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6 Full Time Jobs In Singapore That Only Require You To Work 4 Days A Week

Full-time jobs with part-time hours

Whether it’s starting a business, embarking on a passion project, or making more time for ourselves, it’s almost impossible to do so when work often leaves us feeling swamped by the end of the day. On the other hand, most of us still want to hold down a full-time job rather than a part-time one because of the benefits and stability that it offers in the long run.  

But not all hope is lost – here are some full-time positions that only require you to work 4 days or less a week:

1. Production Operator ($2,000/month)


Image adapted from: LagunaLegitJobs

For those who’d prefer working with machines over human beings, you can apply for a job as Production Operator. This job largely revolves around operating manufacturing machines and ensuring that production adheres to SOPs – all of which involve minimal human-to-human contact. 

You’ll also only be working 4 days a week with 12-hour rotating shifts (8AM-8PM, 8PM-8AM) and earning a basic pay of up to $2,000, not including bonuses. 

Also, don’t worry if you’re inexperienced as training will be provided! 

Apply here

2. RedMart Warehouse Assistant


Image credit: @khairulnz

If you’re looking to gain experience in the e-commerce industry, sign up for a job as a RedMart Warehouse Assistant. Be a part of what goes on behind-the-scenes of this online grocery shop as you pack and store incoming stock, prepare deliveries to be dispatched, and monitor inventory stock levels on a daily basis. 

You gotta admit, working a full-time job for, at most, 4 days is a pretty sweet deal. On top of the flexible working hours and competitive salary, you’ll also enjoy medical and dental benefits, and performances bonuses like any other full-time job. 

Apply here

3. AppleCare At Home Advisor


Image credit: iMore

If you know every Apple product like it’s the back of your hand, press to unlock the AppleCare At Home Advisor position. You’ll be the listening ear as customers seek your expertise to solve issues with their Apple products. Even if your knowledge is a lil shaky, fret not as you’ll be trained for 5 weeks. 

If you’re the type to chiong your work in one go and then rest, you’ll definitely feel at home here as you only have to work 40 hours a week, with each shift taking up 12 hours. That means you can work just 3 days a week!  

You’ll also enjoy employee discounts; something that’s definitely handy once the next Apple product launches. 

For information about salary, you can contact the employer directly through the FastJobs app.

Note that you’ll need to be a Cantonese speaker as you’ll be handling Cantonese calls. 

Apply here.

4. QA Technician ($2,000/month)


Image credit: ITE

Most of us would be happy with a 3-day weekend, but believe it or not, there is a job out there that only requires you to work 15 days a month – i.e 3 days a week.

Those with qualifications in Science or Engineering, apply your skills to a QA Technician job and snag this ideal work schedule. This job scope entails 12-hour day or night shifts of performing data analysis and audits to ensure that production adheres to ISO standards.

In addition to desirable working hours, you’ll also get transport pick-up islandwide so you can say goodbye to long commutes on public transport!

Apply here

5. Security Officer ($2,500/month)


Image credit: Transitioning

All the night owls out there who don’t mind pulling the night shift, this job will cater to your unusual sleep cycle and also pay the bills. 

For this 4-day-a-week job that pays from $2,500 a month, you’ll be a security officer for Setia Residences in Newton. Unleash your inner Man In Black as you prowl the premise for suspicious looking activity, QC visitors who enter the compound, and perform in-house security functions. *cue Mission Impossible theme song*

Note: You’ll need the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications System for Security to apply.

Apply here

6. Stuff’d Sandwich Crew ($1,800/month)


Image credit: TheOdysseyOnline

If you get an overwhelming sense of satisfaction from seeing others enjoy your food, apply to be part of the service crew at Stuff’d and revel in rolling delicious burritos and kebabs over to customers

Besides making food, you’ll also have to maintain stocks and clean the outlet so a positive work attitude is a must. Good news is, you’ll have the option of working 4 days a week and if you have relevant experience, you can even come in as manager!

Apply here

Find that flexible full-time job with FastJobs


Image credit: FastJobs

You may not have realized it, but it is possible to find jobs that operate on a 4-day work week. So if you’ve had enough of procrastinating your entrepreneurship plans or making time to travel or find yourself, it’s time to log on to FastJobs and find yourself a full-time job with part-time hours so you can put your plans to action. 

FastJobs specialises in skills-based and non-executive jobs, and their listings of positions with flexible work schedules make it easy to find full-time jobs that only require you to step into your workplace for 4 days a week or less. 

With a myriad of industries to choose from, from retail to logistics, you’ll be sure to find your ideal workplace even for jobs outside your regular 9-6!


Image credit: FastJobs

Through FastJobs’ mobile app and website, you can search for jobs in various sectors and have your resume generated for you from the app itself. This app also features an in-app chat function that lets you contact employers directly, and even a location-based job search function!

Download the app from the Play Store and the Apple App Store to search for the best jobs on the go. 

Find out more about FastJobs here!

This post was brought to you by FastJobs. 

This article was written by Abigail Yeo and Hazeeq Sukri.

Abigail Yeo

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