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You Can Now Get Grab Vouchers & A Samsung TV When You Sign Up For Singtel Cast

Signing up with Singtel Cast

Sign up with Singtel Cast
Images adapted from: TSL and @designaudioworld

After 2.5 long months of social distancing, we’re finally free from the Circuit Breaker. And while we rejoice at the fact that our lives can soon go back to normal, we’ll also be saying goodbye to the pockets of time we had that allowed us to explore new hobbies and bond with our fam.

But before we all swarm outside to celebrate, you can instead fit in some family time before we go back to the way things were. And for ideas on what you can do, Singtel Cast will be granting subscribers free access to over 30 channels for your viewing pleasure from now to 30th June 2020

As a bonus, they’ll also be giving away 200 GrabFood vouchers and a Samsung TV when you stream their channels – so if you want to commemorate your post-CB lives, here’s how you can do so.

Shows with free previews

Quality time with the family will definitely be one of the things we’ll miss after CB is over. But as we’re still in Phase 2, it’s not too late to squeeze in some last-minute activities together before our lives completely go back to normal.

From now until the end of the month, Singtel Cast is airing 30 channels for free, which makes organising a movie or TV series marathon at home a piece of cake. To give you ideas on what to watch, here’s a rundown of some of the top shows to catch.

Masterchef Australia Season 12

Image credit: @masterchefau

For the Circuit Bakers out there – instead of putting away your newly-bought electric mixers and muffin trays for good, keep your newfound cooking skills sharp by tuning into Masterchef Australia Season 12.

Apart from gaining #foodinspo for your next culinary masterpiece, you’ll also be privy to the Masterclasses conducted by the show’s judges, so you’re bound to pick up a new skill or two to bring your cooking to the next level.

Channel: Lifetime
Premieres on: 23rd June, Tuesday
Day: Mon-Fri
Time: 8PM

Macao Gourmet

Image credit: @justineschofield

Ever since the pandemic put a stop to all our travel plans, many of us have resorted to scrolling through our Instagram archives or camera rolls to ease our wanderlust. But if you’ve exhausted every travel-related content you have on-hand, try giving Macao Gourmet a go.

You’ll be living vicariously through Aussie-renowned chef, Justine Schofield, who will be exploring the rich East-meets-West food culture of Macau. Watching her inhale dim sum and Portuguese egg tarts may give you a serious case of FOMO, but hey – at least you’ll know what to look out for should you wish to visit the country in the future.

Channel: Asian Food Network
Day: Every Friday
Time: 9PM

Blossom in Heart

Image credit: 捷成华视—偶像剧场 Idol & Romance

If you’re looking for new shows to binge on, consider adding Blossom in Heart to your watchlists. Starring popular Mainland Chinese actors Allen Deng Lun and Li Yitong, this romantic drama will take you on a rollercoaster ride filled with plot twists, dramatic family tensions, and lovey-dovey moments to keep you on your toes.

Channel: Jia Le
Day: Mon-Fri
Time: 11PM

Paris Holiday

Image credit: Golden Village

Hopeless romantic or not, we’d be lying if we say we haven’t fantasised about having a romantic time in Paris at least once. And while not all of us will actually have that experience, we can still have a taste of it secondhand by catching Paris Holiday. 

This romcom follows the tale of Chun-kit (Louis Koo) and Xiao-Min (Amber Kuo), who find each other in the City of Love after experiencing a heartbreak. You’ll be taken through the streets of Paris amidst bouts of slapstick humour and romantic moments – so you’ll be able to see the sights and revel in its atmosphere even before making new travel plans for the year.

Channel: cHK
Premieres on: 30th June, Tuesday
Time: 11PM


Image credit:

Everyone – and I mean, everyone – knows Shrek. More than just the inspiration for countless memes and parodies, the movie series was also a huge hit amongst adults and children alike back in 2001.

And in 2020, you can follow the adventures of Shrek and Donkey once again as they travel to rescue the Princess Fiona. Filled with gut-busting humour, pop culture references, and heartwarming moments, this movie makes for the perfect thing to watch together with your fam during movie nights.

Channel: Blue Ant Entertainment
Day: 25th June, Thursday
Time: 9.45PM

Win Grab Vouchers and Samsung TVs when you sign up with Singtel CAST

Apart from free-to-stream channels, Singtel Cast will also be giving away a total of 200 GrabFood vouchers as well a Samsung 43” Smart TV, so pay close attention if you want to snag these goodies for yourself.

Stand a chance to win a $5 GrabFood voucher to offset the price of your meals

The GrabFood vouchers will be given away on a first-come-first-served basis, so keep those fingers warmed up and ready. From now to 30th June 2020, you’ll need to:

  1. Sign up for a Singtel Cast subscription
  2. Stream any of the 30 free-to-stream channels

If you’re amongst the first 200 viewers to do these things, you’ll win a $5 GrabFood voucher that you can use to offset the cost of your next delivery meal.

Samsung 43” UHD 4K Smart TV
Image credit: @designaudioworld

And to win the Samsung TV, you’ll still need to follow the same steps above – but on top of that, you’ll also need to answer a simple question on their Facebook post. The person with the most creative answer will win a spanking new TV for their home, so be sure to add some pizzazz to your response before submitting it. But don’t take too long – deadline is by 11.59PM on 30th June 2020.

Subscribing with Singtel Cast

With Phase 2 already in place, it won’t be long before our lives completely return to normal. And to celebrate, Singtel Cast will be granting free access to 30 channels from now to 30th June 2020

Additionally, keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook page for ways to kope a $5 GrabFood voucher and a Samsung TV. But before proceeding, make sure you create an account on their sign-up page first, which you can do so for free. 

Sign up for Singtel CAST today

This post was brought to you by Singtel CAST.

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