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Singtel Has $15/Month Prepaid Plans With No Contract & Rewards Like Samsung Galaxy S24 To Score

Singtel Prepaid Rewards & data plans

There are plenty of reasons to choose a prepaid plan over a postpaid one. Maybe you’re a parent giving your child their first phone and want to cap their usage; or a student on a budget; or a frequent traveller to and from Malaysia. Enter Singtel Prepaid.

Singtel’s prepaid plans start from just $15/month, with roaming data, local minutes, IDD, SMS, and even 5G high-speed data. But the biggest bonus of choosing their plan is the chance to win Singtel Prepaid Rewards like a Samsung Galaxy S24 and Nintendo Switch Lite.

What to know about Singtel Prepaid Data Plans

Ultimate plans

Ultimate plans are 28-day plans that allow you to top up from any Singtel or 7-Eleven store as well as the Singtel hi!App before their validity ends. These come in plans of $15, $35, and $40. The latter 2 plans include unlimited* 5G data and up to 40GB of Malaysian roaming data – perfect for your JB weekend getaways.

Best of all, unused data and talktime can be rolled over if you top up before the plan expires.

$15 Ultimate Plan $35 Ultimate Plan $40 Ultimate Plan
Data 15GB local data Unlimited* 5G data Unlimited* 5G data
Local Minutes 500 minutes 1,000 minutes Unlimited^ minutes
SMS 100 local SMS 500 local SMS Unlimited^ local SMS
IDD Minutes Nil Up to 1,000 IDD minutes Up to 2,000 IDD minutes
Roaming data Nil 20GB Malaysia roaming data 40GB Malaysia roaming data

Because you pay the amount upfront, you can easily track whether you’ve spent too long deciding whether you or your partner should hang up the phone.

Monthly plans

For the forgetful peeps out there who wonder why One Week Love is buffering on your ride back home from work, try Singtel’s monthly plans. These are auto-recurring so the app tops up the prepaid amount automatically every 30 days, without you having to remember. No more being caught in sticky situations without any data balance.

$15 Monthly Ultimate Plan $19.90 5G YAY! Monthly Plan $35 Monthly Ultimate Plan $40 Monthly Ultimate Plan
Data 20GB local data 50GB 5G data Unlimited* 5G data Unlimited* 5G data
Local Minutes 500 minutes 2500 minutes Unlimited^ minutes Unlimited^ minutes
SMS 100 local SMS 300 local SMS Unlimited local SMS Unlimited local SMS
IDD Minutes Up to 300 IDD minutes Up to 1,000 IDD minutes Up to 2,000 IDD minutes Up to 2,000 IDD minutes
Roaming data 1GB Malaysia Roaming Data Nil 20GB Malaysia roaming data 40GB Malaysia roaming data

They come in a $15, $35, and $40 varieties as well, which are similar to the ultimate plans. Additionally, there’s a $19.90 YAY! Plan for value-seekers who need an abundance of 5G data, and local and IDD usage at an affordable rate.

Stand a chance to win prizes through Singtel Prepaid Rewards

All these plans can easily be managed on Singtel’s hi!App – the one-stop for top-ups and tracking usage, as well as the only place to snag Singtel Prepaid Rewards. Well, besides being on top of your mobile usage, you can also get rewarded each time you top-up your prepaid plan – with prizes collectively worth over $600,000.

To become a new user, simply buy a Singtel prepaid SIM from a Singtel Shop or retailer like 7-Eleven and set up the app. Once you log in, click on the “Rewards” tab which will lead you to a “Spin the wheel” game, with 2 free spins.

After that, it’s as easy as tapping and seeing what you’ve won. The big prizes include a Nintendo Switch Lite, Samsung Galaxy S24, and NTUC FairPrice vouchers. Even a 5G phone is up for grabs, together with monthly rewards such as free data, Polar Puffs & Cakes set, and 30-day Viu Premium.

No need to be disheartened if you didn’t get the coveted prizes in those first 2 spins. Simply top-up either an ultimate or monthly plan for more spins and higher chances of winning big.

If you’re on a budget or simply want the flexibility to change and upgrade your plan whenever you want, consider Singtel’s prepaid plans the answer to your woes. Don’t forget that it comes with 5G data to download movies in 4K within seconds and better bandwidth for FaceTime with Bae. Plus, there’s the opportunity to win freebies every month.

Find out more about Singtel Prepaid Rewards

This post was brought to you by Singtel.
Cover image adapted from: @inderjitvm via Instagram

*Unlimited 5G data for $35/$40 Ultimate Plan is subject to Fair Usage Policy of 300GB/600GB of 5G data respectively.
^Unlimited local calls/SMS is subject to Fair Usage Policy of 3,000 local call minutes and 5,000 local SMS for 28 days.

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