8 Prettiest HDB Blocks In Singapore For Your Next “Tourist In Your Own City” Moment

Pretty HDB blocks in Singapore

Singapore’s landscape is ever-changing, with new buildings sprouting up every now and then. And if you’re a pro at spacing out on your car or bus rides around Singapore, you might have probably noticed a bunch of new HDBs all around the country.

But besides the typical pastel and plain white blocks we’re used to seeing these days, some heartlands have flats that look straight outta Art Attack. We’re talking giant murals of iconic landmarks and quirky fairytale-inspired illustrations. 

So whether you’re looking for a new OOTD spot or KIV-ing a location for a new home, here are 8 unique HDB blocks in Singapore to keep on your radar.

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1. Hougang Avenue 8 – Singapore-themed murals

Standing proud at Hougang Avenue 8 are rows of HDB blocks with Singapore-inspired murals that go from the first floor all the way to the 13th. With motifs like the Merlion and Changi Airport’s control tower, these blocks have major NDP vibes and will have you feeling patriotic for sure.

Address: Hougang Avenue 8, Blocks 644, 645, 650, 652 & 675-678

2. Bedok North Road – Pretty gradient floors

Remember those chunky Stabilo highlighters we used to basically colour our textbooks back in the day? Now imagine that but larger than life – that’s Bedok North’s blocks 75 and 76 for you. Painted in shades of red, orange, and yellow, these flats are really pretty when looked at from a distance as you’ll get to see the full gradient effect in action.

Address: Bedok North Road, Blocks 75 & 76  

3. Jurong East Avenue 1 – Giant Chinese Garden pagoda mural

Being home to the iconic Chinese Garden, it’s only fitting for Jurong East to have a block of flats dedicated to it. Block 301 stands out from its neighbours thanks to its giant mural of a pagoda and surrounding gardens on its facade.

While the Chinese Garden is currently closed for redevelopment, this HDB serves views that come kiiinda close for now.

Address: Jurong East Avenue 1, Block 301

4. Yishun Ring Road – Bright paintings that help older residents

It was a fairly gloomy day when we trodded over to Yishun Ring Road, so its brightly coloured blocks were a welcome sight for sore eyes.

These flower murals are reminiscent of henna tattoos.

The splashes of colour aren’t just for pure aesthetics either. Being a mature estate with older residents, the RGB colour scheme of the neighbourhood helps those with dementia easily locate their blocks and find their way home too.

Before the repaint of these blocks, there were giant murals of athletes playing sports like football and tennis. Now, only the joggers remain.

Address: Yishun Ring Road, Blocks 795-799 & 855

5. Hougang Avenue 9 – Kampung spirit-inspired illustrations

Block 917.

Hougang Avenue 9 might just win the award for being the most wholesome HDB estate. Take a walk around and you’ll notice that its blocks have a running theme that resembles illustrations outta Jack and the Beanstalk.

Block 661.

We suppose it’s meant to symbolise the heartland kampung spirit; each block’s art is different, so explore the ‘hood to see all the adorable murals there are on display.

Block 930.

Address: Hougang Avenue 9, Blocks 661, 917 & 930

6. Teck Whye Avenue – Piet Mondrian-like designs

Okay, we’re not sure if Piet Mondrian was the actual inspiration for the design of these HDB blocks at Teck Whye Avenue, but it sure reminds us of the artist’s iconic primary colour-themed abstract work. 

Piet Mondrian piece.
Image credit: Artsy

Painted in splashes of red, yellow and blue, these HDBs are vibrant and make for an awesome photo spot. We’d recommend going to one of the neighbouring blocks and taking a snap from one of the higher floors to get the full view.

Address: Teck Whye Avenue Blocks 1-7

7. Tampines Street 41 – Retro TV patterns

You’ve probably seen this HDB before, thanks to it making waves on social media for its iconic mural of a retro TV test screen. But what you might not know is that there’s not just 1, but 10 HDB blocks along Tampines Street 41 with this pattern.

An image we’re familiar with from the yesteryears.

Address: Tampines Street 41 

8. Hougang Avenue 7 – Vibrant rainbow block

Another iconic HDB, Block 316 along Hougang Avenue 7 is one that’ll put a smile on your face for sure.

Have a giant rainbow as your backdrop when you visit this spot for your next #ootd, and get ready for the “Where is this?” comments to flood your post.

Address: Hougang Avenue 7, Block 316 

Bonus: Woodlands Drive 62 – 3D void deck art

On the way to Yishun, we popped by Block 683C, that’s just a 5-minute walk from Admiralty MRT station. Its void deck is full of quirky 3D art, including futuristic Gardens by the Bay-inspired pillars and a giant snakes and ladders game.

There are even floor-to-ceiling paintings that illustrate how Singapore used to be in the olden days. These are painted by the one and only Yip Yew Chong, whose nostalgic murals you may have spotted in other heartland estates like Tiong Bahru.

Address: Woodlands Drive 62, Block 683C

Unique HDB blocks in Singapore

Cafe hopping is, no doubt, a favourite activity among Singaporeans. But if you want a refreshing new weekend activity, HDB hopping is something to consider. From larger-than-life rainbows to 13-storey-high murals, they’re worth a visit before their next fresh coat of paint. 

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Photography by Alvin Wong.

Rachel Tan Yuan

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