There’s A New Mall In Pasir Ris Opening Soon With A Massive Timezone, Genki Sushi & Jollibee

Pasir Ris Mall opening 2024

Actually, where do y’all go to shop before this mall?” our Westie colleague asked us Pasir Ris-dwelling team members–before uttering, “Tampines?

Cue triggered gasps and lots of praise over our existing go-tos, the ever-reliable Downtown East and White Sands. I mean, there are plenty of great things to do in Pasir Ris, from a gorgeous beach park to exhilarating rides at Wild Wild Wet. And now we’ve got another upcoming one: Pasir Ris Mall.

Here’s what we know so far about what is about to become Easties’ upcoming haunt:

When is Pasir Ris Mall opening?

Image credit: Allgreen Properties

Developed by Allgreen Properties, Pasir Ris Mall is part of the integrated development that includes the coveted condos, Pasir Ris 8. Previous reports estimated its completion to be around the year 2026, but from what we’re seeing, the mall could very well open its doors in the next few months.

Allgreen Properties has stated on their website that the mall is slated for opening in Q2 2024, and seeing that it’s already May, hello! The mall hasn’t released official opening dates yet, other than mentioning in their social media comments that they’re opening soon. So, we’re staying tuned to their Instagram and Facebook pages for more info.

What to do at Pasir Ris Mall

Despite the lack of information on when the mall is opening, their official website already lists an array of stores that’ll be a delight to Easties. Around 150 stores are expected to open over 4 floors.

Timezone Orchard Xchange.

For one, a huge 9,881sqft Timezone is opening its doors here so you can expect a satisfying array of arcade fun. There’s also going to be a Family Karaoke, and we can’t complain about having more wholesome karaoke options available for Easties.

Genki Sushi. Image for illustrative purposes only.
Image credit: Eatbook

We’re also plenty excited about the food options that could very well rival our neighbours, Tampines. Some standouts include Genki Sushi, Jollibee, Luckin Coffee, Guzman Y Gomez and plenty of breakfast, brunch, and dining options that span Western, Japanese, and Asian options. There’s even going to be a Malaysia Boleh and Taste of Indonesia for yummy grub that’s same same but different.

There’s not much revealed about the upcoming fashion stores here just yet, but Uniqlo also recently announced it’ll be opening its doors at the mall in Q2 2024.

Cold Storage. Image for illustrative purposes only.

Pasir Ris residents are also going to get another option for stocking up on groceries at Cold Storage. You can get pretty much anything done here, too, with beauty salons, a fitness centre, and child enrichment centres at your disposal. They’ll also have bicycle parking and shower facilities at the mall so that people cycling over from Pasir Ris Park have an oasis to recharge.

How to get to Pasir Ris Mall

Who knows, maybe this is your motivation to finally travel all the way to the end of the Green Line.
Image credit: TransitLink

Located just next to Pasir Ris MRT and the Pasir Ris Bus Interchange, we can’t think of a better location for an all-rounded mall with plenty of accessibility. All you have to do is get yourself onto the Green Line. Heck, with White Sands as its neighbour, it may even become a worthy contender to rival the mall cluster at Tampines MRT.

New mall in Pasir Ris for Easties to hang out at

Right now, the mall is still under construction and boarded up, so it shows no signs of opening just yet. But we’re going to take their word for it that they’re opening “soon.” Needless to say, residents of Pasir Ris will finally have another option for dining, lifestyle, and entertainment to look forward to.

Meanwhile, we’re just going to have to make do with typical Eastie haunts such as Jewel Changi Airport, Komo Shoppes, and sigh even Tampines.

Find out more about Pasir Ris Mall

Cover image adapted from: Allgreen Properties

Jessica Fang

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