The Zall Bookstore: Minimalist Bookstore & Cafe At Wheelock Place With Over 30,000 Books

The Zall Bookstore at Wheelock Place

For bookworms, nothing quite beats the feeling of pacing around a bookstore and leisurely browsing through shelves of new books – a rare luxury these days, with so many of our favourite childhood stores having shut down. However, The Zall Bookstore at Wheelock Place may just be the newest haunt for those wanting to spend their hours tucked away with a book. 

With 2 storeys of over 30,000 reads, this bookstore is a zen hideout away from the bustle of Orchard. It’s also got everything needed to keep you occupied, including an in-house cafe and hidden art gallery.

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Instagrammable interior inspired by Chinese paintings

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Founded by Chinese poet Yan Zhi, who has 18 published books, the bookstore is the Zall franchise’s first overseas outlet. 

It mainly comprises Chinese-language titles, but does have a decent selection of English books as well. Its extensive range of genres include literature, history, humanities and philosophy.

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卓爾书店 the zall bookstore

Step into the bookstore and you’ll find yourself in an Instagram paradise, with a minimalistic interior, wooden spiral staircase and seemingly endless display of shelves. 

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With a calligraphy-inspired black and white colour palette, the store’s design also takes after famed Chinese painter Wu Guanzhong’s works. For instance, the arches around the store resemble the river bridges in his piece Water Village in Jiangnan.

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Ink Wash Painting Blog, @sandy__nelly__

Lounging spots and in-house cafe

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One of the best things about The Zall Bookstore is that it’s built with ample space for patrons to rest and read. It’s somewhat reminiscent of a library, where you’ll be able to curl up in little reading nooks and cosy up with a book. 

There’s even a wide wooden staircase for readers to sit around. Meanwhile, if you want to pause for a tea time cuppa, the store’s cafe is great for lounging around or catching up on work. 

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The cafe sells various pastries and drinks, ranging from Black Coffee ($4.60) to Matcha Latte ($7). Snacks include small treats like Brownies ($4.50) and slightly heavier bites like Chicken Mushroom Pie ($6.90). Desserts to finish off your meal include Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($7.50) and a selection of cute fruit-shaped Mochi ($1.90).

“Secret” art gallery with local artists’ works

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For a break between book browsing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find an art gallery hidden behind a bookshelf that doubles as a revolving door. The gallery showcases different works from local and international artists every month, so be sure to check in monthly for new exhibitions. 

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Visit The Zall Bookstore at Wheelock Place

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With a book selection ranging from children’s storybooks and comics to adult Chinese literature, The Zall Bookstore has something to keep every age group occupied for hours on end. In fact, it’s said that the store will revise their opening hours to 24/7 once Covid restrictions allow, so you can drop by anytime you’d like.

Address: 501 Orchard Road, #01-02/ #02-18, Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880
Opening hours: 11am-9.30pm, Daily
Telephone: 6232 7549

The Zall Bookstore on Facebook

Books for book lovers to check out: 

Cover image adapted from: @ly_0_0, 卓爾书店 the zall bookstore, @blackivory

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