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12 Best Tan Boon Liat Building Furniture Stores To Check Out For Your New BTO

Tan Boon Liat Building furniture stores

If you’re at that age where you’ve already BTO-ed with your partner or are looking to move out alone, you’re probably deciding on a theme for your home and checking out furniture options. This is where Tan Boon Liat Building comes in. 

It might look like a regular industrial building situated at Outram, but snuggled within are 14 storeys worth of furniture stores with a selection that could rival good ol’ IKEA. Here are 12 furniture shops in Tan Boon Liat Building to check out there for unique and timeless pieces for your home.

1. Singapore Trading Post – Tropical home decor inspired by old SG

Image credit: Singapore Trading Post Facebook

Given that we live in the tropics, it’s only befitting that we have a furniture store dedicated to tropical-themed home decor. Think pineapple-shaped lamps and cushion covers printed with palm trees. Singapore Trading Post stocks such statement pieces that would make lovely housewarming gifts too.

If you have a home bar or know someone who does, the store’s bar accessories are worth checking out too. You’ll find ice buckets that could double up as planters, pretty glassware, and bar carts – especially useful for anyone who likes hosting parties.

Image credit: Singapore Trading Post Facebook

The founders have taken care to source all the items from countries that were historically part of Singapore’s trading route – including India, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Address: #07-01
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am-5pm | Sat 11am-6pm | Sun 11.30am-5.30pm
Contact: 8891 9950

2. Bold and Urban – Custom furniture with shorter lead times

Image credit: Bold and Urban Facebook

Many of us have an entire Pinterest board for our dream home. If you know exactly what you want, you can get your ideal wooden furniture customised by Bold and Urban. All you have to do is show them the design or photo that you’ve been inspired by, and they’ll get it ready within 4-6 weeks.

Whether it’s a long dining table or a uniquely designed bed frame, the furniture store will be able to fully customise it according to your wishes. 

Image credit: Bold and Urban Facebook

Should you like any furniture while browsing their showroom, they are also able to make slight changes to an existing piece. These include bedside tables, shoe cabinets, and TV consoles.

Address: #05-02
Opening hours: 11am-7pm, Daily
Contact: 8688 0502

3. Rooma – Artisanal furniture specialising in rattan pieces

Image adapted from: Rooma Facebook

Known to be strong and durable, rattan furniture is a less common sight in modern homes. Nonetheless, it retains its appeal for those looking to recreate island resort vibes for their interior design. Rooma is where you need to go to browse through all sorts of furniture made from rattan or cane.

Handcrafted by Indonesian craftsmen, the furniture here spans from cabinets and consoles to  side tables and even lampshades.

Image credit: Rooma Facebook

Their largest section, though, is of rattan chairs which include elaborate pieces such as the peacock lounge chair. If you’re looking for a statement piece to place in the living room or balcony, this is it.

Address: #13-01
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am-6pm | Sat & Sun 12.30pm-6.30pm
Contact: 9105 6210

4. Arete Culture & Outdoor Living – Simple resort-style furniture

Image credit: Arete Culture Facebook

If you don’t have much experience with decorating a home, the people at Arete Culture can guide you through in detail and help you select a few simple and cosy pieces for your crib.

Image credit: Arete Culture Facebook

Furniture from Arete Culture are perfect for all those looking to create spacious-looking homes – something many HDB owners desire. And with many of their pieces in pale and muted shades, you can create a home with comfy and chill vibes similar to a beachside resort. Sign me up for that.

Image credit: Arete Culture Facebook

Address: #06-01
Opening hours:
10am-6pm, Daily
Contact: 9640 3829

5. Journey East – Quirky animal-shaped chairs

Image credit: @journeyeast Instagram

Journey East’s furniture sets are really quirky so if you’re looking to give your home a fashionable spark, you should definitely give them a try!

Image credit: Journey East Facebook

Check out their signature Rabbit Chairs or the Shark Umbrella Holders to add an edgy look to your home. And if you want to go big, the life-sized King Kong Lamp is perfect. You can even rotate its arm to get that perfect lighting angle.

Life-sized King Kong outdoor or indoor lamp.
Image credit: Journey East Facebook

Address: #03-02
Opening hours:
10AM-6PM, Daily
Contact: 6473 1693

6. LivingwithArt Singapore – Bespoke art pieces

Image credit: LivingwithArt Singapore Facebook

LivingwithArt offers a wide range of customised art all created by their in-house artists. From cute dog portraits to feng shui paintings, you can choose the style, size, and execution of your commissioned artwork to have it fit perfectly in your home.

LED art pieces.
Image credit: @livingwithartsingapore Instagram

Image credit: LivingwithArt Singapore Facebook

Address: #02-05
Opening hours:
11am-7pm, Daily
Contact: 6917 6503

7. The Past Perfect Collection – Antique colonial furniture

Walnut Punjabi cabinet & Original Planter’s chair.
Image credit: @pastperfect_antiques_singapore Instagram

The Past Perfect Collection specialises in stylish antique furniture that each has its own unique stories to tell. Relive history as you surround yourself with items that are likely to be more than twice your age.

Carved walnut with silver grey satin upholstery.
Image credit: @pastperfect_antiques_singapore Instagram

Their intricately carved chairs, classic cupboards, and wooden chests will give your home a touch of nostalgia.

Rosewood Chess Table with white cedar inlaid chequerboard.
Image credit: @pastperfect_antiques_singapore Instagram

Address: #11-05
Opening hours:
Tue-Sun 10.30am-6pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 6737 3078

8. Deer Industries – For your kid

Image credit: Deer Industries Facebook

To all the parents looking for furniture sets for your kid, this one’s for you. Deer Industries stocks furniture sets that are colourful and child-size so you don’t have to compromise on aesthetic when decorating your child’s room. They’re so cute, you might want them for yourself!

Image credit: Deer Industries Facebook

From exclusively-designed airplane duvet covers to Bat wall decor and bunk beds, Deer Industries can help you with your child’s dream themed room.

Image credit: @emmansophiagoh via Instagram

Address: #07-05
Opening hours:
Mon – Sat 10am-6pm| Sun 11am-6pm
Contact: 9485 4430

9. Hommage Lifestyle – A Muji alternative

Traditional tatami dining table set.
Image credit: Hommage Lifestyle Facebook

For all the minimalists out there, Hommage Lifestyle might just become your new favourite furniture store. They specialise in simplistic and elegant Japanese-style furniture – a solid alternative to Muji.

Bed frame and bench from Nihon Bed, the oldest bedding manufacturer in Japan since 1926.
Image credit: @hommange_lifestyle Instagram

They even have pet-friendly anti-scratch cloth for sofas and bed headboards so that you don’t have to worry about your lovable fluffies treating your new furniture as their scratching posts

Image credit: Hommage Lifestyle Facebook

Address: #08-08
Opening hours:
Mon – Sat 9am-6pm | Sun 10am-6pm
Contact: 6258 5258

10. ipse ipsa ipsum – Luxurious items featured in Crazy Rich Asians

Image adapted from: ipse ipsa ipsum Facebook

Formerly known as Sam and Sara, ipse ipsa ipsum’s showroom spots a few familiar pieces from the film, Crazy Rich Asians where extravagant and luxurious is the main theme. One such piece is the palm tree lamp which (not so) subtly stood behind Chieng Mun Koh in one of the scenes.

Image adapted from: ipse ipsa ipsum Facebook

From classy decor such as candlesticks and pouffe seats to wine buckets and intricately-designed mirrors, ipse ipsa ipsum’s elaborate furniture sets scream luxury. Like icing on a cake, their elaborate furniture sets come in lush materials like velvet, along with ritzy colours like deep purple and gold – truly fit for royalty.

Address: #11-02
Opening hours:
9am-7pm, Daily
Contact: 6264 4789

11. Artful House – Eco-friendly vintage pieces

Image credit: @artfulhousesing Instagram

The Artful House offers sustainable and vintage-style furniture pieces – such as recycled wood cabinets – for all who want to be environmentally friendly when sprucing up their homes.

Image credit: @artfulhousesing Instagram

They also do bespoke upholstery so you can get sofas and couches in customised prints. There’s only one of each print in the world – they’re sure to become a conversation topic when your friends and relatives visit.

Image credit: @artfulhousesing Instagram

Address: #08-04
Opening hours:
Wed-Sun 10.30am-6pm (Closed Mondays & Tuesdays)
Contact: 8112 6127

12. The Beuro – Chic and modern

Image credit: The Beuro Facebook

The Beuro specialises in chic modern furniture perfect for all the minimalists looking to have practical homes. From one-tone couches to easy-to-clean racks, these no-frills pieces are sure to “spark joy” – Marie Kondo is sure to approve.

Frag’s Comb 40 Coffee Table.
Image credit: @thebeuro Instagram

Image credit: The Beuro Facebook

Address: #03-09/10
Opening hours:
10am-7pm, Daily
Contact: 6222 4500

[Closed] Unikhome – One-of-a-kind wooden furniture

Teak Root Console Table.
Image credit: Unikhome Facebook

Unikhome specialises in a fusion of modern and country-style wooden furniture, made of mahogany, teak and mixed hardwood. The quality materials coupled with intricate craftsmanship make the pieces highly durable, so they’re sure to be worthy investments. Some of these items are rather quirkily shaped and will serve as the perfect focal points for a rustic-themed home.

Image credit: Unikhome Facebook

Wooden superhero figurines with movable limbs
Image credit: Unikhome Facebook

Best furniture stores at Tan Boon Liat Building

Tan Boon Liat Building offers a huge variety of furniture and home decor pieces for those who are looking to give their homes a new life. From modern, minimalist pieces to quirky artwork and luxurious armchairs, there’s plenty to hunt down in this unassuming building at Outram.

Address: 315 Outram Road, Singapore 169074
Contact: 6589 8494

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Cover image adapted from: Deer Industries Facebook, Hommage Lifestyle Facebook, Rooma Facebook, Journey East Facebook
Originally published by Lim Bi Hui on 22nd February 2019. Last updated by Aditi Kashyap on 25th April 2023.

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