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7 Sneaker Styling Tips So You Can Wear Them 24/7, As Shared By Streetwear Gurus

How to style your sneakers

Footwear can make or break an outfit. For example, some of us wouldn’t be caught wearing slippers in town even if they’re comfy. Sneakers on the other hand, offer the best of both worlds – they’re sufficiently comfortable for your feet and are able to spruce up your outfit when worn the right way.

But if you’re unsure of how to truly up your sneaker style game to nail that hypebeast and hypebae aesthetic, don’t fret. We’ve sussed out some secret shoe-styling tricks that’ll have you, as Bruno Mars would say, “drippin’ in finesse”.

Check out the different ways to style your next outfit with sneakers, as shared by adidas’ streetwear gurus like fashion influencer Chloe Choo and music DJ Prav:

1. Pair sneakers with a dress to add street elements to a feminine look

For something both feminine and street, a tee shirt dress will tick both boxes

Skip the heels and risk of sore feet and go straight for sneakers with your dress instead. Besides being utterly comfortable, slipping on a pair of sneakers will take your outfit up a notch, since it switches up that feminine look by adding a dash of street style. Haven’t you heard? Sneakers in, clunky heels out.

2. Add a cap to your OOTD for a sporty aesthetic

The “athleisure” look is all the rage these days, so why not don a cap to add a sporty element to your get-up for that effortless “I-just-came-from-the-gym” look.

Take marketing specialist, Sofie Chandra, who currently spearheads Marquee’s operations for example. She takes it up a notch by wearing a cap and top in matching colourways to tie her overall get-up together. Throw on a pair of loose-fitting pants and you’re all ready to take on your day.

Play up your outfit with caps and headgear for that “sporty” look
Image credit: @so_fieeee

3. Stick to similar colour tones that complement each other

DJ Prav rocks a green and grey combination in his outfit

If you’re looking for a fuss-free way to pair your sneakers and outfit without taking factors like sizing and layers into consideration, matching colours is a way to go.

A simple tip from DJ Prav is to wear similar colour tones that are a shade different to complement each other. For instance, his choice of a green sweater with a hint of grey, matches his kicks. Opting for darker coloured bottoms and keeping it simple will also ensure that you don’t divert attention away from your pair of shoes.

The new adidas Nite Jogger has a pop of colour that can go fittingly well with a bright top

Alternatively, a piece of clothing that matches your shoe never goes out of style either. For example, a striking orange jacket paired with shoes that feature a pop of the same colour will help you stand out in a crowd.

4. Layer fitted tops with loose clothing to balance out your outfit

Image credit: @chloeandchoo

A simple way to create a balanced look is to pair a fitted top with a loose jacket or overshirt and semi-baggy pants. Take it from fashion influencer, Chloe Choo, who dressed herself in an oversized white coat and black track pants to form a sleek silhouette that complements her frame, while still keeping her outfit looking casually chic.

The overall look will drive eyes right down to your pair of kicks, and will create a lasting impression.

5. Bare your ankles to give the illusion that you’re taller

Throw out your inhibitions about wearing sneakers with chunky silhouettes out the window. If you’re smaller-built and fear that some sneakers may seem bulky, a simple trick can solve all your fashion woes.

The solution? Ensure that you reveal your ankles. By opting for low-cut socks and rolling up excessively long jeans, this gives the illusion of long, lean legs which can make you appear a couple of inches taller.

A good rule of thumb is to ensure that your bottoms fall nicely above the sneaker flap.

6. Opt for clashing prints to spice up your style

Don’t be afraid to wear clashing prints and patterns to spice up your outfit. Playing around with different prints and pairing them together is a sure-fire way to create a bold look exuding confidence and swag. Here, branding consultant and fitness enthusiast, Eugene Lim, pushes the boundaries in a horizontal-striped tee with a kimono-style outerwear with vertical stripes.

Eugene Lim looks ready for both day and night in his chill ensemble

Alternatively, don a loud printed top for some pizazz, that will not only help highlight your sneakers in your OOTD, but show off your personality too.

7. Let your shoes do the talking with minimalist colours

Image credit: @yaisyusman

It’s no secret that sneakers can be the main highlight of an outfit, and if making your sneakers hog the spotlight is your goal, then here’s something to abide by.

A simple trick to let your sneakers be the first thing that catches the eye is to wear a plain, minimalist outfit so your top and bottom won’t steal the show. Expert iPhone photographer Yais Yusman exemplifies this perfectly with a plain white tee, adidas jacket and nude chinos. This way, the main focus is your poppin’, stylish kicks.

Elevate your style with adidas Nite Jogger

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of sneakers to up your wardrobe’s ante, look no further than the new adidas Nite Jogger. Whether you’re heading to a restaurant or going to the gym, adidas’ swanky new series of sneakers will take your outfit up a notch and give it that oomph for any occasion.

These fresh kicks are an updated take on its 1980 edition. What was once primarily a running shoe has been switched up to bring you the perfect blend of casual and sporty. The end product is a versatile, all-in-one sneaker that you’ll be able to rely on during that morning rush out of your home.  

It goes with everything – try out the styling tips shared here by pairing the Nite Jogger with a dress, or pull on a matchy adidas jacket and you’ll be set to impress fo sho.

Come sundown, the Nite Jogger will get to shine even more, quite literally. The shoes feature 3M reflective detailing to make them iridescent in the light when it gets dark, essentially elevating your style for both outdoor and indoor areas.

Plus, with these styling tips in hand, you’ll have a ton of different styles to experiment with too!

Find out more about the adidas Nite Jogger here

This post was brought to you by adidas.
Photography by Tan Wen Lin.

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