5 Ways NTUC Foodfare Is More Than Just A Food Court

Food courts for every walk of life


Food courts are no stranger to us. They are the place where we’ve spent many a lunch and dinner break fuelling our empty bellies with homely local food, and where our packets of tissue, aren’t just packets of tissue anymore – they’re our golden tickets to a peaceful seated meal.

But we hardly think of these places as anything more. All that’s about to change. Meet the food court that’s dedicated to keeping the kampong spirit alive. With low prices, healthier options, and a revamped dining space – here’s how NTUC Foodfare is pioneering the future of our food courts:

1. Up to 15% off usual prices

Remember the good ol’ days when we could get chicken rice for $2? With yearly price hikes at even the most humble hawkers, a regular plate now costs $3.50. And while other food courts have loyalty cards that get you a 10% discount, NTUC Foodfare tops that by offering you up to 15% off usual prices. That translates to scoring a full meal of chicken rice, noodles or macaroni for less than $3!


While inflation is inevitable, NTUC Foodfare still keeps prices affordable at their coffeeshops and Wang Cafe outlets to tide low-wage workers through tough times. Even better: just in true kampong sharing fashion, you can get food at lower prices if you’re an NTUC Union Member. Foodfare also moderates and monitors the food prices of the stallholders at their food courts to make sure that the prices are reasonable.

Essentially, you’ll enjoy value-for-money eats in the comfort of air-conditioning and an ambience you’d normally have to fork out two times more for.

Tip: U Live members (NTUC Union Members aged 55 years and above) get 10% OFF every Tuesday.

2. Get $2 meals if you’re a student, senior citizen, or in full-time NS


Like the kind makciks who feed us with their food made of pure love, Foodfare set up their 35 community stalls around Singapore to give NTUC Foodfare Privilege or Comcare cardholders the option of dining out with meals starting at just $1.50.

For senior citizens, students, or full-time NSmen, you can get your meals at an affordable $2-$2.50, down from the usual $3.

For every new store opening, Rice Garden gives a meal of 1 meat + 2 veg/side dishes to the first 150 customers. So stay tuned to upcoming openings, and you might land yourself a free meal.

3. All receipts come with a calorie count

The misconception that cheap food can’t be healthy is but an illusion. While other places charge you more for opting for a healthier option, NTUC Foodfare’s first Health-Promoting food court at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) gives you a discount when switch to brown rice and wholegrain noodles.

NTUC Foodfare’s also got the more modern version of the kampong care system. Instead of having kind neighbours tell you you’ve gained some weight, the calorie count of your dish is printed on your receipt, and also helps you to keep track of your calorie intake, so you won’t have endless cheat days of sinful meals.

The newly-renovated food court at KTPH also showcases an impressive range of healthy eats with over 80% of stalls serving up delicious meals at under 500 calories. In-house nutritionists also work closely with stall owners to ensure the use of quality ingredients, and tweak the recipes to make them healthier. They’ve even got a health screening corner situated within the premises so you can check your BMI and blood pressure for free post meal!

4. Levelling-up your food court experience

Foosball tables and kids corners as pictured are only available at Foodfare@Kallang Wave Mall

Parents, say goodbye to having your meal vehemently interrupted by your fidgety children. Bring your family to NTUC Foodfare, and you’ll be able to have your meal in peace. Your kids will be fully entertained at the kids’ corner with toys, activities and movies. The only setback is that you’ll have to pry your little ones from their play when it’s time to go.

For babies and toddlers, NTUC Foodfare has self-contained parents’ rooms and diaper changing stations for even more convenience.

Besides the child-friendly amenities, this next-level food court also has customised tables and seats for kids, as well as colourful bento boxes for children, so that eating their veggies will no longer become a chore.

5. Hiring without discrimination


Like the unrivalled kampong camaraderie your elders often sing praises of, Foodfare believes and stands by a ‘One People, One Nation’ vision, and works to support diversity by giving people regardless of race, language, or religion an equal opportunity.

In fact, NTUC Foodfare champions the hiring of older employees, and invests in training programmes for that gold service that boasts care, sincerity, and kindness with every visit. They also care for inmates, providing them training and guidance to restore their lives and transition seamlessly back into their communities.

*Bonus* Your waste is used to fertilise an actual garden


Would you believe us if we told you all the food waste collected from NTUC Foodfare outlets is turned into compost to fertilise this garden? Well, believe it!

As kids, we were told that our future spouse would have as many pimples as the grains we left on our plate. The discouragement of food wastage stems all the way back for generations, and there’s no reason why we should discard it now.

NTUC Foodfare takes sustainable living seriously by turning food waste into compost to fertilise the gardens at Foodfare@Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

NTUC Foodfare – Food courts for a cause

Food courts are a window to Singapore’s kampong spirit. It’s the place where we bond with friends and family over a local feast, or strengthen our Singapore spirit through friendly encounters with other fellow diners or those friendly staff members clearing your trays. Most people associate NTUC with just their supermarkets, but beyond that, there is so much more to them than meets the eye.

With their 5 pillars of Goodness, the brand places a high emphasis on price, food, experience, people and the community and pride themselves on being an enterprise people can rely on. With so many good causes under their belt, you’ll never look at your NTUC Foodfare dining experience in the same way again.

So bring back the kampong spirit and let your next meal time be at one of NTUC Foodfare’s outlets!

Find out more about NTUC Foodfare here.

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