7 Best Bus Services From Singapore To Malaysia – Luxury Amenities, Non-Stop Rides & Convenient Pickup Points

Singapore to Malaysia by bus

Going to Malaysia never gets old for us Singaporeans. We’re either planning a short trip to JB for some light shopping or going to balik kampung to visit some relatives. Turn those long weekend holidays into a mini vacation without the need for a car or a plane ticket by planning a trip from Singapore to Malaysia by bus

1. Transtar Travel – Luxury coach to KL with first-class amenities

Goes to: Johor Bahru, KL, Genting Highlands, Terengganu

Image credit: Transtar Travel via Facebook

This one is for those willing to splurge a little on a luxurious journey. Take the word “splurge” with a pinch of salt – it’s only $60 for first-class amenities when you take Transtar Travel’s Solitaire buses. The journey will have you feeling as snug as a bug with blankets, hot meals, and even on-demand entertainment.

It’s perfect for longer journeys or getting through long waits at customs – you’ll probably be too comfortable to notice how much time has gone by.

Pickup location: Choa Chu Kang, Golden Mile Complex, Grantal Complex, Jurong East, Lavender, Sengkang, Tampines.

One-way prices:
Singapore to JB: from $3
Singapore to KL: from $40
Singapore to Genting Highlands: from $53 

For a full list of locations and timings, visit Transtar Travel’s website.

2. KKKL Travel & Tour – Spacious legroom & free wifi

Goes to: Malacca, Genting Highlands, Mersing, Penang, Ipoh, Selangor

Image credit: KKKL Travel & Tours

KKKL Travel & Tours has got you covered when it comes to the variety of destinations in Malaysia they cover, including Tioman Island. It’s no wonder they’re one of the more frequently used and trusted services when travelling to Malaysia. Their buses also come equipped with WiFi onboard for those without data roaming or a Malaysian SIM card.

Taller folks won’t have to worry about longer rides since there’s ample room for you to stretch your legs. You’ll literally be able to kick back and relax especially on longer journeys to further destinations.

Pickup location: Bugis, Jurong East, Katong V, Kovan Hub, Sengkang, Tampines

One-way prices:
Singapore to Mersing: from $39
Singapore to KL: from $35
Singapore to Genting Highlands: from $45
Singapore to Ipoh: from $45
Singapore to Malacca: from $28
Singapore to Penang: from $55
Singapore to Selangor: from $40

For a full list of locations and timings, visit KKKL Travel & Tours’ website.

3. 707 inc – Non-stop rides to save time

Goes to: Malacca, Genting Highlands

Image credit: 707 inc

Efficiency runs through the veins of us Singaporeans, wherever we may go. That includes saving as much time as possible on travelling while also saving on costs. If you don’t need any pitstops along the way, try the non-stop bus rides to Malacca or Genting Highlands with 707-Inc.

They offer packages that’ll save travellers even more – such as their 2D1N Genting package which includes the 2-way coach journey as well as a 1-night stay at First World Hotel from $98. The coach will drop you off right at the hotel too, so you can jump right into your holiday.

There are already some hotels listed as dropoff points such as Hotel 707 Melaka, Casa Del Rio Hotel Malacca, and Crockfords Hotel Genting Highlands, so remember to check if your accommodation is close to any of them. 

Pickup location: Ban San Street, Jurong, Jurong East, Jurong East Genting Hotel, Kovan Hub, Kovan MRT, People’s Park Centre, People’s Park Complex, Queen Street Bus Terminal, Boon Lay

One-way prices:
Singapore to Genting Highlands: from $40
Singapore to Malacca: from $23 

For a full list of locations and timings, visit 707 Inc’s website.

4. Aeroline – Hot meals, entertainment system & blankets provided

Goes to: KL, JB, Selangor, Penang

Image credit: Aeroline via Facebook

You might be thinking the name Aeroline sounds more suitable for an airline than a bus service, but trust us when we say the experience is similar – or even more comfortable. Onboard, there are cabin crew, chicken rice bento boxes, blankets, onboard entertainment, and even pillows – definitely a par above any budget or full-service flight to Kuala Lumpur. 

While there might not be a lot of options for other destinations, they offer 4 timings a day for their route to Kuala Lumpur. This starts at $50 to Klang Valley, which is a steal for the amenities they offer.

Pickup location: Harbourfront Centre 

One-way prices: Adult $50 | Children $38 (for all destinations) 

For a full list of locations and timings, visit Aeroline’s website.

5. Luxury Coach Service – Drop-offs at hotels in popular cities

Goes to: Malacca, KL, Selangor

Image credit: Luxury Coach Service Singapore

It’s already got luxury in its name, so you know you’ll have a comfy ride with Luxury Coach Service. You can do so without breaking the bank too as tickets start from $30. This comes with ample legroom, comfortable seats, and even staff on board to answer any queries you have.

We hear that they can even drop you off at your hotel if it’s on the way. Some popular hotels listed as dropoff points include Casa Del Rio Malacca and Double Tree Hilton Malacca, so remember to check if yours is one of the stops.

Pickup location: Choa Chu Kang, Compass One Taxi Stand, Compass Point, Concorde Hotel 

One-way prices:
Singapore to KL: from $40
Singapore to Malacca: from $33
Singapore to Selangor: from $40

For a full list of locations and timings, visit Luxury Coach Service’s website.

6. WTS Travel – 11 pickup locations in Singapore

Goes to: KL, Malacca, Genting Highlands

Image credit: easybook

It’s not a pleasant feeling when you’ve found the perfect timing and price for a coach ride only to realise that the pickup point is too far away. With WTS Travel, you’ll have 11 different pickups points across the island to choose from, including Boon Lay and Pasir Ris. 

While not every pickup point is available for every route, you’ll definitely be able to find one closer to you. WTS is convenient and affordable too – with tickets to Kuala Lumpur starting from $30, Malacca from $37, and Legoland from $13

Pickup location: Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Bukit Panjang, Choa Chu Kang, Causeway Point, Jurong East, Tampines, Yishun, Jurong Point, Pasir Ris Downtown, Compass One, Tampines , Singapore Flyer

One-way prices:
Singapore to KL: from $30
Singapore to Malacca: from $37
Singapore to Legoland: from $13
Singapore to Genting Highlands: from $48

For a full list of locations and timings, visit WTS Travel’s website.

7. First Coach – Consistent pricing, even during peak season

Goes to: Selangor

Image credit: @jomnaikbas via Instagram

If you’re trying to book a coach during peak periods such as long weekends or school holidays, you might be discouraged by the spike in prices. That’s not a problem with First Coach, where the prices of tickets remain unchanged regardless of the season – $36 for adults and $18 for kids ages 2-12. However, you might wanna book them in advance for peak-period holidays.

You’ll have plenty of incentive to come early for your trip because First Coach has waiting lounges at their pick-up locations for passengers to chill before boarding. They come stocked with drinks and a place to keep your luggage safe. 

Pickup location: The Star Vista & Velocity @ Novena Square

One-way prices: $36/adult | $18/child

For a full list of locations and timings, visit First Coach’s website.

– Tips & common mistakes –

After scouting for the best deals, timings and amenities, you’re ready to get on your coach ride to Malaysia. Before you get too excited, here are some tips and mistakes to avoid to ensure a smooth ride to and from Malaysia.

1. Confirm the pickup location

Image credit: MyExpressBus

While they’d definitely state where the pickup point is, sometimes these bus services omit details of the exact location. For example, it could be in a carpark or in a back alley behind the building of the address given. You can be extra kiasu and scout out the place before the actual day of your trip, or come 30 minutes before so you can take your time to find it.

2. Bus designs may differ

Image credit: MyExpressBus

What you see isn’t always what you get – the outer design of your actual bus may not be the same as what’s shown on the company’s website. Some unfortunate travellers have shared that they missed their bus – purely because they didn’t see the exact bus at the pickup point – and were left behind. 

If you see a bus at your pickup point, check with the driver if they’re with the company and if it’s going to the place you’re supposed to go to. Call up the agency to double confirm if you’re still unsure. 

3. Read recent reviews before booking

Singaporeans do enjoy complaining, so take these reviews with a pinch of salt. You get what you pay, after all – so don’t expect business-class treatment, especially if you’re just looking to get from point A to point B and are okay with a bare-bones journey. 

You can also read up about the ease of finding the pickup location, the quality of service from the staff, and how they’ve handled feedback left by previous customers. These are usually good indicators of what you can expect to get from the company you end up travelling with – so do read up before deciding to book.

4. Be prepared for waiting times

Make full use of the entertainment systems while you wait.
Image credit: Aeroline via Facebook

Immigration and customs are notorious for their long waiting times and no matter how good a bus service is, there’s no real way to cut the queue. So if you’ve arranged anything in Malaysia that’s time-sensitive, leave some leeway to account for unplanned stops or unusually long waits at customs.

5. Take overnight buses if you’re going to further places

Image credit: @weechee91 via Instagram

Bus rides north of Singapore take time. So if you’re heading to Kuala Lumpur and Beyond, you might want to book an overnight bus so you can snooze all the way and save time. It’ll be morning by the time you arrive, perfect for you to start exploring the second you hop off the bus.

6. Keep your valuables with you, at all times

This should go without saying, but you should always have your valuables with you, even if it’s just getting off the bus at customs. You don’t want to be caught in a sticky situation where you get left behind without even your smartphone.

Get to Singapore to Malaysia by bus

Travelling to Malaysia has never been easier, especially via bus. While public buses are an option too, why not get a little boujee and take a more comfortable coach. Plus, getting on a non-stop ride might even get you to where you need to go faster than taking a flight. 

For more on Malaysia, check out:

Cover image adapted from: Aeroline via Facebook & KKKL Travel & Tours

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