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Singtel Dash’s 5th Anniversary Deals – 50% Off Beauty Services, 40% Off Philips & Free 1GB Data

Singtel Dash deals and discounts

Image adapted from (clockwise from top left): The Smart Local, @zalora, The Smart Local, Singtel Dash

We all have that friend who never seems to have cash on hand – or maybe we are that friend. Enter cashless payment, which prevents us from digging our wallets to find coins or hunting down the nearest ATM.

Besides its obvious convenience, virtual payments like Singtel Dash can even give you additional perks in the form of attractive discounts. The app is bringing out all the stops in commemoration of their 5th Anniversary and you’ll be able to enjoy a whole slew of deals from food discounts to shopping cashback from now till 31st July 2019.

Here are some attractive deals you can look forward to:

– Food –

1. Burger King – 10% cashback

Image credit: @burgerkingsg

A burger with a side of hot and crispy onion rings is enough to satisfy that cheat day craving. But the month of June gives you even more reason to hit up your nearest Burger King, pronto. By paying with the Dash Visa payWave at any outlet or Dash Visa Virtual Account through the Burger King app, you can get a 10% cashback on your order.

P.S. If you’ve been itching to try the new Truffle Mayo Angus beef or Tendergrill chicken burgers, now is your chance!

Promotion period: Now until 30th June 2019
Click here for more information.

2. Twelve Cupcakes – $1 Dashing Delicious Unicorn Cupcake

Twelve Cupcakes is where we head to for that potluck party contribution or birthday present for a friend. But this June, switch it up from the classic red velvet or cookies & cream by treating yourself to a Dashing Delicious Unicorn Cupcake at just $1.

Image credit: @serenetomato

All you have to do is pay with the Singtel Dash by Visa payWave. Since these rainbow frosted cupcakes are limited edition flavours, make sure you head to your nearest outlet soon to get your hands on one.

Promotion period: Now until 30th June 2019
Click here for more information.

3. Giftany – $18 Durian gift card and 5% cashback

If you’ve got mad love for durian, this year’s slashed prices will give you a reason to hail the king of fruit with Giftany’s $18 The Durian Prince Gift Card.

With this gift card, get yourself or gift to another a box of 400g Mao Shang Wang durian to quell those cravings. To get your hands on this deal, just make your purchase using Singtel Dash Visa Virtual Account which will get you an additional 5% cashback as well.

Click here to get your Durian fix before the deal ends.

Promotion period: Now until 24th June 2019. Limited redemptions only.

– Fashion & Beauty –

4. ZALORA – $15 off and 5% cashback

Image credit: @zalora

Online shopping is a great invention indeed – it saves us from having to squeeze through mountains of people just for some retail therapy. And if you’re a Zalora regular, good news, you’ll get $15 off your purchase with a minimum spending of $80 and an additional 5% cashback when you pay with Singtel Dash. Time to get a new work or school outfit from brands like Topshop, Mango and Abercombie & Fitch.

Promotion period: Now until 30th June 2019
Click here for more information.

5. Shopee – $10 off purchases

Shopee is like the online shopping website version of Doraemon – they have everything you need. And we bet you’ll be “adding to cart” furiously there with the knowledge that you’ll get $10 off with a minimum spend of $55 using Singtel Dash.

Beauty addicts, in particular, can rejoice this June. Stock up on cult makeup products like the NARS blush that boasts 11 different shades for a wide range of skin tones.

Image credit: @narsissist

Image credit: @dewyarchives

And with makeup comes the need for a good facial cleanser – so get yourself Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser which will gently cleanse away all that accumulated gunk on your skin.

Click here for the list of items under the promotion.

Steps to get the promotion:

  • Enter 16 digit Dash Visa Virtual Account number
  • Enter promo code DASH5BDAYS upon checkout

Promotion period: Now until 30th June 2019
Click here for more information.

6. Vaniday – 50% off beauty services

Image credit: @vanidaysg

The month of June calls for a well-deserving break – we’ve officially made it through half the year. So if you’re thinking about how to wind down, book yourself a spa day or mani-pedi session through Vaniday. This website lets you book practically any type of beauty appointment at your favourite parlour.

You’ll get 50% off your booking when you make payment with Singtel Dash and enter the promo codes VANIXDASH5NC (for those new to Vaniday) or VANIXDASH5EC (existing Vaniday users).

Promotion period: Now until 30th June 2019
Click here for more information.

– Travel –

7. 5% cashback on overseas purchases with Dash

June is the prime time for overseas trips because it coincides with the school holidays. Pro tip? Get a 5% cashback when you tap and pay with Visa payWave, or when you scan and pay via QR code using the Singtel Dash app in Thailand.

Promotion period: Now until 30th June 2019
Click here for more information.

8. Great Eastern – complimentary getaway coverage

Image credit: @sundaysbeachclub

The oncoming holidays are even more reason to arm yourselves with travel insurance plans. So give yourselves peace of mind when travelling with Great Eastern insurance coverage – it includes cancelling of trips, lost baggage and other medical related scenarios.

Get this complimentary when you make a transaction through the Dash Visa Virtual Account. You’ll be just a couple steps away from having a fully covered trip to the beaches of Bali or shopping havens in Thailand!

For more information on how to redeem the GREAT Getaway Cover, click here.

Promotion period: Now until 30th June 2019. Limited redemptions only.
Click here for more information.

– Lifestyle –

9. Philips – 40% off

If you’ve been eyeing an air fryer or need an upgrade to an electric toothbrush, June is a prime time to invest in these items without busting the bank. Shop Philips items here and pay with Singtel Dash for 40% off selected items.

S9000 Prestige Wet & Dry Shaver ($599)

And if you haven’t already gotten a father’s day gift, it’s not too late to do so. A new shaver from Philips will do the trick.

Steps to get the promotion:

  • Enter 16 digit Dash Visa Virtual Account number
  • Enter promo code DASHXXXXXX (where XXXXXX is the first 6 digits of your Dash Visa Virtual Account number)

Promotion period: Now until 27th June 2019
Click here for more information.

10. Singtel Postpaid Account Combo Plan – free 1GB local data

Netflixing or watching YouTube videos on the way to work or school is a luxury because these apps are sure to make your data limit explode.

However, if you’re under the Singtel Postpaid Mobile Personal Account Combo Plan or SIM Only Plan, you can score yourself free 1GB of data just by paying your Singtel bill with Dash.

Simply pay your bills by scanning the QR code for each billing cycle to redeem the free data.

Promotion period: Now until 31st December 2019
Click here for more information.

Singtel Dash’s 5th Anniversary promotions

Maybe money can’t buy happiness, but these deals can. With Singtel Dash, you can get your hands on the electronics you’ve been eyeing or save even when you’re overseas. And all with the convenience of not having to carry loads of money around.

All you have to do is download the app on your iOS or Andriod device and you’re ready for mobile payments at any of their merchants locally or overseas. And if you’re an online shopping regular on sites like Shopee or even international ones like Amazon, you’d be glad to know you can make payments through a Dash Visa Virtual Account for greater convenience.

Image credit: Singtel Dash

Additionally, Singtel Dash lets you remit money overseas or even pay for transport. In fact, you can use the mobile app and pay with Singtel Dash to get free parking for the first hour. More info here.

For many of us, if there was 1 thing we could bring with us during an epidemic, it would be our phones – we essentially keep them with us 24/7. So download the Singtel Dash app on your trusty device to add more oomph to your life – you’ll even get 5% off your first purchase.

Find out more about Singtel Dash’s 5th Anniversary deals

This post was brought to you by Singtel Dash. 

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