10 SingapoRediscover Vouchers Activities To Try For Exciting Adventures To Talk About At Gatherings

SingapoRediscover voucher activities for the adventurous

Given the travel ban, the adventurous may feel a little trapped. Gone are the days where we can spontaneously hit “book flight” without much of a plan, or hop on the next boat to Bintan or Batam. 

But given the amount of time we’re spending on our little red dot, many of us are also slowly rediscovering the little gems hidden across our 42KM-wide island. Sure, we may not have majestic mountains or lakes that stretch into the horizon but there’s still plenty to explore. Here are 10 SingapoRediscover activities to try, for a local adventure:

1. Kayak along Seletar Island’s quiet mangroves

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We know of Pulau Ubin, Sentosa Island and Coney Island – but probably not Seletar Island, one of Singapore’s lesser-known islands off Yishun.

A largely untouched enclave, the island is accessible via a private boat hire, or in this case, a kayaking tour which you can sign up for using your SingapoRediscover vouchers. The 5-hour tour takes you through the island’s rich mangrove in the morning, before a pitstop at the Sembawang Hot Spring Park to unwind.

Kayaking experience isn’t a prerequisite as well so everyone is welcome to join!

Book the Kayaking Mangrove Exploration tour on Klook
Price*: $85
*Prices stated are before use of vouchers

2. Go on an intertidal walk to uncover marine life on Sisters Island

We may dream of going to faraway beaches from Phuket to the Bahamas but there are plenty of islands around Singapore that lie right under our very noses as well. Among them is Sisters Island, its surrounding waters filled with 250 varieties of coral and more than 100 species of coral fish. 

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Jensen Chua

The good news is, you don’t necessarily need a diving cert to experience this underwater world up close.

Join in on a 3-hour guided intertidal walk to explore the island’s pristine shores during low tide, when the underwater world is revealed at surface level. Spot corals, fish and if you’re lucky, wild species of endangered seahorses in the tide pools.

Book the Sisters Island Intertidal Tour on Klook
Price: $100

3. Visit haunted sites in Singapore with a ghost hunting tour

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Among the many things that drive adrenaline, paranormal activities have got to top the list for fans of horror. Don’t just keep it to the screens though – if you’re up for some ghostly thrills IRL, try a ghost hunting with The Creepy Tales of Singapore Ghost and WWII Tour.

The full itinerary is kept as a surprise, but after the sun sets, expect to visit some of Singapore’s spookiest sites such as cemeteries and a massacre field from World War II. You’ll also be armed with flickering candles as a light source, and equipped with ghost detecting devices – just to take the thrill factor up another notch.

Book The Creepy Tales of Singapore tour on Klook
Price: $105

For similar alternatives, also check out the Cemetery Excursion in Bukit Brown and The Original Singapore Ghost Stories Tour.

4. Escape the city with a Pulau Ubin bike tour

Concrete jungles might be where dreams are made of, but us adventurous souls need a respite from it every once in a while. 

Ketam Quarry

Try Pulau Ubin for a quick “overseas” getaway from the mainland. Even if you’ve been there before, a bike or walking tour is a great way to explore the island’s ins and outs with insight from an experienced guide.

Puaka Hill

The tour takes you through the scenic Puaka Hill to quaint quarries surrounded by forests. Along the way, if luck is on your side, you’ll also come across wild animals such as hornbills and wild boars so always keep an eye out!

For those who can’t cycle to save their lives, don’t worry, there’s an alternative walking tour available as well.

Book the Ubin Island Bike or Walking Tour on Klook
Price: $53

5. Sail to the Southern Islands on a yacht

There’s perhaps no better way to let your seafarer dreams come true than on a yacht trip. And while they’re typically on the pricer end, you can now offset the cost of renting a yacht with your handy dandy SingapoRediscover vouchers. 

Across the various booking platforms, there’s a variety of packages to choose from. Merge sea and sky experiences with a 2.5-hour sail to Southern Islands + cable car ride ($90) with Changi Recommends. Alternatively, hop on board a 7-hour yacht trip ($170) to Sisters Island, St John’s Island and Kusu Island with Klook.

6. Go on a 8KM walking tour through the Southern Ridges

Any local hiker worth their salt would already have popular trails like MacRitchie’s treetop walk under their belt. But if you haven’t tried the other stunning trails snaking around SG, now’s the best time.

Join SG WALK: The Southern Ridges to embark on a 8-12KM walk through the serene Telok Blangah Hill Park, Henderson Waves and Mount Faber Park. Expect panoramic views along the trail, paired with anecdotes from your guide as you pass historic sites. Be sure to check the weather forecast before going!

Book SG WALK: The Southern Ridges on Changi Recommends
Price: $30

7. Try a “secret” high elements course on Sentosa

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Walk down to the end of Tanjong Beach Sentosa and you might just spot a towering hourglass-shaped structure sticking out of the sky. No, it’s not the famous AJ Hackett, but rather a lesser-known high-element course: Team Hourglass Challenge by Focus Adventure.

Muster the courage to climb up all 24 metres of the structure, lined with 24 challenges along the way – including rock climbing, tyre crossing and tightrope lines. Although typically used for corporate team bondings, the course is also available for solo or small-group bookings with your adrenaline-chasing crew.

Book Team Challenge Hourglass on Klook
Price: $85

8. Rediscover the city with a 4-hour bike tour

Beyond cycling at East Coast Park, hop on a 4-hour City Bike Tour around central Singapore. We may typically reserve touristy activities such as this for overseas holidays – but if you’re loving the notion of rediscovering Singapore, this is one way to see areas such as the F1 race track, Marina Bay and the Singapore River in a new light.

Bring your own bike to enjoy the tour from $15, or get the bike rental + tour package for $40.

Book City Bike Tour on Klook
Price: from $15

Also read our guide on cycling trails in Singapore.

9. Splash away the heat at HydroDash

Just when we thought we might run fresh out of things to do, Singapore’s first floating aquapark, HydroDash at Sentosa, opened earlier this year to spice things up. Unleash your inner ninja warrior with their slippery monkey bars and rope swings, or leap off a 3-metre-high springboard into the sea for a rush of thrill. A kid-friendly zone is also available for young un’s!

Book HydroDash on Klook
Price: from $20

10. Bring your farmer dreams to life at Singapore’s ulu farms

Bollywood Veggies

If the one thing you look forward in an escapade is the breath of fresh air, hop on board a Singapore Farms Day Tour. A break from the usual indoor haunts, this itinerary takes you on an interactive trip through some of Singapore’s ulu farms.

Hay Dairies 

Try your hand at feeding goats at Hay Dairies, longkang-fishing at Qian Hu Fish Farm and harvesting veggies at the high-tech Kok Fah Technology Farm. Also relish in fresh farm-to-table experience at Bollywood Veggies, where they serve food harvested from their giant garden out back.

Tickets for this tour are typically priced from $129, so you’ll still have to top-up after using your vouchers. Nonetheless, full-day adventure is still pretty worth the while, particularly for some quality time with the fam. All transfers and entry tickets will be provided as well, and you’ll be paired with a guide that’ll take you through the day.

Book Singapore Farms Day Tour on Klook
Price: from $129

Re-explore Singapore with SingapoRediscover vouchers

If anything the ban has unlocked plenty of new things to do and new ways to explore existing attractions. So try that activity that you’ve been putting on the back burner for the longest time, or experience done and dusted activities differently with a tour, using your SingapoRediscover vouchers. Adventure doesn’t always have to lie away from our shores! 

Your $100 SingapoRediscover voucher can be used from now till 30th June 2021 on five authorised booking platforms: Changi Recommends, GlobalTix, Klook, Traveloka and They’ve been mailed to your home and you can use them in denominations of $10. Spread them out over several purchases if you’d like, else, all $100 can be used in one go as well!

Other than local escapades, here are some other things to do with your vouchers: 

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