9 Best Sofa Beds In Singapore That Are Affordable And Comfortable For A Good Night’s Sleep

Best sofa beds in Singapore

Sofa beds are probably one of the most convenient space-saving inventions of all time – a cosy corner to spend quality time with the family by day, and a comfy pull-out bed by night.

Whether you need the extra sleeping space for sleepovers or require a functional piece of furniture to maximise space in a tiny apartment, there’s a sofa bed out there to suit your needs with the looks to boot.

From tatami-style floor sofa beds to spacious storage sofa beds fit for two, here’s a list of the top nine sofa beds in Singapore.

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1. Rocot 3-Way Floor Sofa Bed – tatami-style double bed

Image credit: Instagram

If you’ve got a Japanese-inspired interior going on at home, here’s a tatami-style floor sofa bed that perfectly matches that aesthetic. The Rocot 3-Way floor sofa bed provides a touch of the minimalist Japanese lifestyle, while not compromising on the comfort that high-density foam mattresses offer.

Able to be used three ways — a couch, a sofa and a bed – this floor sofa bed is truly versatile. The reclining mechanism of the sofa bed also allows you to adjust the backrest to any desired angle for maximum comfort. 

Image credit: bedandbasics

Max length: 181CM
Size: 2-seater sofa | Double bed
Material: Fabric with high density foam
Price: $239

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2. FortyTwo Sarai Storage Sofa Bed – with flip-down coffee table

Image credit: MerryRabbit

Save yourself some extra room by investing in the FortyTwo Sarai storage sofa bed. Not only does it have space to hold for your extra clutter lying around the house, but the movable ottoman at the side gives you flexibility in seating options. For added convenience, a backrest cushion doubles as a coffee table for mid-movie refreshments when it’s flipped down.

Completely disguised as a full-fledged sofa, it quickly transforms into a single bed, complete with easy-access storage in the form of two large drawers at its base. 

Max length: 203CM
Size: 3-seater sofa | Single bed
Material: Fabric Linen with high density polyurethane foam
Price: $339

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3. IKEA Hammarn Sofa Bed – lightweight

Image credit: IKEA

Sofa beds can be chunky and hard to move around. Thankfully, IKEA’s Hammarn sofa bed is lightweight and portable which makes it a breeze to adjust its position whenever necessary.

Despite its rigid-looking exterior, the fabric and the springy trait of the bed are ideal for a night’s worth of quality sleep. What’s more, its easy transformability makes it perfect for late-night crashes on the couch after a particularly long Netflix binge session

Max length: 190CM
Size: 2-seater sofa | Double bed
Price: $139
Material: 100% Polyester with polyurethane foam

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4. Castlery Nathan Sofa Bed – luxurious velvet finish

Image credit: Facebook

If you want a sofa bedone that is a cut above the rest in terms of materials, consider the Castlery Nathan sofa bed. Its elegant velvet covers make it fit for a king, yet its understated design doesn’t make it look extra or out of place.

The lengthy sofa bed accommodates three when in sofa mode, and easily transitions into a super single bed. This caters to individuals who sleep with their limbs sprawled across the mattress and require a little more bed space.

Max length: 194CM
Size: 3-seater sofa | Super single bed
Material: Velvet with high-density foam
Price: $599

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5. Uno Grey Fabric Storage Sofa Bed – small and elegant

Image credit: Megafurniture

For some added storage space and a touch of elegance for your home, consider the Uno Grey fabric storage sofa bed. Designed to stand out from the rest, this sofa bed is also filled with high-density foam for ultimate comfort.

It has ample room for one person, so you can lounge comfortably with a book in hand, or get a good night’s rest in style.

Max length: 194CM
Size: 2-seater sofa | Single bed
Material: Fabric with high-density foam
Price: $459

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6. Tessa 3 Seater Storage Sofa Bed –  with extra storage space

Image credit: Carousell

Boasting 165L of storage space, the Tessa 3 Seater storage sofa bed lets you keep extra pillows and bolsters on hand for guests, or stow bulky items and clutter out of sight.

Offering a generous amount of space to seat three, this sofa bed transforms into a roomy super single bed. It is also equipped with a reclining backrest that can lock in place at three positions — 15°, 45° and 90° to support your back.

Max height: 184CM
Size: 3-seater sofa | Double bed
Material: 100% Polyester with high-density foam
Price: $479

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7. Braddon Grey Sofa Bed – simple pull-out design

Image credit: Megafurniture

If you value simple and hassle-free mechanisms in a sofa bed, yet still want a chic and modern-looking piece, then get your hands on the Braddon grey sofa bed.

Snuggle up with your loved one on this comfy sofa in the day, and transform it into a double bed for you and your partner at night with just a pull to release the latched bottom half. This sofa bed seats 2 and sleeps 2, so it’s perfect for couples living in smaller apartments.

Max length: 186CM
Size: 2-seater sofa | Double bed
Material: Fabric with high-density foam
Price: $599 

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8. Hisaki Japanese Floor Sofa Bed – kid-friendly single bed

Image credit: bedandbasics

For young families, the Hisaki Japanese floor sofa bed fits the needs of everyone at home. Its full-sized single mattress gives you enough space for a siesta, while its low height and double armrests make it especially safe for napping kids and toddlers too.

The entire bed can also be easily folded into a compact and chic sofa that seats 2, making it a cosy spot for storytime with the young ones before bed. Furthermore, the cushioned backrest can be detached, allowing it to double up as a leg rest when it is in sofa mode.

The cushioned backrest can be unzipped and detached as a footrest or for additional seating
Image credit: bedandbasics

Max length: 192CM
Size: 2-seater sofa | Single bed
Material: Fabric with high-density foam
Price: $269

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9. Meryl 3-Seater Sofa Bed – king-sized with adjustable backrest

Pull out the extension tabs under the sofa to use as leg rests
Image credit: Picuki

The Meryl 3-seater sofa bed is another that will greatly add a unique aesthetic to your home, with its charcoal fabric complemented with mustard throw pillows. It also transforms into a king-sized bed.

With a length of 200CM, this sofa bed solves tall people problems when sleeping on normal beds, like dangling feet. 

Incorporated with an adjustable backrest at five positions, the leg rest can be easily pulled out for you to lounge your day away on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Max length: 200CM
Size: 3-seater sofa | King-sized bed
Material: Textured Fabric – 100% Polyester

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Best sofa beds in Singapore

Ranging from lightweight and portable sofa beds to functional and elegant designs, this list shows that sofa beds can be practical and aesthetically pleasing, yet gentle on the wallet.

With these nine best sofa beds in Singapore, you can now select the perfect one that meets all the lounging and slumbering needs of you and your family. 

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Cover image credit: Megafurniture, bedandbasics
Originally published on 21st August 2020. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 28th July 2021.

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