Nan Chiau High School Will Be Transformed Into A “Mall” With Cafes, Kiztopia & Beyond The Vines

Former Nan Chiau High School re-launching as a “mall”

Let’s just admit it, shopping in Singapore is basically a national pastime whether it’s at a heartland mall or the market below your block. Come 2024, locals will have a new destination to engage in retail therapy as the former Nan Chiau High School in River Valley is slated to get a makeover and relaunch with plenty of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

New space will retain architectural elements from the school building

Rendering of the new lifestyle concept at River Valley.
Image credit: The Lo & Behold Group

With all the modern, swanky malls that have sprouted up in recent years like Jewel Changi and Shoppes at MBS, it’s kinda cool that a school building is being turned into a shopping “mall”, no? Apparently, elements of the building structure such as the school hall, canteen, and science labs will remain. It’s just that they will now house local and global brands.

Image adapted from: Finbarr Fallon

In fact, the 20,156sqm site will have restaurants and cafes, retail shops, wellness centres, and edutainment centres for kids. Nan Chiau High School also originally has hidden gardens and secret corridors which will be quite fun to discover while going jalan jalan around the new space. Not to mention, they’re perfect for the ‘Gram.

Fashion retailers, wellness concepts, & kid-friendly activities

Image adapted from: Beyond The Vines, Sea Apple

We did promise shopping, so here are some of the local names you can expect: Beyond The Vines, fashion labels rye and GINLEE, as well as designer brand OM by Ong Shunmugam. Even kiddos can get something new for their wardrobe at Sea Apple which specialises in sustainable children’s wear.

Image credit: Kiztopia

Speaking of little ones, parents can safely drop them off at Kiztopia Prestige for some play time or for classes.

Image credit: Mobilus

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Fitspos will be delighted to know that the new space will be home to a Mobilus gym and an Off Duty Pilates studio, too.

Cold plunge tub at Hideaway.
Image credit: The Trapeze Group

Plus, one can relax at the wellness concept – Hideaway – which focuses on healing and recovery. You can expect massages, private cold plunges, and saunas for some self-pampering and me-time.

Look forward to restaurants & cafes like Artichoke & PPP Coffee

You can go on a world tour with the variety of cuisines that will be available. We’re talking Italian, Sri Lankan, Teo Chew, Mexican, Korean, and Singaporean food.

Image adapted from: Kotuwa, Artichoke

MasterChef Singapore judge and chef Bjorn Shen’s Middle-Eastern restaurant, Artichoke, will be opening a new outlet, as will the award-winning Sri Lankan restaurant, Kotuwa.

Those looking for something fancy can check out San Shu Gong, a Michelin-spotted private dining restaurant serving Teo Chew cuisine.

Image credit: Eatbook

On a more casual note, we’ve got Huevos for affordable Mexican fare, The Coconut Club for nasi lemak, and One Fattened Calf for juicy beef burgers. To get a cup of joe, there will be PPP Coffee.

Bring along your grocery shopping list because there’s also going to be a CS Fresh to stock up on fridge supplies.

Stay tuned for updates on the revamp of Nan Chiau High School

Rendering of the new drop-off point.
Image credit: The Lo & Behold Group

There are still a couple of months to go before we get to see this exciting space come to life. But once it does, we’re sure to see crowds swarming to the former school site to shop and eat – or just to snap some retro pics with the pretty building. We’re totally getting Wes Anderson vibes, are you?

Find out more about the plans to revamp Nan Chiau High School

46 Kim Yam Road, Singapore 239351

Cover image adapted from: The Lo & Behold Group, Beyond The Vines & Kiztopia

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