These Giveaways By Sapporo Premium Beer Are Your Cue To Be The Booze I/C At Year-End Potlucks

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Sapporo Premium Beer’s Year-End Deals


sapporo premium beer giveaway

We’re in the last stretch of 2018, and the well-deserved festivities are just around the corner. Can we have a toast to that? *and to the rest we need after hauling ourselves to work*

There’s nothing like beer to get the celebratory spirit going, and even if you’re a lightweight, you can appreciate that Sapporo Premium Beer is getting all Santa Claus and giving away freebies to make chugging down a pint or two that much sweeter.

We’re talking about shopping vouchers, spas, and “confirm-win” prizes. So unleash the savvy Singaporean in you and find out how to reward yourselves for cracking open a cold one. 


Win Takashimaya Gift Vouchers, couple spas and even more beer


Here’s your strategy: 

  1. Year-end parties/reunions are being announced in your multiple Whatsapp/Telegram chat groups. 
  2. Volunteer to “bring the drinks”.
  3. Then, head down to retail shops* to get either Sapporo Premium Beer or Sapporo Necta Sour - in bottles, cans or in cartons. Every $8** spent will give you a chance to win prizes in a lucky draw. 

The lucky draw prizes include $2,000 Takashimaya Gift Vouchers for you to go crazy with your year-end shopping + even more beers. More specifically, $300 worth of Sapporo Premium Beer & Sapporo Nectar Sour. 

sapporo premium beer giveawayImage credit: Ikeda Spa

sapporo premium beer giveawayImage credit: Ikeda Spa

You might also win a couple spa session at Ikeda Spa Prestige at Clarke Quay Central, which has garnered awards for its relaxing treatments, Zen-inspired rooms and exquisite ryokans

The session (total worth $5,700) will comprise of a 30-minute couple hinoki onsen and a 60-minute elementary aromatherapy massage. And there are 10 sets up for grabs!

*For full list of participating retailers, see here.
**In a single receipt. Other T&Cs apply.


How to participate


After you’ve gotten the drink receipt, just send an SMS to 9455 6673 in in the below format:

Sapporo<space>Name<space> last four digits and letter of NRIC <space>Email<space>Receipt No.

Eg: Sapporo Derek 4567H [email protected] 987654


About Sapporo Premium Beer 


While we welcome the goodies that now come along with it, Sapporo Premium Beer needs no further reason for us to whisk it off the shelf - its taste is rewarding enough.

There’s a refreshing, almost crisp taste to the brew and the malt flavour is there, but not overpoweringly so. Pair that with a smooth aftertaste and you can see why it’ll work nicely with a plethora of food - be it that sinful bowl of laksa or heavily grilled yakitori.

sapporo premium beer giveaway

For the connoisseurs, the brand has some history to back it up, too. For one, it’s the oldest brand of beer in Japan and was concocted by a German-trained brewmaster. It’s also named after the actual city Sapporo, so you can bet it stays true to its roots.

sapporo premium beer giveaway

And if you’re not a 100% beer fan, you can opt for this sweet, fizzy alternative - the Sapporo Nectar Sour. Made from Japanese peach puree, this cocktail in a can is a lifesaver for those who prefer fruity drinks with lower alcohol content - a light 3%.

So, whether you’d be beer lover, deal hunter or red-face turner, Sapporo’s deals will tempt you into starting the festivities right this November. Just grab your drinking buddies and get your can or cartons. You might be in for another round of celebrations when you win. 

sapporo premium beer giveaway

Note: Find Sapporo Premium Beer at major supermarkets, convenience stores, mini-marts, bars, pubs and restaurants.

Find out more about Sapporo Premium Beer’s promotions!

This post was brought to you by Sapporo Premium Beer. Photography by Thaddeus Lim.

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