15 Best Malaysia SIM Cards For Your Next Trip To JB, Including eSIMs & Roaming Plans

Malaysia SIM cards, eSIMs & roaming plans for tourists & travellers from SG

There’s no doubt our neighbouring country Malaysia is a convenient holiday destination for Singaporeans. You’ve got cheap pampering, shopping, and yummy food right across the border, and we don’t blame you if you keep going back for more. That said, the first thing to do when travelling to Malaysia is to get a Malaysia SIM card or eSIM to stay connected throughout.

All you need to know about SIM cards & eSIMs

SIM cards have been around for as long as we can remember. Only problem is when overseas, you’d have to resort to pricey roaming plans or a Wi-Fi dongle to stay connected. Recently, you also have travel eSIMs, which are basically virtual SIM cards supported by newer smartphones. If your phone supports it, you can even use both your eSIM and SIM cards concurrently.

For instance, an iPhone can store up to 8 eSIMs and 1 physical SIM card, though you can only use 2 at the same time. As for android, depending on the model, it can support up to 3 SIM cards and 5-7 eSIMs on average. So if you frequently travel to JB, you should consider getting an eSIM so you can conveniently switch between telcos in a jiffy.

Installing an eSIM is easy. Some apps give detailed instructions whereas others just require you to whip out your phone and scan the QR code given by the telco.

Since eSims are relatively new, not all phones are eSIM compatible so be sure to check if yours supports it.

Brand SIM or eSIM Prices Coverage Best for


From S$2.85 3GB of data for 1 day Monthly JB weekend trips
U Mobile From S$3.44 Unlimited data for 7 days Longer duration vacations to Malaysia or the region
CelcomDigi From RM1 (S$0.30) Unlimited data for 1 hour. Long vacations in Malaysia or frequent visits there
Changi Recommends From S$7.13 Unlimited data for 30 days Those travelling to Malaysia via Changi Airport
M1 From S$2.95 3GB for 24 hours Short one-off trips to Malaysia


From S$4.90 3GB data for 3 days One-time multi-city trip
Nomad From S$9.45 3GB for 30 days Long or frequent trips to Malaysia
ByteSim From S$3.90 500MB for 1 day Convenient and fast eSIM delivery
Wefly From S$2.40 Unlimited data for 1 day Discounted prices and buying ahead of your trip
Frewie From $3.90 0.5GB per day for 3 days Basic data usage in Malaysia and Thailand
giga! From S$5 1GB over 5 days Those who frequently travel to Malaysia
International Card Center (ICC)


From S$2.90 Unlimited data for 1 day Those who are looking for SIM card delivery in Singapore prior to your trip
Singtel & GOMO by Singtel From S$5 1GB for 30 days Basic usage and frequent travellers
Circles.Life From S$30/month 100GB for 30 days Those based in Singapore who travel around Asia frequently each month
Simba From S$10 1GB for 30 days Those who frequently travel to Malaysia each month


– Best Malaysia SIM cards for tourists –

Whether you’re travelling to Malaysia via air, land, or sea, you’ll notice that most point of entries will likely have a slew of telco operators offering travel SIMs for tourists. Here are the best to look out for:

Can be reactivated within 50 days

Image credit: Behance

With its fiery red brand colours, Hotlink is a household name you’ll frequently see around Malaysia. To start with, travellers can purchase a basic Prepaid Plan SIM pack costs RM10 (S$2.85).

It comes pre-loaded with RM5 (S$1.45) worth of credit that’s active for 5 days, with a grace period of 50 inactive days. Within this time, you can top up to extend its validity and keep the SIM active. That said, RM5 credit is more than enough to purchase a daily 3GB data passport for RM3 (S$0.85) that includes hotspot capabilities – sufficient for a day trip to JB.

You can reload any amount you like to purchase other data plans that cost between RM10 (S$2.85) and RM60 (S$17.15). They also have unlimited internet plans from RM12 (S$3.45) for 7 days.

Type: SIM card
Best for: Monthly JB weekend trips.
How to purchase: Purchase a SIM card at any physical Hotlink store or authorised dealer in Malaysia. Data plans can then be purchased on the Hotlink app (Google Play | App Store). Check out their plans on the Hotlink website.

2. U Mobile

7-day travel pass with unlimited data

Look out for bright orange store colours when in Malaysia.
Image credit: Ipoh Parade Mall

U Mobile has the affordable Travellers Plan, starting from 7-day travel passes priced at RM12 (S$3.44). Not only will you get unlimited data, but you’ll also get unlimited local calls. You can also add on internet speed boosters from RM1 (S$0.30), and RM1 (S$0.30) hotspot capabilities if you’re travelling with the fam.

If Malaysia is just a pit-stop before going to other countries in the region, check out their 15-day travel pass so you don’t have to constantly switch providers throughout. For RM35 (S$10.04), you’ll get the same unlimited data, speed and calls across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

Type: SIM card
Best for: Longer duration vacations to Malaysia or the region.
How to purchase: Purchase it on the MyUMobile App (Google Play | App Store). You can also purchase a SIM card at any physical U Mobile store or authorised seller in Malaysia. Check out their plans on the U Mobile website.

3. CelcomDigi

Unlimited data with 1-hour passes from RM1 (S$0.30)

Use as much data as you want and need, with CelcomDigi’s Edisi Biru: Unlimited 5G plan. It comes with unlimited data, plus 15GB of additional high-speed data and is valid for 30 days. 3GB of hotspot at the same speed is also included, along with unlimited calls. All this from RM25 (S$7.13), which is an absolute steal.

If you’re travelling for a shorter period but just need speedy internet, then go for their Edisi Kuning plans. You’ll get a minimum of 30GB high-speed internet with 6GB hotspot and unlimited calls from RM25 (S$7.13) – perfect if you need enough data to binge your favourite Netflix series on a bus ride to KL.

P.S. Up until 12th August 2024, there is a sale whereby you can get an extra 10GB internet, 5 times more hotspot and unlimited high-speed 5G streaming upon purchase.

Type: SIM card
Best for: Long vacations in Malaysia or frequent visits there over a short period.
How to purchase: Walk in to any CelcomDigi Store or authorised dealer. Can also purchase online at the CelcomDigi website.

– Best international roaming SIMs including Malaysia –

For those who prefer the convenience of purchasing your SIM card or eSIM online and getting it in Singapore itself, these international roaming SIMs would be best suited for you.

4. Changi Recommends

Pick up your SIM card at Changi Airport before your trip

Changi Recommends kiosk at Changi Airport.

Image credit: Singapore Changi Airport

Changi Recommends’ Malaysia SIM cards are a convenient option if you’re flying to Malaysia from Changi Airport. All you have to do is to order your SIM card online, then pick it up before your flight.

They have reasonably-priced Malaysia SIM card plans ranging from 1-30 days, with the cheapest option being S$1.90 for 1 day of unlimited data. In fact, most of their plans comprise unlimited data, so we reckon it’s pretty worth it. Another option for a short weekend getaway to the likes of Kuala Lumpur or Penang, is a 3-day unlimited high-speed data plan for $5.90.

Type: SIM card
Best for: Those travelling to Malaysia via Changi Airport
How to purchase: Order online via Changi Recommends, then pick your SIM card up at the airport prior to departure.

5. Nomad

Add-ons and plan extensions available

Image credit: eSIMDB

Nomad‘s eSIMs are perfect for those who frequent Malaysia and don’t want to have to purchase a new eSIM each time. Their data plans last for 30 days and you can top it up to extend its validity and pile on more data if you need to. Their data-only plans start from USD7 (S$9.45) for 3GB of data, which is more than enough for basic usage of internet calls and emails.

Installation is straightforward, too. You’ll receive a QR code upon purchase, and then you just follow the instructions from there. You can then activate your plan within 60 days of purchasing it, so go ahead and get your Nomad eSIM ahead of your trip.

Type: eSIM
Best for: Long or frequent trips to Malaysia.
How to purchase: Purchase your Nomad eSIM online.

6. Gigago

Single-use eSIMs with coverage in 8 Asian countries

Trip prep is most often the most stressful part of travelling. Thankfully, it’ll be rather easy to sort out your Malaysia data plan before your trip, with the Malaysia eSIM by Gigago. This data-only eSIM is perfect for both a daytrip to JB, or a multi-city run around Asia as it covers 8 countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Cambodia, and Singapore.

They have data plans ranging from 3-30 days, with the cheapest being the 3GB plan for S$4.90. You’ll receive your eSIM in your email within 5 minutes of purchase, then you can follow the instructions to seamlessly install it. Do note that the plans do not include voice calls and SMS, and it runs on 3G and 4G networks. However, mobile tethering is included if you want to hotspot your fam.

Type: eSIM
Best for: A one-time multi-city trip.
How to purchase: You can purchase your Malaysia eSIM by Gigago online.

7. ByteSim

Free switching between local operators for highest-speed data

Image credit: ByteSim

With data-only plans ranging from 3-30 days, ByteSim has an array of options you can tailor to your needs. For basic usage, cop a 500MB/day plan for USD2.90 (S$3.90), or get unlimited data from USD11.90 (S$16.05) for 3 days. Either way, you can be sure you’ll be connected to the fastest possible network, as ByteSim has partnered with major telcos Maxis and CelcomDigi.

In terms of cost, ByteSim’s Malaysia data plans are on the slightly higher side. However, you’ll get the convenience of immediate confirmation of your eSIM in your email. All you have to do then is to easily set it up via a QR code sent to you, and you’re good to go.

Type: eSIM
Best for: Convenient and fast eSIM delivery.
How to purchase: You can purchase your ByteSim online.

8. Wefly

Frequent flash deals on Shopee

We all know that the best thing about shopping on e-commerce platforms is the array of discounts after discounts, especially on double-digit days each month. It’s no different for Wefly’s eSIMs which you can purchase on Shopee.

At the time of writing, you can get 1-day unlimited data packs from S$2.40 (U.P. S$6), which is quite a steal. They also have plans that span up to 15 days for equally affordable prices. If what you purchased is not enough, you can even top up your data within 30 days to reuse your eSIM. Plus, it’s valid for one year after purchase, so go ahead and buy your Malaysia eSIM in advance.

Type: eSIM
Best for: Discounted prices and buying way ahead of your trip.
How to purchase: You can purchase your Wefly eSIM on Shopee.

9. Frewie

Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand package available

Image credit: Traveloka

This one’s perfect for those attempting the adventurous 1.5-day overland train from Singapore to Thailand – or if you just happen to be visiting both Malaysia and Thailand in one trip. Frewie has data-only packages that’ll keep you connected for basic use, from 0.5GB/day for 5 days (S$7.90).

If you’re just heading across the border, then you can check out their Malaysia-only eSIM from S$3.90. This will get you 0.5GB of data daily for 3 days.

Type: eSIM
Best for: Basic data usage in Malaysia and Thailand.
How to purchase: You can purchase your Frewie eSIM online. Choose between the Malaysia eSIM and Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia eSIM.

10. International Card Center (ICC)

Physical SIM card delivery in Singapore

While most data plans usually range from 1-30 days, no eSIM provider can beat the specific number of days available with ICC’s offerings. Travelling for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 days? They’ve got fairly-priced packages for you. Going to Malaysia for 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 days? No need to spend more than necessary on a data plan for your travels.

The best part is, all their packages comprise unlimited data, and start from 1-day options from S$2.90.

Type: SIM card
Best for: Those who are looking for SIM card delivery in Singapore prior to your trip.
How to purchase: You can purchase your ICC SIM card online. You can also purchase an ICC SIM card on Shopee, however the price is slightly higher. ICC eSIMs are also available.

– Best Malaysia roaming plans from Singapore telcos –

With so many international roaming offerings now available to Singaporeans, we have to applaud local Singapore telcos for getting with the program to offer more affordable options. Granted, many roaming plans will cost more than Malaysia SIM plans, but you have the convenience of just purchasing an add-on instead of having to juggle a separate data line.

11. giga!

Monthly roaming included in your plan

giga! even has plans with up to 1TB of data and 6GB of roaming.

Those who travel frequently will find giga! a godsend. For S$18.33/month, you’ll not only get a whopping 300GB of data, but you’ll also get to enjoy 2GB of roaming data, enough for basic internet usage on your weekly jaunts to JB. If you’re just going on a one-off trip to Malaysia, you can also get 1GB worth of data for S$5 that lasts 5 days.

Read more about giga!’s 5G eSIM plans.

Type: eSIM inclusive of roaming & roaming plan
Best for: Those who frequently travel to Malaysia.
How to purchase: Purchase your giga! plan online. If you choose to go with an eSIM, you’ll get it immediately. SIM cards will be delivered the next day.

12. Singtel & GOMO by Singtel

Roaming plans from S$5 & 5G plans inclusive of roaming

For short trips across the border, Singtel users can cop the ReadyRoam Neighbours plan for S$5. This gets you 1GB of data that’s valid for 30 days and can be used in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Frequent jetsetters, on the other hand, can subscribe to Singtel’s monthly roaming plans for S$10/month, which gets you 2GB worth of data.

If trips to JB are your weekend staples, then take a look at GOMO by Singtel instead. Their contract-free 5G plans give you 300GB of data from S$25.46/month, and include a minimum of 2GB roaming for Asian countries. GOMO users can also purchase data roaming add-ons from S$6 which gets you 1GB of data for 5 days.

Type: Roaming plan (Singtel) & SIM card and eSIM (GOMO)
Best for: Basic usage and frequent travellers.
How to purchase: Singtel users can purchase roaming plans on the My Singtel app, while new GOMO users can sign up on the GOMO website.

13. Circles.Life

100GB of data across 9 countries in Asia

Here’s another one for frequent travellers: Circles.Life’s Borderless Plans. For S$30/month, you’ll get 100GB of data that can be used in 9 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Macau, and Sri Lanka. That’s right – no need to switch lines or purchase any add-ons when you’re darting off to your next flight to KL.

Type: SIM card & eSIM inclusive of roaming
Best for: Those based in Singapore who travel around Asia frequently each month.
How to purchase: Sign up for the Circles.Life Borderless Plan online.

14. M1

Affordable short-term Data Passports

Screenshot from: My M1+ app

M1 users have it easy if they’re just hopping across the border for a day or two – just purchase a roaming plan on the My M1+ app and you’re good to go.

Those on prepaid plans can get 1GB for S$5 that’ll last 3 days. But if you’re visiting multiple countries, then you can get 2GB for S$15 that’ll last 10 days and works in 12 countries, including Malaysia. Postpaid users, on the other hand, can get 3GB of data for S$2.95 to use for 24 hours.

Type: Roaming plan
Best for: Short one-off trips to Malaysia.
How to purchase: Select the most suitable data roaming plan from the My M1+ app (Google Play | App Store)

15. Simba

50GB Malaysia data roaming included in your SG plan

Formerly known as TPG Telecom, Simba is the newest kid on the block with plans that prioritise roaming. Their SIM-only plans include 1GB of roaming, from S$10 for 30 days. They’ve also got SuperRoam plans from S$20 for 30 days, that includes a whopping 50GB of roaming in Malaysia.

Type: SIM card & eSIM  inclusive of roaming
Best for: Those who frequently travel to Malaysia each month.
How to purchase:
Purchase your Simba plan online.

How much data do I actually need when overseas?

Knowing how much data you need will help you find which roaming plan is most suitable for you. Use this table as a rough reference.

Trip Duration Usage Type Data Usage Call Time (Minutes) SMS Messages Video Streaming (Minutes)
3-5 days Light 240 MB – 1.25 GB 30 – 60 20 – 50 20 – 60
Moderate 750 MB – 3 GB 60 – 120 50 – 100 60 – 120
Heavy 2.7 GB – 8 GB 120 – 180 100 – 200 120 – 240
1 week Light 560 MB – 1.75 GB 60 – 120 50 – 100 40 – 120
Moderate 1.75 GB – 4.2 GB 120 – 240 100 – 200 120 – 240
Heavy 6.3 GB – 11.2 GB 240 – 360 200 – 400 240 – 480
2 weeks Light 1.12 GB – 3.5 GB 120 – 240 100 – 200 80 – 240
Moderate 3.5 GB – 8.4 GB 240 – 480 200 – 400 240 – 480
Heavy 12.6 GB – 22.4 GB 480 – 720 400 – 800 480 – 960

P.S: This is just a rough estimation and does not 100% accurately reflect everybody’s experience.

Light usage: Basic stuff like checking emails, quick browsing, and checking social media sometimes. Limited call time and video usage.

Moderate usage: Regular use of social media, listening to music, video calls, and moderate video streaming on. 1GB of data can support watching Netflix for 1 hour in standard definition resolution, which is below HD.

Heavy usage: Frequent video streaming, video calls, large file downloads/uploads, extensive use of calls, messages and GPS apps like Google Maps.

Use a Malaysia eSIM or SIM card for the next time you visit JB

Whether you prefer SIM cards or eSIMs, you now know what brands to look out for during your next getaway across the causeway. Most of these are pretty easy to purchase, with online options at the tip of your fingers and instant confirmation, so let this be the least of your worries when planning for your next trip to Malaysia.

If you aren’t sure where to stay, check out these affordable luxury hotels in JB and these relaxing resorts in Johor. You can also relieve stress at these adventure and theme parks in JB or simply stock up on groceries at these JB supermarkets.

Cover image adapted from: Ipoh Parade Mall, Shop Malaysia Airports via Facebook, Johor Bahru City Square Plaza Metro Kajang

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