8 Pet Safety Items For Dogs You Can Buy In SG To Protect Your Pup When Bringing Them Out For Gai Gai

Pet safety products for dogs

Having a furchild is a big responsibility and if you’re anything like me, you’re taking all the necessary steps to protect your lil fuzz ball in any way that you can. Even if you’ve tried your best, there may still be a lapse in safety precautions. 

This is especially important when you’re commuting with your pets. More often than not, dogs are allowed to roam around the cabin of the vehicle unsecured or sit on the lap of their furparents – which may not be the safest way to travel. To keep your furkids safe and comfy, these pet safety products will help ensure your pets are safe during their next trip. 

1. Seatbelt harness – Secured directly into the car’s seat belt socket

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Putting on a seatbelt in the car is second nature for most of us humans – and it’s often taught early to children due to its safety merits. If the whole family is buckled in for a ride, your furchild should be too. 

Made from a high tensile polyester weave, the Clix Carsafe Belt ($25.10) allows you to fasten your pet in using a regular seatbelt system. The additional length of belt offers your pet freedom to move so it can crawl up to your lap and snuggle.


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The chest harness is versatile and adaptable, so it can accommodate pets of any size while featuring a latch plate that can be used with the buckle of most seatbelt systems. It also has a loop on the back to thread a conventional seatbelt through if the latch plate doesn’t suit your car’s buckle design. 

Pet Lovers Centre website

2. Safety barrier – Prevents free roaming in the car

Image credit: Lazada philippines 

It’s not uncommon for pets who are inquisitive and restless to roam about the back seat of the car. But free roaming can be dangerous especially if the driver is distracted by the actions of their pet.  

To prevent this from happening, the folks at Petego have created the Kar 9 Keeper Universal Pet Safety Barrier ($108.95). It helps prevent your curious furchild from wandering too far forward in a vehicle and acts as a safety net to catch them in the event of sudden braking.   

The barrier attaches to the headrest of the seats, creating a sturdy structure that can easily be collapsed and stored and is adjustable for different roof heights. That way, you won’t have issues installing it in different vehicles or modifying it for pets of different sizes. 

Singpet Club website

3. Universal car booster – Comfy & secure seat for small pets

My dog Bacon, now high enough to see my mom’s driving that mortified him.
Image credit: Brendan Yee

Another alternative that you can consider for your pet is a Universal Car Booster Seat from Petego ($138.95). It not only elevates them so they can enjoy the view out the window, but also has an internal leash to keep your furry baby clipped into the seat. 

Image credit: Brendan Yee

Don’t worry about the leash restricting your pets movements – it can be clipped on to any harness and has some length to it. The booster seat is deep enough to contain smaller pets so that they won’t hop out easily. 

It also has a soft inner lining and a base cushion that can be removed for washing so it’s both comfortable and safe for your furchild to sleep or stand in. 

Singpet Club website

4. Bicycle seat – 4point harness to keep your pet strapped in

Image credit: @petstavern

Cycling has grown in popularity in recent years and more pet owners now cycle as a means of bringing their pets to new parks and places to visit. But not all pet bike seats are designed to hold your pets safely.

Image credit: @petstavern

Unlike the various contraptions that are sold for cycling with your pet, very few of them compare to Pet Tavern’s Bicycle Pet Seat ($189). Recommended for smaller pets, the seat uses a 4 point adjustable harness to make sure that your furchild is firmly and comfortably strapped in.  

They also opted to depart from traditional mounting systems like on handlebars, and instead placed the seat and your pet directly over the frame of the bike to keep everything compact. This means that there’s less external parts to affect your balance during the ride and you can give your pet head rubs without the fear of tipping over. 

Pets Tavern website

5. Cycling leash – Safer riding for cyclists with active dogs

Image adapted from: @shibainu_kiba

For those who enjoy cycling while having their dog run alongside them, holding the leash while on a bike may not be the safest idea.

Designed to make cycling safer with larger dogs, the Petego Cyleash ($80.95) attaches directly to your seat. This allows you to commit both your hands to the handlebar of the bicycle without holding on to a normal leash that runs the risk of getting tangled in your wheel. 

The use of a shockless leash prevents any accidental forceful tugging of your pet and the extended alloy arm keeps your pet at a safe distance away from your bicycle. The mounting bracket also comes with 2 ports so you can install 2 Cycleash on both sides of your bike if you have more than 1 doggo

Singpet Club website

6. Padded helmet – Protects their heads while maintaining comfort

Image credit: Shopee

When it comes to cycling, a helmet is an essential piece of kit to have – so it’s not a stretch to imagine your pet would need something like the Pet ABS Helmet ($5.99).

The lightweight but durable helmet protects your pets’ head. The internal foam padding and adjustable chin strap ensures it is comfortable so your pet wouldn’t try to shake it off constantly. 

Shopee website

7. Backpack carrier – Good for private hire pet transport

Image credit: @miathemaltesepuppy

Commuting with your pet can be a challenge in Singapore, especially if you don’t own your own vehicle. While private hire transport is available, it can be difficult to ensure the safety of your pet in someone else’s vehicle. 

Since installing a booster seat isn’t the most ideal thing to do when you’re hailing a ride, the Apollo Walker’s Carrier Backpack ($78.47) might be a better choice for you and your pet. 

Image credit: @miathemaltesepuppy

Essentially a backpack for you to carry your pet in, this carrier has a waist strap for you to tether the bag to your body. There’s also a roll down “window” and an internal leash so that your pet may pop its head out to enjoy the view while still being securely hooked into the inside of the bag. 

Amazon website 

8. Life jacket –  Keep your dog safe when doing a sploosh session

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As pets are integrated into the family, more owners are taking their pets on faraway adventures like a relaxing weekend on a yacht and visiting places like St John’s island.

While this may be exciting, pet safety might be overlooked. With that in mind, we recommend that you outfit your furchild with an EmmAmy Life Jacket ($15.90) even if you consider them the Joseph Schooling of pets. 

Image credit: @pebbles_maltipoo

The life jacket not only helps them float in water but has a handle for you to hold on to should they need assistance. The underside of the vest is made from mesh to make sure water drains easily. There’s the added benefit of bright colours with special prints so you can spot your pet from afar and have them look adorable in the water at the same time.  

Shopee website

Pet safety products to invest in

Making sure your pet stays safe is no easy feat especially when there are so many things to consider while making sure that your furry baby isn’t overly stressed out when you try to secure them. 

But with these safety products, rest assured knowing that your pet will be safe and comfortable taking a range of transportations as you and your furchild zip off to your next adventure.

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Cover image adapted from: @petstavern, @miathemaltesepuppy, Brendan Yee


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