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Limbang Park: Playground With A Suspension Bridge & Zodiac Statues For Northies To Bring The Kids To

Things to do at Limbang Park

Limbang Park has brought their A-game to the table when it comes to neighbourhood playgrounds with its suspension bridge, zodiac statues, and 2 playgrounds to let your kids run riot at. So move aside Wild Wild Wet and Universal Studios Singapore, because nothing beats the classic playgrounds that are just steps away from the HDB blocks. 

Stroll along the suspension bridge & spot zodiac statues

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Howard.S “浩”

A nod to the Macritchie TreeTop Walk, this suspension bridge at Limbang Park is a scaled-down version that’s suitable for adventurous children. 

Here, kids can waddle across the wooden platforms and navigate their way to the other side – just like Dora the Explorer. Younger kiddos are free to have a go at the bridge too – there’s a safety net railing on both sides that they can hold for support.

While the bridge is currently barricaded, it’s defo worth checking out once it’s reopened

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Howard.S “浩”, Howard.S “浩”

Here’s another unique activity to do while you’re here – try spotting all 12 Chinese zodiac statues. Each animal is carved in stone, and parents can take the opportunity to teach the young’uns about the history of the zodiacs. 

Check out the playgrounds with winding slides

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No park is complete without a playground, and Limbang Park has 2. For the tots, there’s a smaller playground that has 2 shorter slides that’s a comfortable height to glide down. There are also several climbing structures and twisty poles for the aspiring Spidermans who prefer a whimsical way to getting up the slides. 

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Now onto the big boy – the larger playground has a tower for the older kiddos to peer down from, with 2 long winding tunnel slides that will have them whizzing down in a jiffy. Similar to the other playground, there are also poles if you’re a kiddo who loves to climb

Plan a visit to Limbang Park with the fam

Soak up some vitamin C and head outdoors to Limbang Park with the fam bam. Whether it’s for some family bonding time or a chance to let the rugrats let loose before bedtime, the park has plenty of fun things to do. Not to mention the fact that everything’s FOC here – so no admission fees needed. 

Address: 784 Choa Chu Kang Drive, Singapore 680784

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Cover image adapted from: Howard.S “浩”, Vienna

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