your diehard Blink friends

Image credit: @nurauniatikah via lemon8

Prepare to Shut Down your gift exchanges and ask your Blink friends, How You Like That? For the uninitiated, Blink = the name of the Blackpink fandom.

There’s a whole Typo x Blackpink series (from $5.99) where you can get tote bags, tumblers, notebooks, mobile accessories, and even socks with motifs of the K-Pop girl group. Nothing like Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa staring at you from your notebook cover to help you slay your to-do lists.

Get the Typo x Blackpink series.

5. Cascading leaves fairy lights – For a whimsical touch of greenery

Image adapted from: Cotton On Singapore

This is for that special someone in your life who has given their best shot at creating a DIY home garden, before realising that some people just aren’t blessed with green fingers. That doesn’t mean their abode has to go plant-less, though. 

This set of cascading leaves fairy lights ($49.99) effortlessly adds both greenery and whimsical aesthetics to any space. Just plug it into any USB power source, and they’ll be good to go. It also serves as a fantastic backdrop for OOTDs at home, might we add.

Get Typo cascading leaves fairy lights.

6. Desktop water dispensers – For those on the brink of dehydration

Image adapted from: Cotton On Singapore

Whether it’s to combat bad breath or to be healthier in general, you might know someone who can benefit from a higher H2O intake. Give them a steady supply of hydration within reach with Typo’s desktop water coolers ($34.99).

Each one has a capacity of 4.5l, so laziness to trudge to the office water cooler for refills is no longer an excuse. It comes in an array of pretty pastel shades such as yellow, mint, and lilac, as well as a jet black model.

Get Typo desktop water coolers.

7. Table top foosball & pool – For those who get real competitive

No need to hoard the communal foosball table or waste money on pool lounges anymore. These tabletop game boards ($59.99) are ready to go whenever you and your pals are up for a friendly match.

Image credit: Typo Singapore

The portable nature means you can tote it around to all your year-end gatherings, and offer something different than the usual card and board games. Each set comes with a complete tool kit for hours of fun, including tiny accessories like a chalk square for your pool sticks

Get the Typo table top game boards.

8. Barbie & Hogwarts hoodies – For people who are always freezing

Image adapted from: Cotton On Singapore, Typo Singapore

These oversized hoodies ($89.99) are like big snuggly blankets that you can wear – what’s not to love? Gift it to your office buddy who’s always complaining about the aircon making them shiver.

It’s extra cosy for rainy days, and you might be tempted to purchase one for yourself just to wear at home during Netflix sessions and whatnot. Choose from various varsity-inspired Hogwarts styles, Mickey Mouse prints, and Barbie-themed designs.

Get the Typo oversized hoodie and Typo Barbie oversized hoodie.

9. Arcade game console – For gamer girls & guys to own a mini arcade

We all need a little break now and then, whether your brain juices are drawing a blank or you need to get your frustration out by shooting some 32-bit aliens. These arcade game consoles ($49.99) are packed with a whopping 108 mini games, guaranteed to keep you occupied when you need a mental breather.

From shooters and sports to puzzles and Bejeweled-style tile-matching games, it’ll take you a while to even make your way through the entire selection, after which you can start revisiting your faves.

Get the Typo arcade game console.

10. Horoscope mugs – For astrology fanatics

Image adapted from: Typo Singapore

We all have a horoscope-obsessed Singaporean in our lives. If you’re shopping for someone whose first question to ask new acquaintances is, “What’s your star sign?”, look no further than Typo’s extensive range of horoscope mugs ($12.99). They’re stamped with relatable quotes such as “My horoscope warned me about people like you” and Just blame it on the retrograde”.

On the other end of the spectrum, you also likely know someone who has a deep hatred for astrology-crazed individuals. In that case, the mug printed with “She’s a 10 but asks everyone their star sign” will do nicely to publicise their feelings on the matter.

Get Typo horoscope mugs.

Quirky stationery & aesthetic accessories from Typo Singapore

Image credit: Peifeng Amzg via Google Maps

Typo is a reliable go-to whenever you need a new notebook, mug, or phone case. Amidst their shelves of quirky pens and pretty laptop sleeves, you’ll find plenty of gift-worthy goods that the people in your life actually want.

Typo’s selection hits a good balance of aesthetics and practicality, so you won’t unintentionally burden your giftee with cute but useless presents that will just end up collecting dust on their shelves. Give their day-to-day life a little upgrade, whether it’s beautifying their spaces, giving them a little boost in productivity, or just something fun to get the serotonin flowing.


Find out more about Typo Singapore


Cover image adapted from: Typo Singapore, Cotton On Singapore

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