5 Unique Interest Groups You Can Join At SAFRA, With Activities Like Comedy Nights & Sport Shooting

SAFRA interest groups

When you’ve firmly entered the #adulting phase of life, CCA clubs in school advance into becoming interest groups. It’s somewhere you can meet like-minded pals who are into the same hobbies as you are without having to worry about homework and assignments. If you don’t know where to find interest groups, then SAFRA is one place you can start at.

Akin to a hub, SAFRA offers interest groups that cater to different interests and niches under its umbrella. Whether you’re seeking to express your comedic talents within the SAFRA Youth Network or looking to hone your sports shooting skills, here are 5 unique interest groups you can join at SAFRA today.

1. FUSE – Get jio’ed for brewery tours & talent shows

Here at TheSmartLocal, we know a thing or two about what’s new to do and see around Singapore. But while we might just tell you how to get there, the FUSE can get you through the doors a lot easier. 

FUSE is under the entertainment pillar of the SAFRA Youth Network and is all about making sure we locals are in the know about the latest happenings in town and getting you a sweet invitation so you never have to say, “Why bo jio?” 

Some past events they’ve held include an exclusive tour of the Tiger Brewery, hosting comedy nights, organising SAFRA The Ultimate Talent series and creating online contests where winners walk away with vouchers. 

Membership to the FUSE is free for SAFRA members.

FUSE Club website

2. Entrepreneurs’ Club – Learn how to build a business

Image credit: SAFRA

Plenty of people took Covid-19 as an opportunity to kickstart their own home-based businesses. If you want to join the ranks of these self-made hustlers, the Entrepreneurs’ Club under SAFRA Youth Network is a good stepping stone into the world of entrepreneurship and business ventures.

Members will be privy to seminars and masterclasses held by industry professionals, and to network with their peers as well. They’ll also have exclusive access to the SEC Business Xchange, a digital advertising platform to promote their goods and wares on SAFRA’s online platforms.

Membership to the Entrepreneurs’ Club is free for all SAFRA members, and members of the public can sign up at $40 for 2 years

SAFRA Entrepreneurs’ Club website

3. Shooting Club – Pick up shooting if you didn’t go through NS

Image credit: SAFRA

There’s a certain thrill you get when you hit a bullseye at a shooting range, and gents who have been through live firing exercises during NS will understand. Over at SAFRA Yishun, those who haven’t fired a SAR 21 can get to experience what it’s like to hold a rifle and become an experienced marksman with the SAFRA Shooting Club.

The club has a 10m-long indoor air weapon range for you to try your hand at different pistols and rifles across sports like skeet shooting and trap shooting.

Membership to the SAFRA Shooting Club starts at $64/year for SAFRA members, $107/year for students, and $161/year for adults and HomeTeamNS members. Some benefits of being a member include low weapon rental fees, buying ammunition at cost price, and a chance for a shot at local and regional competitions.

SAFRA Shooting Club website

4. Digital Media Club – Get equipped with skills like content creation

The digital world is advancing so quickly that by the time you read this sentence, there’s already a new gadget or feature announced somewhere out there. You’re not alone if you feel like you’re late to the party, and that’s where the SAFRA Digital Media Club steps in to help guide us so we don’t end up lagging behind.

Members of the club will get to learn all about content creation from industry experts including using different photography techniques and trying out the latest digital media tools. The club will also organise free workshops and activities so members can mingle with fellow digital buffs. Some past events that might tickle your fancy include a photo-hunt around Sentosa and a freelancing boot camp.

Parents can also learn how their children are using their iPads and limit their exposure to unhealthy content on the Internet.

Membership to the SAFRA Digital Media Club starts at $20/2 years for SAFRA members and $30/2 years for students and non-members. Parent-child duos can also join together from $25/2 years for SAFRA members and $35/2 years for non-members.

SAFRA Digital Media Club website 

5. Photographic Club – Take studio courses with the latest cameras

Photography is a hobby that anyone can pick up easily, especially with smartphone cameras being top-notch today. Those wanting to take this to the next level can sign up with SAFRA’s Photographic Club to learn from professionals and start experimenting with different types of equipment.

Newbies who are just starting out can take their 2-day introductory course that takes place over a weekend, while those who are more familiar with photography can opt for their regular studio courses that cover topics like monochrome photography to photo editing. These courses start from $107/pax.

The club has a suite of the latest gadgets and software for you to make the most out of. Once you know which buttons to press, there are even well-equipped studios and darkrooms so you can get snapping. Members can also enjoy 50% off studio booking rates and get up to 30% discounts on their courses too.

A 2-year membership to the SAFRA Photographic Club starts at $34/pax for SAFRA members and $96/pax for all others.

SAFRA Photographic Club website

Join interest groups with the SAFRA Youth Network

Image credit: SAFRA

These five interest groups are but a peek into the vast world of hobbies and communities within SAFRA itself. Younger millennials who might not qualify for the Veterans’ League age requirement can instead turn to the SAFRA Youth Network, a group aimed at 17-year-old to 35-year-old NSmen or anyone in the youth community.

The 3 core pillars of the SAFRA Youth Network – entertainment, entrepreneurship, and sports and wellness – can definitely be seen in these groups. For entertainment, you can join FUSE’s activities, while those inclined towards entrepreneurship can find solace in the Entrepreneurs’ Club. They even host webinars for aspiring esport athletes to learn more about the blossoming industry.

Image credit: SAFRA

Sporty folks who are down to get sweaty have a myriad of options to choose from besides the shooting club. There’s also a group for those into dragon boating, a community for avid golfers, and casual badminton enthusiasts who want to play without worrying about competitions. 

Those who want to contribute in a meaningful way can also sign up to be a volunteer with SAFRA. There are over 38 committees and counting within SAFRA for you to contribute your time to, including these interest groups, and you can join a group of over 300 volunteers to make a small difference for SAFRA members.

This year, SAFRA will also be celebrating its 50th anniversary with a bang. Expect a series of events for NSmen and their families plus a bunch of esport tournaments organised by the SAFRA Youth Network to take place during the SAFRA50 festivities. Do check out SAFRA’s Facebook page for more information.

P.S. All past and present NSmen will get a free 1-year membership to SAFRA to mark 55 years of National Service. 

Find out more about the SAFRA Youth Network here


This post was brought to you by SAFRA.
Cover image adapted from: SAFRA

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