26 PAssion Card Benefits In Singapore 2020 That’ll Make You Want To Sign Up For One Too

PAssion Card benefits in Singapore

PAssion Card benefits
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It pays to have a credit or debit card. Other than easy, cash-free payment, you’ll get to enjoy member perks and discounts. Out of the range of cards to choose from in Singapore, one of the most widely-owned and affordable ones is the PAssion Card, with fees of just $12 for 5 years for those aged 18 to 59, and $10 for those outside the age range.

You might even be lucky enough to get the PAssion POSB Debit card issued to you for free from DBS/POSB.

Here are some of the best benefits of the basic black PAssion Card* you may not have been aware of, so you can fully put it to good use.

*Excludes red PAssion EZ-Link Card without debit function and Silver PAssion Card for seniors

– Permanent PAssion Card perks –

These are the base perks of owning a PAssion Card.

1. It works as an Ez-Link card and you can opt for auto top-up

We’re all about seamless technology these days – ain’t nobody got time to grapple with multiple cards when we’re on the go. So it’s a good thing that the black PAssion Card functions as a debit card, NETS card, and Ez-Link card all rolled into one. Other than your keys, you won’t need to leave home with anything else.

To add on to the convenience factor, you can also opt for auto Ez-Link top-up. That means, instead of having to manually punch in the numbers at the ticketing machine each time the card’s stored value runs low, it’ll auto-replenish, saving you precious minutes during your commute.

2. Save over $10 on PA courses for sports, cooking, and crafts

Crochet art workshop – PAssion Card members get to save $10
Image credit: PAssion Card

People’s Association (PA) runs regular classes where you can pick up skills like flower arrangement, baking, and leather crafting. These classes are usually held at PAssion Wave centres or neighbourhood community centres, and PAssion Card members get to enjoy slightly discounted rates.

The discounts usually range from $5-$10, though there are some going above that amount.

From time to time, they also organise events such as movie screenings and runs.

Check out their range of courses and events here.

3. Borrow up to 24 library books for free instead of the usual 16

Bookworms will love this perk that only came about in January 2020. All PAssion Card members will be entitled to borrow up to 24 books at any NLB library for free – an upgrade from the usual 16 that everyone else gets.

4. Collect points for cash rebates when you shop at supermarkets and Guardian

Earn TapForMore points with your PAssion card when you shop at the following places:

  • Cold Storage
  • Giant
  • Jasons
  • Market Place
  • Guardian

Your points can be used to offset future purchases at the aforementioned places.

As the name suggests, all you need to do is to tap your PAssion Card while paying at the cashier to earn points. No minimum spending is required. Every dollar spent gives you 1 point, and 150 points is equivalent to $1. This means that every $150 spent will give you a $1 rebate.

It’s a tiny amount, but hey, it doesn’t take much effort. Might as well, if you’re going to spend on your groceries anyway.

You don’t even have to pay via NETS or debit to claim your points – cash payments are also accepted.

– Best PAssion Card discounts for 2020 –

PAssion Card deals are updated every year, and these are the best ones we’ve sieved out for 2020. Take note of the promotion periods – not all of them run throughout the whole year, so make sure you don’t miss out.

– Food –

5. 1-for-1 lunch and dinner buffets at Holiday Inn Orchard (U.P. from $65)

Image credit: Holiday Inn

Eat your money’s worth at Window on the Park at Holiday Inn Orchard, where lunch and dinner buffets go at 1-for-1 rates for PAssion Card members. Prices are as follows:

  • Lunch: Monday – Sunday U.P. $65
  • Dinner: Monday – Thursday U.P. $78, Friday to Sunday U.P. $96

This works out to as low as $32.50 for an all-you-can-eat feast of local and Asian food including DIY kueh pie tee and rojak, and mee rebus, and seafood on ice.

You’ll also get 15% off at Tandoor, a North Indian restaurant within the same hotel.

Promotion period: Until 31st July 2020

Find out more here.

6. 30% off any category of pizza at Sarpino’s

Image credit: @anson.822

Whether it’s a personal pizza or a giant one for 5 friends to share, take delight in getting 30% ofall categories of pizza at Sarpino’s for dine-in, takeaway, or delivery.

Promotion period: Until 30th June 2020

Find out more here.

7. 1-for-1 ramen at Ramen Champion on your birthday and birthday eve

Special Tonkotsu Pink Ramen, U.P. $15.80

Make a date at Ramen Champion on your birthday or birthday eve, and enjoy 1-for-1 prices on ramen with your PAssion Card. If you’re not turning a year older yet, you can still get 10% off with a minimum spend of $30.

Promotion period: Until 30th June 2020

Find out more here.

8. 15% off at Good Bites

Image credit: @goodbitessg

Good Bites is a chill cafe at Bishan Sports Hall serving up healthy salads, bowls, and homemade soup. Their prices are already pretty affordable to begin with, but why stop there when your card will give you 15% off.

You can customise your own meals (U.P. from $8.90), or pick a main such as Paprika Chicken (U.P. $9.90) or Seafood Aglio Olio (U.P. $11.90) from their menu.

Promotion period: Until 30th November 2020

Find out more here.

9. 20% off weekday high tea buffet at Yum Cha (U.P. $26.80)

Sit down for an a la carte high tea buffet at Yum Cha, and enjoy 20% off the usual price of $26.80 – that’s about $21.40 after discount. Look forward to dim sum favourites like xiao long bao, salted egg prawn balls, and of course, liu sha baos with gooey custard filling.

Promotion period: Until 30th September 2020

Find out more here.

10. Save 10% on meals at Food Republic

We can always rely on food courts when we’re looking for an affordable and filling meal in a mall. Spend a minimum of $7 at Food Republic to enjoy 10% off when you flash your PAssion Card. This works out to as low as $6.30 for a meal. Not as cheap as a hawker centre, but still affordable.

Promotion period: Until 31st December 2020

Find out more here.

11. Buffet 1-for-1s and discounts at Furama City Centre and Furama Riverfront

Image credit: Furama

Hotel buffets are our guilty pleasure – but there’s no need to feel any sort of shame when there are super affordable deals to take advantage of.

Furama Riverfront

Kintamani Indonesian restaurant

  • $29 lunch buffet (U.P. $65)
  • $31 dinner buffet (U.P. $65)

The Square @ Furama

  • $30 weekday lunch buffet (U.P. $78)
  • $32 weekend long lunch (U.P. $80)
  • $35 dinner buffet (U.P. $78)

Find out more here.

Promotion period: Until 31st July 2020

Furama City Centre

Tiffany Cafe & Restaurant

  • $30 nett weekday lunch buffet (U.P. $60)
  • $38 nett dinner buffet (U.P. $72)
  • 1-for-1 weekend lunch (U.P. $60) and dinner buffet (U.P. $72)
  • $22 nett weekend high tea

Promotion period: Until 31st August 2020

Find out more here.

12. 30% off regular pizza at Domino’s (U.P. $24.90)

Everyone loves pizza, even more so when there are discounts. Use your PAssion Card to get 30% off regular pizza (U.P. $24.90) at Domino’s. That’s just $17.40 for a meal that 3-4 people can share. Even better that this deal is valid for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery.

Promotion period: Until 31st July 2020

Find out more here.

13. 35% off pork floss and 25% off bak kwa at Fragrance

Bak kwa can be enjoyed anytime of the year, even when it’s not the CNY period, and you can enjoy 25% off those succulent slices of barbecued pork at Fragrance when you flash your card. If you’re trying to hold off on the grease, go for the pork floss instead, which you’ll get a 35% discount for.

Promotion period: Until 31st May 2020

Find out more here.

– Attractions and recreation –

14. Free $15 credits at Timezone with purchase of $50 credits

Blow off some steam by shooting zombies or riding a bumper car at Timezone arcade. You’ll want to pay for your credit top-up with your PAssion Card, for you’ll be getting $15 worth of free credits with purchase of $50.

Promotion period: Until 30th June 2020

Find out more here.

15. 25% off Cable Car tickets (U.P. $35)

Cruise along on a romantic Cable Car ride from Harbourfront to Faber Peak or Sentosa – all at an attractive rate of 25% off. This means you’ll be paying $26.25 for your scenic ride, a far cry from the usual $35.

Along the way, stop by restaurants like Arbora for a meal way up high, or drop by the beach for the Wings of Time light show.

Promotion period: Until 31st March 2020

Find out more here.

16. Up to 35% off at HeadRock VR

Escape reality at HeadRock VR, a virtual reality theme park in Sentosa with thrilling rides, blizzard simulations, and shooting games. You’ll be able to save 25% on individual packages, but it’s best to experience this in a group to enjoy 35% off for 3 pax or more.

Promotion period: Until 31st May 2020

Find out more here and read our article on HeadRock VR here.

17. Save up to $4 on movie bundles at Cathay

Flash your card and enjoy these movie bundles with snack vouchers at Cathay:

Weekday packages (Monday – Thursday):

  • Movie ticket and $5 F&B voucher for $11.50 (U.P. $14 – $14.50)

Weekend packages (Friday – Sunday):

  • Movie ticket and $% F&B voucher for $14.50 (U.P. $18 – $18.50)

Promotion period: Until 30th April 2020

Find out more here.

18. 15% off at Xcape Singapore escape room (U.P. from $22)

Image credit: Xcape Singapore

Xcape Singapore is one of the largest escape room centres here, with 10 movie-related game themes including Shutter Island, Annabelle, or the more lighthearted Kungfu Panda. Get 15% off your session (U.P. from $22) when you pay with your PAssion Card.

Promotion period: Until 30th April 2020

Find out more here.

19. 15% off Kick Off tickets at NERF Action Xperience (U.P. $29 for 3h)

Have a safe foam gun shootout at NERF Action Xperience, Singapore’s first and only NERF gun arena. Shave 15% off your 3-hour session with your PAssion Card and you’ll be paying around $24.65 instead of the usual $29.

Promotion period: Until 30th Sept 2020

Find out more here, and read our article on NERF Action Xperience here.

20. 10% off at Party World KTV package rates (U.P. from $10)

Get 10% off your karaoke gatherings at Party World KTV, where rates start from $10 depending on the duration of your booking and the number of people in your crew. It’s a small discount, but every penny is worth saving, especially if you’re a regular.

Promotion period: Until 31st Dec 2020

Find out more here.

21. 15% off at Trapped escape room (U.P. $28.90)

Image credit: Trapped

Navigate your way out of spooky scenes such as a haunted Tekong bunk or mental ward at Trapped, an escape room at *SCAPE. You’ll get 15% off their usual rates of $28.90 with your card, which means you’ll be paying a marked-down $25 for your session.

Promotion periodUntil 31st March 2020

Find out more here.

– Hotels –

22. $170 nett staycation with buffet breakfast for 2 at Days Hotel by Wyndham (U.P. from $200/night)

Image credit: Agoda

Wind down with a staycation at Days Hotel by Wyndham at just $170 nett (U.P. from $200/night) with your PAssion Card. The hotel is located in the scenic Zhongshan Park, which has a peaceful oriental-style garden for you to chill at.

On top of a free buffet breakfast for 2, you’ll get 20% off lunch buffets (U.P. from $36) and dinner buffets (U.P. from $40) from Mondays to Fridays.

Promotion period: Until 30th Dec 2020

Find out more here.

23. $208 nett staycation with buffet breakfast for 2 at Ramada by Wyndham (U.P. from $250/night)

Image credit: Booking

Another hotel under the Wyndham group at Zhongshan Park with PAssion Card discounts is Ramada, which lets you book a comfy stay for just $208 nett with free buffet breakfast for 2 (U.P. from $250/night).

Quench your thirst at their Heritage Bar & Lounge with 10% off beverages.

Promotion period: Until 30th Dec 2020

Find out more here.

24. 22% off at Aqueen Hotel

Aqueen Heritage Hotel Little India
Image credit: 

Swipe your little black card for 22% off the best available room rates for selected categories at any of the 5 branches of Aqueen Hotel, namely: Little India, Joo Chiat, Paya Lebar, Jalan Besar, and Lavender. Each branch’s rooms are styled differently, from contemporary to heritage-inspired.

Promotion period: Until 30th June 2020

Find out more here.

– Shopping –


25. 15% off at Asics

Need new kicks? Hit up Asics for all your sporty needs. You’ll get 15% off all regular-priced items for both online and in-store purchases, but here’s added motivation to get out of your house to browse a physical outlet: an additional 5% off items that are already on discount.

Promotion period: Until 30th June 2020

Find out more here.

26. Up to 20% off at Spectacle Hut

Perfect eyesight is something few are blessed with. Whether you’re “four-eyed” or prefer contact lenses, Spectacle Hut has something for you:

  • 20% off frames and sunglasses
  • 15% off lenses
  • 2% off contact lenses

Promotion period:Until 31st July 2020

Find out more here.

Benefits of PAssion card you need to know

There are some of the best PAssion Card benefits for 2020 that have caught our eye, but there’s a whole lot more waiting to be used. You can check out their full list of participating merchants on their website here, across all categories from food, to attractions, and spas.

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