Livspace Singapore Lets You See Your Dream Home Designs “IRL” Before Reno Begins

Livspace Singapore

Between decorating virtual homes on The Sims and fawning over baller real estate on Selling Sunset, you can practically call yourself an interior designer.

However, when you trade digital digs for an apartment of your own, design ideas acquired from video games and TV shows might not be enough to turn bland to grand. You’ll need to let some real professionals weigh in on the matter. So, when you’re ready to give your home a serious glow-up, call the interior designers at Livspace Singapore.

Interior design, home renovation & styling

Livspace Singapore’s fleet of interior designers can design, execute, and customise your space so you won’t have to lift a finger.

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 Here’s what you need to do: sign up for a consultation on Livspace website and show up to your appointment with your wants and needs. You’ll be paired up with an interior designer who can create a 3D design plan of your home so you can see them IRL before making a decision. 

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At Livspace Experience Centre, there’s a whole range of materials, finishes, and colour palettes for you to sift through. Whether you’re leaning towards minimalism, bold and artsy, or mid-century modern, the folks at Livspace will be able to turn your vision board into a reality.

Boho vibes with neutral colours and rattan furniture are coming in hot.
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Everything from design ideas and space planning to execution and installation will be taken care of. So, just sit back and relax.

Custom kitchen & wardrobe design

We’ll make a guess and say that you love food and spend a good amount of time in the kitchen. That’s why you’ll probably want it to be immaculate.

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To give the heart of your home some TLC, opt for a custom kitchen design. There’s a slew of options at Livspace Singapore waiting for a moment to shine in your apartment. We’re talking L-shaped styles for small spaces, parallel setups for enclosed kitchens, and island designs for open concepts.

Image credit: Livspace Singapore

On top of that, there’s a series of custom wardrobe designs that’ll give you plenty of storage space without looking like an eyesore. They come in a variety of colours, finishes, and materials so you can revamp your lil closet. Go for mirrors, frosted glass, or a walk-in wardrobe. Whatever you want, Livspace will make it happen.

Visit Livspace Singapore to DIY your dream home

Whether you call a 1-bedroom apartment or a 3-storey landed house home, chances are you want the place to feel warm and cosy like a big ol’ hug. And while you can do the entire renovation and furnish the space yourself, it doesn’t hurt to rely on an interior guru like those at Livspace Singapore.

They’ll be able to throw you some useful suggestions on trending styles, colour palettes, statement pieces, durable furnishings, and personal touches. All we’re saying is that, when it comes to interior design and renovation solutions, embrace the advice of an interior pro but focus on details that make a home feel like you.

Revamp your home with Livspace Singapore

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