Know a thing or two about road safety? 


We use the pedestrian crossing, obey traffic light signals, and observe good traffic etiquette as drivers and pedestrians every day. But road rage episodes continue to populate our Facebook timeline every now and then! Instead of glorifying these bad incidents, let’s put good road safety habits under the spotlight instead. 

If you are a) a full-time student between 18-27 years old and b) an owner of a camera phone, here’s your big chance to win up to $5000 in the Liberty Street Safety Saga video contest. I don’t know about you, but for a final year student like myself, it sounds like my grad trip is settled. 


How To Get Lucky 


Put what you’re already doing everyday to good use by making a short clip out of it. The rules and criterion are fairly straightforward: 

Even if the only videos you’ve ever taken are snapchats, don’t be daunted! You don’t have to use super ‘spoil-market’ equipment to film your video – a simple cellphone will suffice. 

To win the hearts of the judges, be as original and creative as possible while keeping the requirements and message in mind. Surprise them with something epic that nobody has ever attempted! Last but definitely not least, the number of Facebook likes you get in the contest gallery also form the judging criteria, so be sure to activate your kakis to vote for you. 

This contest ends on 31 October 2015, but extra points will be given to contestants who submit before 18 October 2015! Participation is completely free so if you’ve half a day to spare and a camera phone, it’s time to make the most of your studenthood.  

Submit your video now!

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