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PUMA’s Spanking New Hello Kitty Collection Shows Red Is Not Just For CNY & NDP

PUMA x Hello Kitty collection

PUMA’s had plenty of badass girls as ambassadors before – think Cara Delevingne and Rihanna. This time, the sports brand is changing it up with a new collection, with Hello Kitty at its centre. 

The adorable mascot in bold prints puts a spin on PUMA’s stylish sportswear, so it won’t be just fans that want to get their paws on this. And with statement accessories that strike the right balance between cute and cool, you’ll look more ready for fashion week than National Day. 

Rock a sporty vibe with bold shoes, jackets and tees

Look closer, and you’ll find gold flecks scattered on the shoe’s chunky white midsole.

PUMA’s Suede Classic shoes ($165) are getting a makeover – with its signature stripe in bright red, you’ll be turning heads with this bold pair. Between the blocks of red lie little prints of Hello Kitty and her milk bottle, with the special PUMA x Hello Kitty logo on the tongue of the shoe.

To round out the Hello Kitty concept, you’ll find two halves of her iconic red bow on the shoe base. So, kick up your feet and show ‘em off! These sneaks will liven up your boring old white tee and jeans combo, that’s for sure.

Rock the oversized aesthetic with this vibrant red sports hoodie ($139), with vertical white stripes on the sleeves. It’s just one layer thick, so you’ll be able to tahan fifteen minutes of Singapore sun as you move between one air-con place to the next. 

While the front boasts a minimalist aesthetic with small PUMA and Hello Kitty logos on the top left, you’ll be flaunting a large Hello Kitty print – complete with a milk bottle icon – to anyone standing behind you.

The simple white Hello Kitty tee ($79) is super comfortable to wear, too, since it’s 100% cotton. Us girls often complain about the sheer material used to make white shirts, but with this high quality piece, you’ll be guaranteed full coverage.

Track pants have been a street-fashion trend for years now. And with the right mix of tops and shoes, you can create an effortless athleisure look. Pair these Hello Kitty track pants ($119) with some basic white sneakers and a white top – your outfit will look as good for a gym sesh as it will for a fashion shoot.

Attractive accessories to jazz up your outfit

Show off this white backpack ($119) at school – its transparent front gives you the perfect opportunity to pile in all your artsy Typo and Artbox stationery. It’s large enough to fit in your laptop too, so you can leave your laptop sleeve at home, leaving both hands free for your morning cup of coffee and a scroll through the ‘gram.

Pair your outfit with a stylish drawstring bag in white ($49), complete with the adorable Hello Kitty emblem on the front. The sturdy red straps are soft – chances of a rope burn are low, even if you decide to wear a singlet. It’s spacious yet non-bulky, so you can load in all your stuff without getting “tsk”ed at on the MRT for blocking fellow passengers with your barang.

This red cap ($49) sports a distinctive translucent red bill, adding an interesting edge to the solid red of the cap’s body. Wear this eye-catching accessory out to your bae’s next sports competition – he’ll be able to spot you no matter where you stand in the crowd.

Make a statement everyday with the PUMA x Hello Kitty collection

We usually only bust out the bright red during CNY or NDP, but the daring shade can make a bold statement in your everyday wear. Whether you’re a fan of Hello Kitty or someone who just wants to up your wardrobe game, PUMA’s brand new collection, made to celebrate their 50th anniversary of their iconic Suede shoes, will help you nail down that purr-fect street style look.

Image credit: PUMA

Tip: Get the whole family in on this too! Win the best parent award by dressing up your children with a matching kid-sized pair – with these stylish kicks, they’ll be the coolest kids on the block.

Get the collection at PUMA outlets (Bugis+, Suntec City, Paragon) and authorised retailers (AW Lab, Kidstyle, Lazada, Limited Edt, SEEK, Star360, Star 360 Junior, The Social Foot) now!

This post was brought to you by PUMA.

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