Central Beach Bazaar On Sentosa – F&B Market With Daytime Musical Water Show & 24-Storey Fountain

Sentosa Central Beach Bazaar

We know and love Sentosa for being our go-to spot for everything sunny and beachy. With attractions ranging from Universal Studios Singapore to hidden beaches, there’s no shortage of daytime things to do on the island.

The party doesn’t end when the sun sets. You’ll want to stay till the evening thanks to the Sentosa Central Beach Bazaar. You can expect activities like free musical fountain shows and getting to chow down on tasty bites at an International Food Street.

Marvel at the Sentosa SkyJet, the tallest fountain in SEA

Beachgoers can look out for the Sentosa SkyJet, which stands at 80m-tall – about the height of a 24-storey building. 

We learnt that it’s built on a light-weight floating platform held down by seabed weights without requiring any built-in fixtures, making it an environmentally-friendly contraption. 

Catch the Wings of Time show at the waterfront

Image credit: @ana_lemana via Instagram

The Sentosa SkyJet is not just a pretty sight under the sunlight. It also lights up at night during Wings of Time, a night-time water show with stunning pyrotechnics. 

Ticket prices to
Wings of Time start from $19 and can be purchased on-site just before the show starts. But the kiasu ones among us who might worry about tickets being sold out can also get them online.

Image credit: @echanpshan via Instagram

Purchasing online isn’t just more convenient, you’ll also snag a 10% discount when you do. For Singaporeans, online purchases grant you $5 off each ticket instead.

Admission Fee
Google Reviews
50 Beach View, Singapore 098604
Opening Hours:
Monday 07:40 PM - 08:00 PM Show More Timings

Relax & enjoy the Sentosa Musical Fountain for free

Image credit: Mount Faber Leisure Group

Although Wings Of Time only runs at night, its set-up transforms into a free Musical Fountain in the daytime, so you don’t need to wait till the evening to catch waterworks.

This fountain may be familiar to those who’ve visited Sentosa in the early 2000s. It’s the same one that was located at the Imbiah Lookout entertainment zone before it was demolished in March 2007. It has 2 different 5-minute shows A Tribute to the Original Sentosa Musical Fountain and Singapore’s National Day Songs featuring classics like Home and Count on Me, Singapore

The show
is currently FOC and will play at 30-minute intervals from 4pm-6.30pm. It’s actually visible from around the beach, but for close ups, get a spot at the seating area located at International Food Street.

Try unique dishes at the International Food Street

Beyond enjoying the waterworks, beach goers can also grab affordable and delish food at the International Food Street. Choose from 8 different F&B stalls serving up an array of cuisines.

These yummy bites will be served out of containers, kombi vans, and trucks, and cost less than $10 per serving. You can expect food vendors such as Taco Pau, which serves Mexican-Indian fusion tortillas and tacos from $8.90. If you’re craving Western food, there are hotdogs and burgers from Burgers & Dogs with prices starting from $5.80.

Hop on a VR ride & play a carnival game

Image credit: Pat Yuan Teng

If you’re here on a date, try winning them a stuffed toy at the Lobster Pot carnival game. The premise is quite simple – just throw balls into a pot – but trust us when we say it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s $5/play but you might want to consider getting 3 games for $10 for a higher chance of winning.

Image credit: Mount Faber Leisure Group

For those seeking something more thrilling, there is a VR experience available for $15. This 8-minute ride will let you experience zooming through the skies in a fighter jet. The seats rock, so be prepared for a turbulent but thrilling ride.

So, whether you’re heading there with your young ones or for a fun day out with bae, you can expect an exciting beach-side carnival experience. 

Enjoy a full day of fun at the Central Beach Bazaar

Whether you’re a foodie who can’t wait to try out the different cuisines available at the International Food Street, or ready to witness the tallest fountain in the region, the Central Beach Bazaar offers new attractions and a unique day-to-night bazaar concept that’s sure to keep you entertained past sundown. 

Find out more about the Sentosa Central Beach Bazaar


Address: 50 Beach View, Singapore 098604
Contact: Sentosa Central Beach Bazaar website

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Cover image adapted from: Mount Faber Leisure Group
Originally published on 15th July 2022. Last updated by Pat Yuan Teng on 30th July 2023.

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